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Freest Nation

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How is it possible in the freest nation on this planet, our government is allowed to track and spy on freely, without oversight, persons such as myself, strictly on the basis of using cash (harassment, stalking and others)?

Sometime ago I owned only a cell phone. At that time, I was viewed as unanchored, flighty, with no permanent attachments and even possibly homeless. Today’s view, I choose not to rely on cell phones as a choice, (part of that freedom we speak of) now viewed in the negative once again.

I and my wife choose to live in the bush (rural) Alaska. We haul water, have a honey bucket (outhouse) cut wood and every other chore required to care for oneself in a wilderness setting. By choice we live one with nature, we don’t have to dream of it, we are doing it, living it.

Understand the setting. I am 100 percent disabled through the VA, a disabled honorable veteran with my wife as my caretaker. On top of our rugged life style, I am often requiring multiple surgeries. But we choose to fight and not lay down!

This is our only form of income and we receive no other social security or welfare. We live 80 miles from any services, gas stations, convenient stores, etc. We make trips to town at least once a month to take care of bills and haul out everything we need to survive, groceries, gas, etc. Keeping this in mind, we pay our required bills and take the rest out of the bank in cash. There are no ATM’s out here! When I have used my debit card in the past, it has been hacked as well as my account at the bank.

Therefore, I hope this strikes home for many. This, in my view, is appalling in the freest nation. It is the utmost in oppression and degradation, created in the trust of real freedom, not imagined freedom. Lip service and rumor are fine for some, we choose real freedom and mother earth.


Ken and Cheryl Norton-Maloney

USN veteran, Desert Shield/Storm

Livengood, Alaska

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