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Request for Storage Garage (rental in local area)

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

I’d like to rent a storage spot

As far as room, don’t need a lot

See, I’m a slow old going cuss

Here thinking I have worked enough

So now, I seek a place to stay

Before my sons lock me away.

If stored I’d guess I’d still exist

At least I’m kinda – sure of this

So, if they drop this old, old man

I’m sure they’re pay as best they can

And pledge to you to not forget

To feed and water me, I’d bet.

So if you’d rent for a place

I’ll then forget this human race

As I’ve had enough of push and shove

And no more trust that word called “love”

Please, then I plead, rent me a shed

Just one garage to make my bed.

But, say someone should lose the key

Make science take what’s left of me.

Please, ask they figure what went wrong

That kept me living to damned long.

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Dee R. Lunbeck

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