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All [    ]s Must Die!

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By ShemuYahu

I wonder who reads “Free the People.”  Freedom is a superior goal; illusionary – maybe, worth your life – I do not see how it could be otherwise, providing for moral constraints and controls. Were you curious, like me?  I’m thinking that the customary and primary readers of this paper are conservatives, libertarians, some nationalists, some who consider their freedoms as real ideals, attainable and worth preserving.

Personally, I hate when someone characterizes or portrays me, e.g. “liberal”, “kook”, “such a Jew”, etc.  I feel constricted, bound and fettered by opinion and innuendo.  Do you see what I mean?  If I, indentured servant to the banks, a citizen of a corrupt, restrictive and over-reaching government, impose similar standards of servitude and restraint on otherwise emancipated people, how is my guilt any less than theirs?  Labels lead to prejudiced expectations. Prejudice leads to repression. Repression leads to murders, wars and brutalities.  FREE THE PEOPLE.

Did you hear about the guy who shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh recently? The first report I heard of it was on that same Sabbath morning; the reporter quoted the words shouted by the murderer, quoted also above in the title (you fill in the blank).  You could fill in the blank for any kinds of xenophobic, bigoted, racist epithets, demeaning names, slang insults, based on your own perspective, education, nation or affiliation.

“Death to [       ]!” is heard angrily chanted in the streets by government supported mobs in Tehran. I have been subjected to this treatment, meant to humble or insult me, or make me submit to a different perspective aligned to their personal worldviews.  Why, if I had lived in the thirteenth through the fifteenth centuries in France, I would likely have been burned at the stake by the Inquisitorial arm of the Holy Roman Catholic Church for my espoused heretical beliefs.  Why should I conform?  Can a leopard change his spots? No. Is the majority always correct, truthful and righteous?  No again. FREE THE PEOPLE.

I am certainly in no position to judge you, my friend.  My Lord Jesus said: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Mat. 7:1).  Even in illumination of this profound Truth, I cannot rest silently about this.  You may feel proud and entitled to your bigotry.  Contrarily, you may feel like a finger is pointing accusingly directly at you. Your conscience and principles are yours but please examine your motivations and consider the high ideal of freedom, the high ethic of love for your fellow children of God.

I started watching TV in the mid-fifties (20thcentury, kids), formative years where and when the seeds of bigotry were subtly sown.  All my life, in fact, Jews have been made to stand out.  Blacks were confined to their own culture or something. My parents didn’t teach this.  The corrupting seeds were blowing and tumbling around in America, ready to germinate and spread tangled roots. These seeds were not confined to media only.  I have known many, many who learned bigotry from their sage grandfather, or at church, or from schoolmates; wherever it may have happened.  How about those who, perhaps by familial upbringing, absolutely consider racism to be like some sacred duty, a wholly (or holy) righteous reaction to uppity members of an inferior race they may believe sprang, sometime after Creation, from an amalgamation of humans and apes – gorillas, specifically.  Are these beliefs a modern development?

Have you heard suggested that because Jews were given Biblical permission to charge usury, that is interest on loans, to gentiles but not from members of their set-apart religious cult, and because since the Christian era men have been taught to treat all people as their brothers, indignation and resentment grew into abhorrence and hate against Jews by European Christians? Well, does this help explain or excuse, anti-Semitism?  So much for treating all men as brothers!  This explanation is only a minutia of the circumstances, proclamations and laws influencing, even directing, the ways this minority is treated. Do your own fact checking.  The complicated truth is out there if you’re willing to let it in.

Biblically, one will find in the Book of Esther, the story of how one man sought to destroy all Jews – all Jews.  Hitler was not the first to think he knew the “final solution”.  Does it go back farther yet?  Daniel was a faithful Jew and men tried to use that unshakable faith as a device to destroy him.  Yet, when you think about it, dear reader, whether you are a Christian, Muslim or a Jew, believers, of which I am one, have the Jewish people to turn our gracious gratitude for the preservation of the Old Testament Scriptures.  Is it acceptable to you that Christians are persecuted and denied basic rights, sometimes exterminated, in countries throughout the world for all the countless unreasonable prejudices that are fomented against them?  Muslims are also subject to abuse for their religion.  Maybe, dear reader, you don’t believe in deity.  Maybe the Theory of Evolution satisfies your explanation for human existence.  Maybe aliens from some distant interstellar, advanced civilization populated planet Earth, eh?  In the least, the outlandish alien postulate answers the question of man’s missing link. The fact remains: bondage and oppression are verily antitheses to our cherished freedoms.

Will you accept my testimony when I say that the seeds of prejudice, racism and bigotry have not found fertile soil in my heart and mind?  You might not honor that and I cannot prove anything that only God can see and read altogether righteously.  I say again, the prickly, choking weeds of bondage and hate have not been allowed to overrun the beauty I see in people of all types.  If you read “Free the People” and still harbor intolerance based on color, race or creed, are you following a righteous path or a hypocritical life view?  Examine your mind and set it free.  Please free the people.


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