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What the FF?

Written by Drew Heskin

Now it not the time for answers, for an answer is useless if you do not understand the question. A question is more important than an answer – this is because a question without an answer leads to a quest of discovery, adventure and a broadening of the mind, with the answer following as a matter of course.

An answer without a question (think news headline) is merely a bit of data with little or no context in which to be interpreted; which therefore serves only to confuse us by filling our minds with gibberish and blinds us from the truth, which in some cases is the intention (think Fairbanks Daily News-Minus.)

The question at hand is, “Was the Lance Jacobs alleged shooting in Springfield, Oregon a real event? Or, was it contrived and scripted?” 

I don’t have special sources, secret research tools, insider knowledge – or anything like that.  I don’t even have any solid answers, but I am left with plenty of questions:

Was there any sort of an “active shooter drill” in the area, recently?

What is the spread of #4 buckshot at 25 yards?

Why was the old fire engine sent there, #5 – rather than the newer one that arrived after the shooting? Will #5 now be replaced?

Why did Lance, a suggested “gun enthusiast,” (implying that he was somewhat of an firearms expert) choose a shotgun with #4 buckshot instead of his 40 Smith & Wesson or an automatic rifle – to allegedly shoot at first responders and take his own life? 

Why in the world would Lake County, Oregon want homes to burn to the ground?

Photographers were present to take pictures of the police fighting the fire while the firemen were apparently somewhere else for safety?

Is it possible that someone stole all of his guns?  There are over 200 pictures online which Lance posted on PhotoBucket of guns that he claimed to own, where did they go?  (An article stated that he had only a couple of other guns that were destroyed in his home in the fire.)

Why was there no pictures of the body or crime scene?  No ambulance? Furthermore, what’s behind the hyperbolic increase in (mock) mass shootings in recent years?

Sandy Hook, Vegas, Pulse night club, Colorado theatre – these are some of the more well known national false flag events.  Dr. Jim Fetzer is an author who describes these events in detail under several titles published by Moon Rock Books.  In fact, his book on Sandy Hook, is distributed for free because it was banned by Amazon one month after it’s release. [Link Here]

Former president Obama’s executive order in 2013 made it legal for mainstream media to “lie” about events in order to benefit the national good.  In other words, propaganda (lying) is now legal.  Well, not for everyone, only for some corporations.

Crisis actors were soon in demand, companies supplying them started to spring up world-wide, visit: http://crisiscast.com/  (Crisis actors are hired to participate in active shooter and other drills.) There are so many false flag events that many of the crisis actors are utilized in more than one event and they will often collect large sums of money through “go-fundme” campaigns.

Ole Dammegard, a well seasoned Swedish author, reporter, and investigator of conspiracies around the globe, suggests the following. In nearly all of the mass shootings and false flag events, there are patterns indicating the use of a simple, proven formula.

False flag events and mass shootings almost always have a patsy.  The patsy will most often be, “estranged from family,” “suffering from physical or psychological disorder,” a “loner.”  Often a “gun enthusiast.” More often than not, the patsy either kills himself or is killed at the scene by a SWAT team. Case is then CLOSED.  No need for a trial, or an autopsy… the news outlets supply all of the information that anyone may need – at least that is what they say.

Ole claims these events almost always coincide with an “active shooter drill.” He cites 911, the Boston bombing, the video game parlor massacre.where there was either a simultaneous “drill” or one that occurred recently in the same area.

He suggests that fear and strife are conveyed onto the public through the use of symbols by which.  This allows for control of the narrative, control of people’s attitudes and their behavior – even their shopping and travel habits.   He cites the use of “shoes” in the imagery.  One shoe of or both shoes off. Shoes lying everywhere. He suggests the Nike brand are universally used in the news stories (which incidentally is an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting Saturn.) 

Ole suggests that this could have first been used to illicit fear in the psyche of humans with pictures of piles of shoes portraying the holocaust. Bizarre as it seems, events like the truck allegedly killing people on bridge show only a bunch of shoes on the pavement in the alleged aftermath.

Finally, Ole suggests that just like in the movies, there is the inevitable product placement. 

I might add that most false flag events will relate to a popular current meme in social media – the Pulse gay night club massacre during the era of same-sex bathrooms being on the news constantly. Google headquarters shooting, just as their market cap approaches 1 trillion.  The Mall of America – shopping and consumption is always in style. Just getting your name out there seems to benefit the market share of these corporations – despite being associated to grisly events.

