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FTPAK to print again

Written by Heather Penn

As many of you know we here at Free The People AK have had to cease publishing our newspaper since the beginning of the year. Our original printer, the Newsminer took our price per printing from $450 to $2500. We run completely on donations by our wonderful locals and businesses so as you can imagine that price hike was not well received and ultimately gave the Newsminer their wish of shutting us down. Thanks to the continued support of our community we are now able to start up printing again via a printer in Southern Alaska. I would like to thank all of you who continued to support us while we figured it all out. Who knew so many people cared about the truth!! Free Speech is not dead and it is our right to know all sides to every story and not be force feed tainted media. We will continue the fight to expose those in our town who seek to harm their fellow man, be it blatant or covert. We ask for the community’s help in keeping our paper open, honest and informed. As always we welcome those who wish to have their voices heard and offer you a platform to do as such. Whether it be a photo, story or event we welcome it all. This paper is your paper.

From all of us here at Free The People AK, we promise to serve you, the people.

See you in print in July. Otherwise you can always find us here at

With warm regards

Heather Penn Editor

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