Notices of Liability

Notice of Liability Fairbanks City Inc.

Declaration City Fairbanks

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Notice of Liability and Claim of Harm

a Public Declaration claiming Harm upon our communities Peace and Tranquility

We, the Men and Women, on the area referred to as Fairbanks Alaska, do hereby make Notice of the purposeful infliction of disruption placed upon our peace, happiness and tranquility and a remedy is supported by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and its Original 13 Amendments. Any efforts utilizing the taxes raised by “color of authority” from same community, must cease in this and any other corporate moves within the ‘city’, ‘borough’, and ‘state’ utilizing those collected monies against them. Cease and Desist any and all attempts of defrauding our community with ANY regulation, registration, ordinance or self proclaimed “legality” written by unelected lawyers with sworn allegiance to the British Attorney Registry (BAR) against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with the 13 organic amendments, nor acceptance of ANY grant to enslave us to something we can not afford, nor truly need by a true count of the inhabitants , not only corporate elections. If there is violation of these, then a Claim of Harm may be brought before a Court of Record, Common Law with a Grand Jury of 25 of our peers as prescribed by LAW. THIS IS OUR REMEDY. Anything else is “legalese” and not pertinent to the lawful system belonging to We, the Natural Men and Women as represented by their autographs below…. Continue at your own peril. Especially noticed is the Fairbanks City Council members and attendees involved with, but not limited to the “Ordinance” 6093 putting neighbor against neighbor, or cleaning up/disposing of the homeless camps and men and women of our community, co-owners that have been misplaced or more than likely “taxed” out, instead of being the tolerant, forgiving, and peaceful community we ARE, we choose, we want, we require, for all men and women who abide and honor the supreme law as being the overriding rule, we are free (wo)men and remain free until we visit real harm against a real (wo)man, not a paper construct, for which we are to answer out of honor and respect of the individual, and the community. If you are harmed, may LAWFUL justice be done, we will not stand for un-justice.

Noticed persons, but not limited to these solely, to be held personally liable/responsible by their organic community for their direct actions as (wo)man, not hiding behind “Fairbanks City Inc.” whatever the style. Notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent;

Jim Matherly, man, acting as Fairbanks City mayor (title of nobility)
Paul Ewers, man, acting as UN-elected City attorney (title of nobility)
Danyielle Snider(wo)man, acting as Fairbanks City clerk (title of nobility) Katherine Ottersted, man, acting as Fairbanks City Councilman (title of nobility) Jerry Cleworth, man, acting as Fairbanks City Councilman (title of nobility)
David Pruhs, man, acting as Fairbanks City Councilman (title of nobility)
June Rogers, (wo)man, acting as Fairbanks City Councilman (title of nobility) Shoshana Kun, (wo)man, acting as Fairbanks City Councilman (title of nobility) Valerie Therrien, (wo)man, acting Fairbanks City Councilman (title of nobility) Eric Jewkes, man, acting as police chief of Fairbanks City (title of nobility)

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Mail To: FTPAK, c/o 47 Pepperdine, Fairbanks Alaska 99701 or scan/email to: PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE AS MANY COPIES NEEDED FOR AUTOGRAPHS

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