More Local Fiscal Responsibility, Less Unelected Globalism:

Written by Heather Penn

By Michael Farrell

I have read this publication on and off for the last three or four months and I’d like to com pliment the many contributors for their insightful articles. In an era of free speech censorship and socalled “deplatforming”, it is refreshing to see perspectives from left, right and center represent ed here. Although many readers might be com pletely disillusioned with the concept of voting, I’d like to call attention to a local election that might make a difference.

This is not merely a choice between Republican or Democrat. The Fairbanks City Council is facing a crisis of leadership and perhaps soon a budgetary crisis given that lack of leadership.

Few council members have the knowhow to craft legislation and many have admitted partial or complete ignorance on high priority topics such as ongoing union negotiations. What the City of Fairbanks needs is a fiscally responsible individual with prior legislative knowledge to join the tugofwar between team “spenditall” and team “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Specifically, I’m referring to the election for Fairbanks City Council Seat B.

The incumbent, June Rogers, has spent a considerable amount of time playing the roll of language policewoman. Any ThoughtCrime will be punished and all public comment should strictly adhere to 2018/2019 NewSpeak definitions to avoid potential CrimeThink. Does this sound like

1984 to anyone else? Additionally, we have seen little legislation or original thought coming from

Seat B. With an ineffective mayor, we need as many capable and independentlyminded councilors in

local government to ask the tough questions. 

Lloyd Hilling represents a change from the status quo. Mr. Hilling is a former councilor who

promoted fiscal responsibility. He also originated the industrial hemp ordinance and has a good

relationship with the fledgling cannabis industry. I believe that Mr. Hilling would be wellsuited in balancing public safety and personal liberty as issues such as cannabis odor and onsite consumption

reach the council. The issue of where the funds generated from cannabis taxation go (currently to

the general fund) is something I hope Mr. Hilling will also address.

Mr. Hilling may be the only councilman in recent More Local Fiscal Responsibility, Less Unelected Globalism:

Reelect Lloyd Hilling history to address the issue of global governance. He introduced a resolution denouncing the Unit ed Nations Agenda 21 in 2013. In these turbulent times we often hear or read that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” But let  reader answer this: When have you or anyone you know in any country voted for representation at the United Nations? The answer is that there is no democratic representation at this planetary governmental body that would dictate every aspect of your life from birth to death. Global government leads to global governance and at that point no city council in the world will be able to make a difference. Mr. Hilling recognized this and acted while on the city council. Those who vote should consider Mr. Hilling for Fairbanks City Council Seat B.

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