These are world-wide or national events described above, how does a false flag manifest locally?

While visiting Eugene, Oregon, briefly last month, sure enough –  what I would consider to be a false flag event – occurred in Springfield, about 45 minutes away. Let’s take a look at all of the contradictions found in mainstream media in respect to this event.:

Shooter from this morning identified as 65 year old Lance Jacobs of Springfield.  Jacobs died as a result of a self inflicted gunshot wound after setting his house on fire & shooting at responding emergency personnel.  Four homes were damaged as a result of the fire which was 350 feet from a nearby fire station.

First of all, you won’t be presented with any information about it online outside of the local news outlets.  The story quickly vanishes and is not mentioned again, no follow-ups, possibly a closed casket funeral or other finalizing event will get a short report, maybe – but I haven’t seen anything like that as-of-yet.

You probably haven’t heard about this story unless you live there.  Those who live there were understandably in shock and disgust.  Just imagine, he “shot at first responders responding to the fire five minutes after the initial 911 call.”

Sounds crazy!  Sounds possible, but crazy.  Plausible. It could have happened.  It might have happened.  Seems kind of strange… well, let’s look deeper.

Again, yikes, sounds horrible! Right? The firemen call 911 when they arrive and realize they are allegedly being shot at by Lance.  (I believe they were being shot at, but I don’t necessarily think it was Lance – read more below.) Three Police units arrive within 5 minutes – both in the front of the home and behind it.  About 8 minutes after that, a SWAT unit arrives.

Not bad response times for 4AM in the morning event, wouldn’t you agree?

It is amazing how basic facts conflict with one another in different articles posted in the mainstream local news sources soon after this event.


Exclusive: Shooter’s sister says Jacobs was estranged from family

Oregon arsonist sets own home of fire to ambush firefighters

Springfield gunman posted about health, divorce right before ambush 

I would apologize in advance for this ambiguous time-line of events, but this what they have printed- not me:

Fire call evolved into an active shooter situation early on Oct. 17, 2018 in Springfield, Oregon. Officers report that the shooter shot himself inside his Prius, four doors down.

Springfield police arrived on scene by 4:02 a.m.

Springfield Fire was called to a house fire at 536 Oakdale Avenue at about 3:54 a.m. Officials said when first responders arrived on scene, they came under gunfire from a shooter who was walking through the area with a shotgun. It’s unclear who placed the 911 call, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Police said the shooter was a 65-year-old man from the neighborhood.

Police say a 60-year-old man is responsible for the Wednesday morning blaze that destroyed 3 homes.

Police report they couldn’t see through Prius window because they were tinted, muzzle flashes were obscured so we couldn’t tell where the shots were coming from.

From recording: 13 minutes after first 911 call, he shot himself.

(sounds on recording were obviously not from a shotgun, there is a copy of this file on the FreeThePeopleAK.com)

Firefighters arrived at Jacob’s home only minutes after neighbors called 911 at 3:53 a.m.  authorities said.

The firetruck’s windshield was hit as they pulled up, though firefighters didn’t flee until they actually saw Jacobs shooting at them from about 25 yards away in a neighbor’s yard, according to McKee.

Harvey, a neighbor, said he saw Lance Jacobs firing shots near that house, and ran to inform fire fighters allowing them to get out of the area.

All five firemen sustained superficial wounds from shotgun pellet blasts. The gunman, Lance Taylor Jacobs, killed himself minutes later as Eugene and Springfield police officers closed in.

Just moments later, the house fire turned into something much more: “Hi, um…we have a guy, he’s shooting…at 577 Oakdale…he’s shooting at the firemen…”

Jacobs only used his long-barrel rifle in the attack, but he also had a pistol in his waistband and another gun in his backpack when police found him, McKee said.

As firefighters began setting up their equipment to battle the blaze, the man reportedly opened fire, striking a fire truck windshield several times. He was later found dead in the front yard of a fourth home, the victim of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The man killed himself at 4:15 a.m. before police could get to him.

McKee said the firefighters took cover. One fire truck was hit by six rounds. Police and the county’s tactical team responded. “They arrived, and both assisted us in evacuating personnel that were pinned down and also trying to locate the shooter,” McKee said. Officers then heard a single shot. They found the suspect was armed with a rifle, dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The entire incident—from the initial 911 call about the house fire to the self-inflicted gunshot wound that killed Jacobs—unfolded over just 13 minutes.

