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Round Ten

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

Who would have thought I’d get this far with all my scribbling?

Ten’s a good number, completion according to the bible, as I understand it. With that said I have been thinking about how to write it, for a week or two. Too much politics so far, in the first nine rounds, I think.

Well a few days ago my wife , Teresa slipped and possibly broke a bone or two in her left hand. She had also hit her head. My son, an E.M.T. came over right after the accident. He is a true professional, checked her first for a possible concussion. Then treated and wrapped her hand injury, which was a bad one needing to be butterflied together.

I was nothing more that mostly useless. As my son finished fixing her up,  I was to the point of tears, always have been overly emotional. I told Bobby, my son, all these years, and she never got hurt this bad at  home. I told him too, in tears, “it’s” just that I love your mom. Well, it was bad but not as bad as all of us initially thought.

A few days went by and Teresa was talking to her mom, down in Wyoming, about the story of the injury. I let her go on for a while but just couldn’t take it anymore. “Can I say hi to your mom, Teresa?” I asked. Well I got my chance finally. “Hi, June, she replied yes, you know now that Teresa hit her head, right?” “Well it’s not long enough yet,” I said then.

“Long enough for what?” asked June. “To see if it did any damn good,” I said. Ha, Ha, Ha! She’s a good mother-in-law, June is. I told her years ago, and I meant it, that I’d never be caught saying any mom-in-law jokes or be accused of bad mouthing her for anything. To this day I still feel the same and very much respect June Vroman who truly is a great woman with just this as proof offered here, but there’s much more. She raised my wife and what a wonderful job she did of that. This notebook is not big enough for it all so I’ll let it go there.

Well also later, I took my wife’s uninjured right hand, after asking permission, of course, gently kissed it and said this, the Bible says, “don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing,” somewhere, doesn’t it? So, Teresa, don’t get stupid now and let your right hand find out the left is injured, in other words keep on working like nothing ever happened, you understand! Ha, ha, ha – damn! Forgot that right hand can still slap, son of a bitch! No, she really didn’t hit me like she could have or I wouldn’t be in any shape to continue writing on with this story. So much for the start of Round Ten. Oh, by the way, I did take her left hand and even more carefully kiss it too, I suppose with another couple of tears. She knew all along that I’m just a wuss sort of man, there in the brain, I suppose, and an overgrown crybaby, sometimes, but she accepted me, “as is,” I guess. I’ll always love her for that too anyway.

Now, again, so much for the start of Round Ten, I’m just not so sure where this middle will be or how to end the damned thing. I can’t help it but I think Alaskans should petition to recall Senator Lisa Murkowski, and soon. Unlike Senator Ted Stevens, what has she, ever, really done for the common cattle of this great state other than colluding with the democrats her whole time in office, as I see it. Just that and little more, I’d say. I know that very few, if any , will ever read this so I suppose that’s just a pipe dream of mine but still it’s my opinion.

As I write, the small newspaper, Free The People AK, is having a hard time of it, I think. They never told me that, it’s just I see the last edition had very few ads so maybe Round Ten will never be published but I’ll write it anyway and do what I can with it. What a fine publication, unique too. I’d say it’s truly probably one of the few in all of America that allows any, within reason, viewpoint on subjects that can be left or right or in-between. That’s how I see it. Please, if you do read this consider reaching into your pocket, any donation would be ok I think. I will ask Heather to please publish this as is written. Neither she nor Chris have ever spoken to me asking help in their publishing efforts. They are both far above such as that, I’m sure. Or an ad, if you are in business, that’s the real way they make it possible to publish their free newspaper. But then maybe it ends here and this tenth round will never be published. No big deal anyway, for my part in it. Just mostly Dee making wine. I mean, whine, whine, whine poor Dee. (ha, ha, ha) but really, not so funny, is it?

