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The Pipe Bomb Caper

Written by Bill Kendall

As one who attempts to keep up with what goes on in the world, I make a point of listening to top of the hour radio news. Perhaps I should more correctly call it top of the hour Agitprop when if come from ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN, FOX, or PBS. Agitpropis a term going back to the soviet era when the Russians had a Department of Agitation and Propaganda. Josef Goebbels ran a similar operation for the Nazis. In his classic novel, 1984, George Orwell similarly invented the fictional “Ministry of Truth” which supplied government approved information. British wit. I like it! Donald Trump likes the term: “fake news” which he uses like a wet towel to swat the collective ass of the mainstream news media, the deceivers passing themselves off as dedicated journalists in hot pursuit of the truth.

What was I thinking, as soon as i heard reports that all sorts of Marxist/Globalist politicians were receiving pipe bombs in the mail? Reichstag fire! In 1934 the Nazis set fire to the Reichstag (parliament) building in Berlin and promptly blamed the arson hob on their rivals, the other socialist rand, i.e., the Communists. Sooner or later everything old is new again. As the third Israelite king, Solomon, observed about 3000 years ago: “What has been, will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun. ( Ecclesiastes 1:9) You can find that in a certain book you have around the house collecting dust or serving sa a door stop. To find Ecclesiastes 1:9 start looking just past halfway through. Go a few chapters further and you’ll find the lyrics to the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” by The Byrds, ca. 1970 (Chapter 3). But I digress.

There is something fishy about the Pipe Bomb story. In fact, it smells like the freezer burned salmon that your not-so-nice neighbor threw over the fence last May. The one that ripened for three weeks before you found it.

For starters, the pipe bombs were packaged to look a whole lot like the example of a suspicious package that you can see at your local U.S. Post Office. If you wanted to foo the postal employees into processing a delivering your “bomb,” wouldn’t you at least find a way to package the thing so that it doesn’t look like the example postal employees are trained to recognize? Some thirteen of these pipe bombs showed up in the mailboxes or mailrooms of targeted individuals without cancellation marks on the stamps. Hmm? DOes that mean the packages were hand delivered by an individual or several individuals not employed by the USPS? The addresses of the targeted individuals are fairly far flung. That translates into a lot of fast driving for one delivery person, all done without getting caught speeding. Furthermore, the bomb recipients are not likely to be fetching their own mail or opening it themselves. They have staff people for that. At best, only only a hireling would have had his/her face or hand blown off. To what end? That was not going to happen anyway, these were fake pipe bombs made with plastic pipe, broken glass for shrapnel and no way of setting off a propellant charge. In other words these bombs were as fake and as dangerous as the banana split you saw in the drugstore display window when you were age four. “Hey mom, how come the ice cream never melts?”

How amazing, the pipe bomb builder was discovered in short order. Who had this villian in custody so soon? Ah yes, Sheriff Scott Israel. The same genius who told his deputies to do the courageous thing, to wait in the parking lot outside the Parkland, Florida high school where students were being shot up by Nicholas Cruz inside classrooms.

The bomb maker, Cesar Sayoc, has been represented in the press as a stereotype bigot, racist and of cours, a Trump supporter who drives a white car with pro Trump bumper stickers plastered over every window except the windshield. The observant have noted that the bumper stickers are new, unworn ad unfaded from the Florida sun two years after the 2016 Presidential Election. In the alternate media you would have heard that Sayoc is employed by the Seminole Tribe which is big in the lucrative Indian casino gambling business. It’s a safe bet that the Seminole Tribe leans Democrat – they know where their bread is buttered. Furthermore , Broward County is heavy Democrat. Remember that this is where the “hanging chad” controversy in the 2000 Presidential Election took place. You have to wonder how Sayoc can leave his van parked in public without getting the windows smashed our or worse, even the high level of anti-Trump hysteria being ginned up by all the pipe bomb recipients on Sayoc’s target list.

The Demonic Party forgot to supply their boy Cesar with some standard pieces of Redundant Party equipment – like a freshly laundered, professionally pressed silk sheet Klan outfit and a ready-to-burn wooden cross. Never let a crisis go to waste.




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  • Interesting observation – one that many have reported on as well. I concur, and knew right off it is nothing more than another gigantic load of bs. Additionally, Sheriff Scott Israel is/was just another crisis actor of a staged fake mass shooting – such as “Sandy Hook”. If one scrutinizes ANY of the “sensational” shooting (Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland – as well as many of the other “terrorist” actions in England, France, etc.), it is easy to totally discredit the “official” story – such as 9/11 as well. That brings me to the Reichstag fire – there is more convincing evidence that supports the “official” story, than the one that says the Communists “did it”. There is also more evidence that supports the theory that the Germans were NOT doing what they were accused of (the final solution), and that the truth has been twisted to support a Globalist agenda? Why do you think that it is considered “sacrosant” or even blasphemy to consider otherwise? As Voltaire said “to find who rules over you simply find who you are not allowed to criticize”.

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