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Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

For almost exactly sixty years, I have wanted to see New York City. That started with a story my mother had told me about her having seen the top of the Empire State building when she was in the army during World War II. Now, as a result of what I hear that comes from New York, in recent days I’d say that dream is now dead forever for me.

If you can kill a little boy or a little girl at the age of one second or one minute of life, why not at one day or one month or one year or even a ten-year-old. It’s still murder, still the same ugly, evil, horrendous act at any age of human existence in life, isn’t it?

There is a sovereign Lord that I believe in. He gave us the ten commandments. One was about killing. There were no amendments to those eternal rules, as I read it. Like it or not, whomever might chance to read this, much of the worlds human population still believes those demands are real, indisputable and of, by, and for the existence of absolute truth.

Whole countries were destroyed by almighty God, even to a certain point, his beloved Israel, because of the killing of their children by their own hand (child sacrifice). Look at the Aztec Empire, or the Mayan Nation. They sacrificed their own children by countless numbers, didn’t they? Now only statues and gold objects and stone empire structures yet remain to prove their existence on the face of the earth.

America has its own form of child sacrifice, I would think. As far as guilt goes, unfortunately and in its horrible reality I’m just as guilty as anyone else in this great sin. We are a government of, by, and for the people, aren’t we? I can’t show anyone the time that I stood up and yelled at the top of my lungs, Stop! Didn’t I start off here saying how much I enjoy writing? Now with the possibility of somehow, sometime, possibly reaching an unknown ear then isn’t it true that I am even more guilty than most.

I now think maybe 9/11 was a warning. Who really knows if any there deserved such a sudden and fiery hell of a death then? Yet many died, men, women, and children died there in their innocence. Why they were chosen that terrible day I don’t know but the fact is it happened. Well, say it was such, a warning that would imply that coming judgement as we or they do , an apocalyptic say is at hand. This time though not thousands but million will cease to exist if such be true and comes to pass.

I have to weigh it though, as best I can. What is this life anyway? One week, maybe, when the time of the existence of the United States is considered. Or perhaps one day when compared to our knowledge of this modern world, say perhaps back five hundred years to now. Or this life, one hour when we compare it to the civilization of a thousand years ago or even maybe two or three thousand years. Or for the span of the existence of mankind maybe a split-second blink of the eye. And so, probably, the Lord sees all of it and so chooses how long any of us are to live, an average of say eighty years for many. I would guess.

God gave life, I believe it so. Anyway, with many more of the same beliefs, I suppose. What he has created and given is his to take away at any time and as he would choose to do, I think. We, humans, are a factor too, in some very small ways, in the miracle of birth and also in the realities of death. What we really have not created we have no right to take away except by the will of God, I would think.

To kill even one time then invite judgement by man, in most societies but much more so by God wouldn’t it? What a wonderful God! He allows a way to avoid that deserved judgement, didn’t he? I believe he did and that was by the death of Jesus, on the cross. To me that doesn’t mean that only bible believing Christians escape God’s judgements. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life and that none come to the father but by me.”

I used to collect arrowheads on the deserts of Wyoming. I wondered about the makers of such beautiful and useful tools, about their chance at the afterlife, they never had any way to hear about Jesus, I’d speculate. “None come to the father but by me,” Jesus said. That would imply that it was his choice, who entered into eternal life and who didn’t. He didn’t say anyone had to be a Catholic or Jewish or a Muslim or of any certain tribe of nationality or of any defined color or size or intelligence, or of great works of charity or deep study and meditation of any kind. That’s how I see it, it is his choice, all of it.

That wonderful God also allowed the healing of a whole nation. It’s in his book and it can easily be found by any who might want to take the time to look it up. I’m no prophet! That’s absolute from what I see on that subject. Yet, I’d say an impending doom stands high and real and soon to be experienced, for New York, should it continue as it now goes?

I hope not, who could ever wish for the destruction of one of their own national gems, like I believe New York City is, not a completely cut and polished emerald of course. Yet a treasure still fit for any countries national crown. It even brings tears to my eyes, even right now as I think on and write about such a subject as this is, in my old man heart.

Please America, please New York, please repent and turn away from this huge sin that surely invites, at least, the condemnation of millions of men and women who already call us, “The Great Satan,” and also of even far far more is the possibilities that are as large as that deep blue sky on the day of 9/11’s national loss. That’s how I see it.


P.S. President Trump

Should you ever see any of this, would you investigate anyone who would kill by “abortion” during or after birth, investigate under the paramount laws to the United States of America that cover murder or even torture, should one child be “put down then revived” as one Governor of Virginia said, I think.

I hope none ever succeed in these horrific crimes and none need prosecuted by the government or anyone else, for that matter.  Also, though, I think it’s time, actually long overdue, that this nation go backward. I’m sure laws have been on the books in Washington D.C. for over 100 years about the murder of the unborn.

Say should a man kill a woman and her unborn child die by that action, then the killer would be tried for two cases of murder. An unborn child is human, it’s that simple from the day before actual induction or natural birth isn’t it? And back from that one day, yet living and existing protected in its mothers’ body, isn’t that true? “It” is not an object for scientific research.

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