Two Weeks Ago, I Wrote… About Sarah

Written by Drew Heskin

by Drew Heskin
An article with headline:
“Let’s walk with Sarahs on Saturday, Sept. 8th.
I had this vision of hundreds of us walking along
the highway on the bike path making connec- tions, talking about things.
An upwelling of community support for local
women who had apparently died…
I wrote in the Free the People AK Newspaper
dated 9/4/18, “Let’s meet at the corner of Gold Hill
Road and the Parks Highway at 3PM. We’ll walk
down the path for a bit…”
Earlier in the week I printed out and posted a
few flyers, made a couple of calls. I’m not on Face- book, however, you may not have heard about it.
I wrote, “All are welcome. Please come and
bring your dog, too.”
I pictured all of these dogs sniffing around each
other. I tried to think, out of my 23 huskies, which
one would be best suited for going for a walk with
a lot of other dogs around.
I thought about including dogs on the walk
because, well… “Apparently one of the Sarah’s dogs died as
well. Though the facts are unclear.”
Truly, unclear.
Truly, “There are many questions – there are few
Before that day, I thought to myself, “… there
will be a lot of people showing up, I bet.” I finished
all of my chores early so I wouldn’t be late for the
meeting time.
I grabbed my ’70 shovel-head out of storage and
decided to head down there on my motorcycle
as I remembered on her memorial card from the
Nenana Potlatch written something similar to,
“… when your pipes are quieting down in
the end, listen closely, you’ll hear mine and know
that I’m here.”
Sarah Monroe’s death was apparent on August
25th when a structure burned to the ground off of
Gold Hill Road. The body has been identified, but
the cause of death is still under investigation… or
is the cause of the fire still under investigation.
I’m still as confused as I was two weeks ago, ever
more so.
The News-miner had an article on Monday, Sept
11th, by Sam Friedman headlined, “One dead, identification
pending in August home fire in Ester.” That was the first and only item the News-miner
had printed up until that date regarding the death
of Sarah Monroe. (Except, of course, for her obit- uary that has posted Sept. 6, 2018 https://www.
legacy.com/obituaries/newsminer/obituary.asp?n=sarah-marie-monroe&pid=190147885 )
Sound confusing, huh? I agree.
Chris and I had gone to the Potlatch for Sarah
Monroe in Nenana on Friday the 7th, it was at 6PM,
three hours after her funeral. Yes, that was four
days before the News-miner article in which they
say they have not identified the victim.
But, the next day, Sept. 12, a “staff report” in the
News-miner is headlined, “Ester fire victim identified.”
It goes on to read, “The division reported that
Monroe’s body was found inside the burned trailer,
which was located on Townsend Way in Ester.”
Burned “trailer?” vs. Burned “home?” If the inves- tigation is ongoing, why isn’t there tape around
the crime scene?
From Sarah’s obituary, something positive to
Sarah was a lover of life, was always smiling
and enjoyed trying and experiencing new
things and working hard for her dreams
and goals. Anyone who came into contact
with her immediately felt happy, as she had
that effect on others. She especially loved
her family and would do anything for them.

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