Well now, today, 30thNovember, 2018. A reason to write comes along. My wife, Teresa, was injured while driving a summer school bus. A very long time ago. She’s spent seven and a half years trying to get her workmen’s comp for her injured neck. After the wreck her doctor said. She would never be able to drive commercially again. He was right , and she still can’t. She can drive a car or pickup and she can work and does a lot. She also can overdo it and then suffer, doing things like that.  I once caught her one time when I went up to her room and she was sitting on the edge of her bed with tears running down her cheeks. “What’s wrong, I asked.” “Oh, it just hurts too bad to lay down,” she said. Teresa’s a thousand times tougher than me. She doesn’t complain much. Even when she probably should.

Well anyway she got a letter from the State of Alaska Supreme Court todays saying it’s all over and she loses. Teresa took it all in stride this morning, I didn’t. I wanted to  see her have the money to go to Wyoming and spend time with her mom while June was still alive and able for both of them to enjoy each other’s company and love and devotion. Teresa just said, “now I can throw all those mountains of paperwork into the fire. We have a file cabinet full of it and even extra boxes after years of Teresa and a friend spending countless hours at the law library in Fairbanks and answered or sent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in postage, if you figure the fuel costs in, to get there, and so on.

I think it was all set up like most “mandatory insurance” is, in my opinion. They win and you lose no matter what. Its’s really the old Mafia gig, as I see it. You pay or you’ll pay! Either way they win. To some politicians and rich yacht owning insurance boys and girls and judges too, I hope someday soon that almighty God judges all of you who enable such injustice and theft and scams. I hope he sends an earthquake, opens a narrow fissure above each and every one of you and drops all of you into the unending and unquenchable fires of hell itself.

That’s all and that’s enough here. That’s just my opinion and if it does get published in “Free The People AK” then again, thank you Heather and Chris, and you too Lord. Round Ten, ended.

P.S. I suppose being mortal, as long as days come on and then pass away that there will always be a post script and more needing said every time. Well, here my lovely and loving wife Teresa is the one busted up and yet it’s me, Dee, who does the whining. So here the whole world gets to see the real and sorry writer of these long and inadequate lines of foolishness. But I still need add this anyway. President Trump, Congressman Young, and Senator Sullivan, should any of you somehow get wind of my request please consider it.

To late this year but another Christmas might come along for this troubled country. How about a gift to all the American workers? Workman’s comp is mandatory. Right here, in this home it is a proven fraud. That’s how I and I’m sure many others would see it too, in the homes. I could name one for sure that is even worse than Teresa’s case. No room here to tell but Teresa and I would tell, for anyone who would listen. Something else though, Teresa really probably passed out from the pain of her injury. It’s happened before. Once I saw her move wrong and suddenly she’s talking, if you’d call it that, talking like a sailor who’d drank ten times his physical limit of rum. She goes as far as she can to not worry the kids about her health. That’s the way she is and has always been.

That gift that I seek from those three honorable government employees is this. Why not make comp optional? You choose, workers, whether to accept it as is or to buy the same privately or to just not play and then accept the risk that a working person need consider. When injustice has broken in and slapped around your wife you play whatever cards you hold, I guess. I’m a veteran President Trump. That makes my wife a veteran’s wife, doesn’t it? As a vet’s wife she deserves better, doesn’t she? But not only that, she is also the mother of an Iraq war hero. Robert Frank Lunbeck, look it up. He saved something like 25 mens lives when an aircraft they were in caught on fire and he was the one who had, in his school years, volunteered to spend his weekends at the North Star Fire Department.

He was the one who put out that fire and who received the Medal and letter from the Pentagon. Another son, Joseph Deloney Lunbeck, also spent many weekends and nights at that same Firehall. There is no medal there but on a flight to the States, one time, a woman had a heart attack somewhere over Montana, I think it was. I was told that the whole planeload of passengers applauded Joe when the plane was on the ground and an ambulance drove away with the survivor, because of Joseph Deloney Lunbecks efforts.

So, please, President Trump, though of course this note would never reach your office or eyes, please if somehow it ever did, then help to make sure that what was done to Teresa Ann Lunbeck cannot be done again to a person of her caliber.

And you too Senator Sullivan and Congressman Young, how about some new and just laws governing workman’s comp please. Finally, that’s enough of Round Ten.

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