Written by Heather Penn

For some the ability to vote in elections is irrel-
evant. I won’t lie, for many years that was me. I
fell into the old, why vote it’s not like it matters
mentality. I realize now that my vote does mat- ter.
As I reflect back on my past misconceptions I
realize part of the reason I never voted was I never
knew what I was voting for. The wording on the
ballots was, and is, confusing and I never quite
knew which box to mark. I was easily swayed by
each candidate as their propositions and ideas all
seemed genuine and sincere with the public’s best
interests in mind.
Last summer the marijuana initiative went on
the ballot and like other states more people came
out to vote at these elections than most. I won-
dered why. Perhaps it was because so many are
pro-marijuana but perhaps it is because, like me,
some just didn’t understand the jargon or ballot
verbiage. When it came to the marijuana initiative
people knew what it meant to vote no and what
it meant to vote yes. Sometimes on election day
people become confused as to what they are
voting for and check the wrong box. As we know
there are no backsies. Needless to say, I didn’t want
that to be me so I started digging into just what
each proposition means.
This process is a learning curve for me as politics
is not my forte. I asked the community for help
and they responded in droves. All these people
shared one thing, passion. Passion for our commu-
nity, passion for our country and the freedoms we
are offered and passion for truth and transparency,
something we believe is sorely lacking in our local
government. This election I am voting no no yes
yes as I believe that is the right choice for the bet-
terment of our community. Ultimately the choice
is yours on how to vote and my intent is not to
sway you. Voting is your right and if you don’t vote
you can’t be heard. See you at the ballots on Octo- ber 2nd.

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