Lt. Scott McKeen said Wednesday, one week after the arson fire and shooting. “In retrospect however, these sounds were that of #4 buckshot blasts fired at the rig by Lance Jacobs as soon as it rounded to corner onto Oakdale Drive from Pheasant Street.”

14 shot-gun shell casings were found by the Prius, the last one used when Lance shot himself.

(OKAY – stop for a second… how difficult would that be to climb into a Prius and shoot yourself with a long barreled gun? Don’t you think the pistol would have been a more reasonable alternative?)

“Peer response teams” were immediately flown in to help. These same teams have worked on incidents like Columbine and the Route 99 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

(OKAY – that does it for me right there.  If they are associating this event and it is being managed by the same crew involved with other false flags – I would suggest that this was a false flag as well.)

Let’s look at Lance’s Facebook post.  For starters, the diatribe he allegedly posted an hour before the arson event, is frankly, out of place.  He literally does not have any other post where he actually says something about himself over a seven year span for this alleged Facebook account.

All of the images Lance alleged posted look like they are copied from a local news site – channel “13.”

Here’s a post from March 9th, 2018 which is simply ridiculous:

Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks Women’s Basketball Team. They followed up their first regular season Pac-12 Women’s Basketball title in 18 years last week, by also winning the Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament Championship this week too, against defending champion Stanford. They are now the undisputed best women’s basketball team in the western US.

(OKAY – who writes like that anyhow?  Gimme a break. This wasn’t posted as a “shared” post or anything like that, this was an alleged original post by Lance, the alleged shooter, the post continues…)

They will enter the NCAA Basketball tournament next week ranked the sixth best women’s collegiate basketball team in the entire nation, the highest national ranking that the team has ever obtained.

Here is March 2nd Facebook post by this alleged shooter “luring first responders” to his burning home, Lance:

The movie LADY BIRD is definitely the best film of 2017, and is the one that I will be rooting for at the Oscars this Sunday.Actress Saoirse Ronan gives yet another incredible acting performance, just as good as her role in BROOKLYN was two years ago. The story is so very touching, that you will really be moved by it.

Feb 17th, of the previous year:

Here is a recent video that I recorded for the Facebook group WE SUPPORT THE EUGENE POLICE DEPT, of the retirement celebration honoring Police Chief Pete Kerns. What a wonderful man Pete Kerns is. Eugene was so lucky to have such a good police chief for so many years.

(OKAY – I’m not going to say that Lance didn’t write that, in fact, I think he may have.  However, doesn’t it seem odd that he loved the police so much that he wanted to lure them in to shoot at them and try to kill them?  It is possible that Lance just went absolutely crazy and started acting in an opposite way of what he felt, what he did every other day of his life, however, I think there is a better explanation for this whole story – I just don’t know what it is.)

June 4th, 2017, the alleged attempted murderer Lance writes:

It is once again Strawberries Season here in Oregon! Yum, yum!!! Checkout this photo that I took. (You can look at the photo yourself, it’s online, on Facebook, just search for Lance Jacobs.)

April 12th, 2017, Lance allegedly posted this:

KVAL AL Peterson is at the Springfield Fred Meyer at 5th and Q St this morning, for the annual CAN DO fundraiser for Food for Lane County. Bring some canned foods to the booth, or buy some special $5 food packages available inside the Fred Meyer. You can also donate cash to Lane County, and any donation made today will be matched, thus doubling the amount of money that Food for Lane County will get. (Notice the station #13 and the fact that all of the images associated with this post were copied from the KVAL news website and posted as his own)

‘April 3rd, 2016, from left field the following post:

OMG, are you prepared for this? Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel’s strangest superhero yet! Here comes DR STRANGE, the master of magic !!

(OKAY – I researched the medallion and it’s name, it describes the act of going into a battle and then sacrificing yourself.)

Oddly, on Jan 7th, 2016, Lance allegedly posted:

The government has again made some changes to its dietary guidelines. It is once again OK to drink coffee and eat eggs!! YIPPEE!!

Meat and sugar, though, remain bad.

Then, strangely on Aug 21, 2015, this strange meme appears:

President Lincoln addresses Memorial Day Crowd in Eugene, OR.

(Not only is this the wrong time of year for this event, the image has the following symbols surrounding the “Honest Abe” performer:  Chevron (sacrifice), Iron Eagle (Occult symbol) and gravestones in the background.)

