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Round Nine

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

Got to start out local here now. Just took our N.S. Borough property tax beating in a letter received today. The numbers easily tell me that most people manage to hold their own with property taxes but then many of them probably ride on the razor’s edge, meaning maybe just barely make it, with things like P.F.D. dividends and such, to pay up taxes.

It has gone far enough for me now though, along with other acts and actions, and actually inactions also. I guess first I have to ask myself, what do we, or even have we really received back for thirty years of losses, as I see it. On Borough taxes. So, what I propose here will strike the average reader as radical, impossible and probably crazy. My family and I live a half mile outside of North Pole city limits. We pay a lot of city taxes on North Pole sales tax but here’s something recent to show how they work with my wife and I.

I stay up very late, often writing, reading and visiting with my other true love, that being Youtube. My wife sometimes comes downstairs to get a snack or a drink as we live in a big barnhouse. In the last few years I’ve had some very serious health problems. So I now live downstairs. That’s only said here to explain some of where I’m trying I’m trying to go, with the N.P. Police of whom I called that night.

Normally and in any real serious situation I would need contact the Alaska State Troopers for assistance. I heard something outside, sounded like a car door shutting. Teresa is my wife’s name. “Teresa” I said, “somebody’s out there, I think.” She was closest so she opened the front door. “I don’t see  or hear anything” she said. Neither of us saw or heard anything else. The next morning though, a whole different story.

There was a brand-new gas can by the pickup. Most of the gas that was in the truck was gone. We had a thief or maybe a couple of them stealing our gasoline with a siphon hose, I guess, though no hose was left. But a gas cap was off the pickup. We knew not to bother State Troopers as there was little or nothing they could do and, from previous experiences, that they very probably would not even respond, except to answer phone calls.

North Pole police drive by here occasionally as we are so close to city limits that our frontage highway, Laurance Road, is a part of a loop that they often drive. I contacted the NOrth Pole Police Department and explained the situation to them and the fact that recently, a month or so ago we had gas stolen then too. We live on the edge of the highway, perfect targets for such, I explained that and gave the address, of course. I asked them if they could just keep an eye out in the late hours if they were driving by anyway. They were very courteous and said basically, we can’t annke any promises but yes sir we’ll discuss it.

Just a few nights later, I had decided to step outside occasionally, the thieves found an easy mark, they’ll be back, I thought. RIght when I stepped out a car was going by on Laurance Rd. Dark then so couldn’t really see the care just all of a sudden a very bright spotlight was shining my way, seeing all that was or wasn’t there. Thank you North Pole PD I mean it, thank you for watching out for us.

Also, a few years ago, I had a vehicle destroyed at the North Pole transfer site by a man who was texting or something. His foot slipped off the brake pedal I guess. My truck then went into what was left of the back window when it was all done. An officer of North Pole investigated at the site as it is in their jurisdiction. His name was Officer McBroom. He was very efficient, helpful, easy to contact, and get answer from, as the long drawn out insurance requirements progressed. I say this about him, damn good to have around when you need a cop and most of us sooner or later do, it seems like. Back to the Borough.

Here’s one above and beyond the property tax problems. Our road, Keihl Lane, was destroyed by a neighbor. Anybody that would want to question that fact please feel free to drive by and see for yourself. thirty years ago, or so, I dug a drainage ditch by hand, a big one, a good one, and one that made it possible to get to our front yard during breakup.

I wrote thousands of words to the mayor’s office, of complaint, had them notarized, then hand delivered them requesting receipt. My question was, how can the North Star Borough allow the total degrading of a road that has existed for over thirty years. I announced my intent to sue in those letters, even contacted an attorney who didn’t take up my case. The destruction of that road caused the drainage to come straight onto the area where we parked, causing a very dangerous huge mud puddle in that when it froze we had to step out of the car onto an ice rink. So I pumped it as best I could and tried to rework the drainage ditch as much as possible.

Then I had a stroke one day in October three years ago, after that.

Sometimes, priorities change but I’ll tell you, precedence is and has been set here. Your neighbor can do anything he or she wants to do to your approach road with no fear of any response by the FNSB government. That’s my take on it and no reason to lie about such here or anywhere else. Now we’ve lived very good for 30 years with a double barrel wood stove. In all those 30 years we’ve never had a single complaint about anything to do with our heating source, smoke, or anything at all about that.

The North Star Borough Government don’t seem to especially like anyone from this area. Proof is pretty easy. They actually drew a big line around us and choose to blame us of the North Pole area, of creating health hazards with microscopic “particulates.” Well here’s where I’m going with all of this.

I’ve had enough, don’t matter if the state takes over. I’d say it’s time that all inside that “containment area” consider a petition to withdraw from the FNSB. Schools, of course, that’s a big one. Transfer site, another, isn’t it? As far as services there really isn’t much except for multiple laws saying you can’t build here or dig a basement or star business or whatever, I guess. How about the new property tax (late) litigation reports fees? Five hundred and ten dollars due on November 8. 2018, at least on ours.

On March 22, 2019 for “property owner/lienholder/EOR Notification a $970 “fee will be added,” it says. On Friday May 10, 2019 $1,860 tax deed “fee will be added,” it states there also. We got behind, isn’t the first time but this one is the last one. We owed a total of approximately $900 and managed to pay that off with P.F.D. dividend. Money, in time. So just the “notification” fee would have been $970. If and when you read this you’ll probably think you’ll never get behind and I’d hope so for most the people, I know. But if it should happen that way, consider the loss of your property just another Borough tax, designed as “fees.”

Under Constitiual law and “Bill of Rights” of the Untied State of America, I’d say it’s time we petition and then sisolve our portion of the FNSB, here in the the North Pole “bourdary” area. Such may not be as hard as prople think. The miltary presence is the key. I’d say. They pay, even if they rent, as landlords include tax expenses too on rean. They pay a lot for very little, I’s say. Many plan to retire here. Say they’re paying $10,000 dollars a year on taxes for just schools and trash service, mostly. They could save a fortune for retirement just by helping to withdraw from the North Star Borough, now. The ones that are only here for a few short years and but a house or property get hit the hardest, I think. All that “property tax” money invested, for what? Think about it, short stay equals big loss. I’m sure lawyers from hell would threaten all in almost countless ways against such an action taken or attempted by “the people.”

Hey North Pole residents, stick your butts in the air and prepare to have them slapped by the North Star Borough government. That’s how I see it. Wait long enough and that’s just what they’d do to those the “serve and protect,” in my humble opinion. On another point my wife brought up something that I haven’t notices or thought about. Vote for or against something. “That’s the way it used to be, she said, “now they’ve changed that,” she also said. None of thei North Star Borough propositions should the borough bow out of the “particulate” issue and let the State of Alaska take over, then allow Borough residents relief from Borough tax money being spent, and Blah, Blah, Blah to the point people don’t really know exactly what they are voting for or against. If there is a big pile of grizzly scat you could probably throw a towel over it but I doubt the stink would go away with just that. Kind of like continuing the issues like the Borough did in the last election, with the smoke police issue, as I see it.

Who wins? I’d say the firewood users in the “containment” area sure don’t, just a bigger dog trying to bite them, isn’t it, meaning “The State.” In other words for, or against what in totality, that’s the issue, I believe she was saying. Well another election is very close, as this is written. Vote for a “Democrat” and this kind of garbage is what you vote for, I think. I’ll end here with that and such is my very honest opinion her in Round Nice. Thank you, Heather and crew, for allowing me to publish this in your paper. Anyone reading here, please support “Free The People AK in any way you possibly can. The other local paper will not publish me or you either I’d bet.



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