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What’s Next

Written by Robert Shields

Well it’s over. The elections are finally past and while the dust settles, we all can stop and take a breath. Win-lose it’s done, and the only question of consequence is what’s next? Do all our problems get fixed by our newly elected knights in shining armor? Armed with mop and broom, these brave souls take their oath and charge in to clean up the mess we are in. Can we go back to the game, making our priority doing the best we can to make it another year and just enjoy life?
Yes. You can do that. You have the freedom to make that choice. Our fathers, daughters, mothers and sisters can also choose to enlist in military service to protect, serve and maybe pay for the opportunities with their minds, limbs and lives to ensure you have that right.

A basic principle of modern economics is the concept of “opportunity cost” and what that means is when you choose to invest your dollar on one thing you can no longer invest that dollar on anything else. This is known as voting with your dollar (or time which is equally valuable) and it has built our modern way of life. For all the technological and social advancements, we have made over the last 75 years, those same choices have put us collectively in the position of a two-pack a day smoker; and UAF just had a lung replaced. If you blame the politicians for this, you’re only blaming yourself because you elected them.

Nearly three-quarter our voting populations still refuse to turn out and frankly I don’t blame them. Setting aside the voter fraud and election scandals, too many have lost faith in the governing body of this borough, state and nation. They do not vote because they do not consent to be governed. Too many versions of Robin Hood, where the villagers are always getting robbed by wasteful sheriffs who raise the army when Hood steals it back. People are tired of campaign promises that seem to be forgotten the moment the vote is cast. Backroom deals that place the same people at the table time and again while the rest of us pay the bill with our labor, our families and our lives.
Of all the horrors and villains in the Multiverse, not even the combined might of all the DC and Marvel characters have the power to change government. Largely because they are fantasy and our challenges are very real. There is no superpower that can merge the will of millions of people and retain the individuality we all protect so fiercely as a right and way of life. No one is going to save us and if we don’t stop fighting amongst ourselves and pay the price where it is dear, then we make the choice to live in a mouse utopia.
The good news these are all choices and that means we can make new ones. If you’re reading this, you woke up this morning and have a full day ahead of you. You have a day full of choices and investment opportunities. That can be coffee and watching the news for your stock portfolio or go for a run and spend time with your son or daughter. You cannot effectively do both. We all make choices every second and live with the consequences. The Natural principles that govern these laws are unchangeable, but we are not. Every breath is a new reality if we chose to make it so.
The future is full of hope and we only need to open our hearts to find the inspiration. I know if someone can lose both legs then run a marathon, I can find the patience and compassion reach out to those who see the world differently and over a cup of coffee or tea to learn why. It’s not important to agree only to attempt to understand. To bridge the gaps that divide us by learning how many things we have in common. Fear and hate can fuel change for good when the power of love is applied with patience and compassion. It’s not easy, but it’s a time-tested recipe for peace and prosperity. Buy some today!
With great power comes great responsibility (self-proclaimed leaders of the free world) and with great responsibility comes great power. Learn from the past and seek out allies to build a brighter future. Don’t leave the future to someone else, especially the government.

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