June 10th, 2011 – go figure:

Two images of “Jellybelly” advertising as a graphic wrap over vehicles. (one on a bus the other on a Volkswagen for product placement, I assume.)

May 13th, 2011:

Don’t forget that there is still time tonight to have dinner at the Original Roadhouse Grill at Gateway in Springfield. They are holding a Fundraiser for Officer Kilcullen all day today. All sales for the day will go to a fund for the Kilcullen family. The line outside is not that bad.

(OKAY – Do you really get the feel that if Lance actually wrote these posts that he is likely to be a “gun enthusiast” targeting first responders?  What about the gap between 2011 and 2015?  Just plain bizarre.  Just plain fake, in my opinion.  There is not a single picture of his face anywhere on any of these posts, just the back of his head. So someone sent him a picture of the back of his head and then he used that as his profile picture?  Very strange to say the least.

Now, Lance’s alleged final post on Facebook, which I do not really think fits in at all linguistically with the other alleged posts:

October 17 at 2:27 AM (then updated at at 2:33 AM for some reason, this version that follows has some very minor changes – for what reason for edit?  Seems crazy you are going to edit a post before you light hour home on fire. Notice the detail, “13 years total,” he had his physician.)

I have become so ill in recent years. My health just continues to go downhill. I’ve got painful injuries to discs in my lower back, and my left knee is getting to the point where it will soon need a knee replacement. My doctor told me that surgery has done all it can to repair the torn meniscus. Then my cardiovascular problems started six years ago, and have slowly been getting worse. On top of that, I have something wrong with the right side of my sinuses, and have suffered chronic infections in my right sinus for many years now. Many times my right eye has become infected too. Yet no doctor seems to be able to explain why this happens.

Then 2 1/2 years ago, I became infected with MRSA, after a visit to the Sacred Heart RiverBend hospital. And i have had numerous MRSA infections break out in many parts of my body since then.

And on top of everything else, I suffer from really severe sleep apnea. The chronic nasal congestion I suffer made trying to use a CPAP machine impossible. And when I get this bad congestion in my right sinus, it really aggravates my sleep apnea greatly. I wake up some mornings with my bed in shambles, and still feeling tired, and lately even with a headache.

I’ve continued to suffer falls, which I believe that the sleep apnea is contributing to. Just 10 days ago, I fell. I broke my fall, by putting out my left hand. But now my left wrist has been in pain ever since.

I had a great doctor at Springfield Family Physicians for 13 years, but since he is gone, I feel like I am treated like a stranger there. And Peacehealth staff at both the hospital, and also their Gateway Urgent Care, have both refused to believe me this year, when I told them that I was suffering from a bad sinus infection again, and instead brushed off my complaints by saying that I was having allergies.

My right sinus is so badly infected. And the infection has spread the past two months to my right eye, and my vision in my right eye has now been destroyed. It is like muddy blotches now cover my right eye, and everything is a blur now. And just the last couple of days, I now have new symptoms of bright dots of green and blue, and sometimes red, now appearing in my vision.

I’ve also never recovered from the emotional trauma of my divorce 28 years ago, and the monstrous abuse and witch hunt that my ex was able to orchestrate against me in divorce court, with the help of Samantha Payne. How the authorities in Nevada could have ever come to rely on that woman, I will never understand. When she told Judge Griffin that there was no such thing as false allegations of abuse, he simply nodded.The trauma of not being allowed to see my kids anymore totally devastated me. Plus the stress of the never ending police investigations due to my ex continuing to manufacture new allegations, and fearing being charged with something that I’ve never done, all based on her false allegations. I had two emotional breakdowns during the divorce, ( which lasted 2 years and 10 months in court ). I even sought help from a local expert on trauma after moving to Eugene, as I actually suffered constant nightmares, that went on for 4 years after the divorce was over. Night after night, I would relive the trauma and pain of losing my kids. It was like an echo that just would not stop.

I’ve never really fully recovered emotionally. My life has been broken and meaningless ever since.

It is ironic that the terrible emotional pain that I have suffered so very long with, is now being matched with all of these physical pains and health problems. I have become so very disabled by my medical issues now.


(OKAY – His wrist is in pain but seems to be ok to type with it?)

Your Impressions?  To me, it sounds like someone handed someone someone’s medical records and said, “here, write up this guy’s story.”

“Stole, the founder of the online magazine and Facebook group SeenEugene, said that Jacobs was a volunteer contributing photographer and videographer with them until 2014.” Stole said “due to medical issues, Jacobs lost vision in one eye and believes the vision in his other eye was diminishing.”  In one of the articles, Mikayle Stole claims, “He was a very lonely person and felt very isolated.”

Ooops, which story is correct?  The post Lance allegedly wrote on Facebook said he lost vision two months ago. Lance allegedly wrote, “my right sinus is so badly infected. And the infection has spread the past two months to my right eye, and my vision in my right eye has now been destroyed.”  Earlier in same post, Lance allegedly wrote, “Many times my right eye has become infected too. Yet no doctor seems to be able to explain why this happens.”

It doesn’t make sense that he would say at first that he simply has an eye infection – only later to mention how the infection has caused his blindness.

According to the interview, “she (Stole) and Jacobs had a falling out a couple of years ago but said others with SeenEugene attempted to reach out to him, but they haven’t spoken to him in over a year.” How would she have known he had gone blind without talking to him in the last two years? 

Stole continues, “She believes Jacobs burned down his house so the state could not get it and didn’t think far enough in advance that the fire would spread to nearby homes.” Public records show that Jacobs purchased the house on Oakdale Avenue in 2014 and owed money in back taxes. Other articles said he has owned the house since 2004.

Does this situation sound vaguely familiar to you as a Fairbanksan?  The rather recent suggestion perpetuated here in Fairbanks was that chris ripple “burned his house down” to prevent the borough from auctioning off his property.  Despite the fact that ripple was in Fairbanks when the fire started, the borough building was closed down due to a security threat. Alarms sounded all weekend, “for safety.”  Except for the roofers, they could go to work on the borough building Saturday afternoon.

Bizarrely, Stole really “seemed” to care.  Saying, “I’m so sorry that we didn’t know what was going on with you, If I had known, I would have come to your door. If you wouldn’t answer the phone, if you didn’t answer my emails, I would have checked on you to see how you were doing.”

Sounds like another story in town where no-one checked on someone for three years.

Are you thinking, “Script!”  Stole’s statements shout that to me.  She had a “falling out” with Lance but really felt, “I’ll be there for you when you need me.”

I still find it hard to imagine that this sleep deprived senior was “running around the yards” with a knee that needed replacement, half blind, itchy, nasally stuffed up, sleepy, “medically disabled” with a headache? whaaat?  Was schemin and plottin’ and startin’ fires and gunnin’ for fire fighters (arriving from a mere 300 feet away) and reloading the shotgun for the police? With #4 buckshot? Something is just plain not right here.

I do believe, houses burned to the ground, there are pictures showing that.  I do believe that “someone” was shooting bb’s, probably from a scatter gun – I don’t think it was #4 buckshot that would leave about 27 – 40 holes in a 24” circular pattern similar in size to holes made by a .22 caliber.  The image of Fire Engine #5 does not show this kind of damage.

I do believe ammo was exploding in the burning house (background sounds of 911 call.)  I don’t believe any gun enthusiast would light his ammo on fire, he’d be more likely to shoot them off at a range or cache them somewhere for someone’s future use.

I believe Lance Jacobs existed and he made some videos for SeenEugene’s Facebook page years ago.

I don’t believe Lance chose a shotgun to kill first responders, I don’t believe he started his house on fire to “draw in first responders to kill them.” I think it is probable that someone who apparently has the power to do so, had the home burned to the ground on purpose at 4am when no one else was around to witness what was going on.

I don’t necessarily believe the photobucket site where he posted about 250 pictures of his guns looks authentic, there is actually two pictures of him there holding guns and smiling, one with his son, perhaps.  That begs the questions, where did all of those guns go? Did he actually have a relationship with his son? But then again, some of the guns were labeled, “for military or police use only,” which would imply that someone in the police or military actually posted those images. 

Well, I’m afraid I just took you on a long path to nowhere.  I apologize for that, but not for getting you to think outside your normal box, if that happened.

Remember, it’s okay to believe in something only to change your belief later as a response to receiving new and verifiable information that contradicts your original information. That doesn’t make you wishy-washy, it makes you intelligent.

I’ll leave you with a final, alleged Facebook post:

Lance Jacobs – about 3 years ago

“This is like the most petty, partisan thing yet from Obama.

Since this was only done through Executive Action, President Trump will be able to name the mountain back to Mount McKinley in a year and 5 months.”

(OKAY – How many people do you know referred to Donald as “President Trump” before he even took office?)

*Introduction based on text from: http://www.alchemy.ws/

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