Hidden Histories: Atlantis, the Leviathan & the Dragon For those with the eyes to see

Written by Christopher Ripple

By: the living Man; chris ripple

Few things in life have been explored in the open light for all to see.

Those that have,usually have been hidden again for knowledge is the potential of power, use of the wisdom IS power, and some do not like to share it.

Like the name Q, and the Q phenomenon towards our ‘government’ many are familiar with. Plato taught his students to ask questions…
thus making the student read and research and search for themselves…. hence the saying, the truth shall set you free, and those that seek shall find. I never realized how much so in my lifetime
until my awakening, and as my search continues, so does my awareness of what an incredible world we live in. I am also learning the depths to which evil will hide the truths and stories that give us a glimpse into who we are, where we are from and how we got here. I now understand that we ARE the creators, thus allowing us to make an informed thought. An informed cohesive story. Our future.
As powerful truth, in the words of Ghandi,

“Be the change in which you wish to see.”

See it. Know it.
Taste it. Desire it. Be it.
My quests in life have always been tumultuous as I have usually chosen the road less traveled. I have found that failure is the VERY BEST teacher, sometimes painful, sometimes it can cost you as any real education should in one form or another, but always, in the end, fruitful. The story I am relaying needs a little premise because it is fan-freaking-tastic for those that have the eyes to see… and the heart to discern.

In ‘The Dialogues of Critias’, Plato wrote about Atlantis which he partially learned about through a relative by the name ofSolon. Though Plato wrote about Atlantis he didn’t
cover all aspects of such. If you have carried farther looking into Atlantis, then you will see much, much more… the Leviathan, the Dragon, Giant trees that reached into the heavens and giants. Yes, real giants! Like the ones in our ‘stories’ we heard growing up and always told in a make-believe tone… not one of truth, similar to evil truths being ‘laughed’ off today to create incredulity in truths hard to receive. Once you see the truth and realize it, Life is more incredible than fiction can EVER be.

Atlantis is located in a desert. The exact location is in the Akchar Desert, coordinates are 21.07’03.39” N and 11.25’38.69” W and it is part of the larger Sahara, in Northwestern Africa. It has been called the ‘Eye of the Sahara. See image, circled in green. Rings around rings located on the Atlantic Ocean of the historical time, but south of a great inland freshwater sea is the Mediterranean. Prior to being opened into the ocean The Mediterranean drained some of the sea (which is evident in sedimentary patterning) washed through where Atlantis is located out to create the Cape Verde islands. Plato placed this event around 11,400 BC. Just above the ‘Eye’ is the Leviathan (fish). Laying head first from head left to tail on right, see inserted image (circled in red). Immediately above and attacking the flesh of the Leviathan lies the Dragon (also circled in red). The dragon has a similar layout with head to left and tail about 800 miles to the East ending near Djelfa,
Algiers, in the eastern Atlas Mountains. In depth closer imagery shows decomposition of the flesh of the Leviathan and the Dragon, especially where the gastric ‘venom’ from the mouth of the dragon to the top of the Leviathans back and its acid like reactions…. You can see the decomposition of the dragon from head to tail, scales, structure, and effluent runoff and chemical reactions with local geology.
Atlantis through closer inspection via mapping, was said to be constructed of greica,
broken rock. This rock was left over from mining and coated with transition metals such as some from the platinum group, giving resistance to the oceans tendency to eat any ironbased metals…. leaving the discoloration seen around the layers of Atlantis. The straights written about by Herodotus 484-424 BC, the Father of Histories, says it was manned on both sides of the entrance, and imagery shows this (the straight) to be true as well. GPS coordinates East of Atlantis put the straights at 21.32’22.52” N and 10.35’10.33” W. and shows exactly that, a straight and layout of the water flow. There are many references to what I am saying here, whether in Babylonian creation story called the Enuma Elish, Hebrew or Christian bibles that go along with the stories by history’s greatest teachers. In the Jewish Encyclopedia (1906),
Rabbinical literature, Gunkel (“Schopfung und Chaos,” p.62) suggests that Behemoth (dragon)
and the leviathan were the two primeval monsters corresponding to Tiamat (=”the abyss”; comp.
Hebrew “tehom”) and Kingu (=Aramaic “akna” + serpent”) of Babylonian mythology. According
to midrash, the leviathan was created on the fifth day (Yalk., Gen. 12). Originally God produced a male and female leviathan, but lest in multiplying the species should destroy the world, he slew the female, reserving her flesh for the banquet that will be given to the righteous on the advent of the Messiah (B.B. 74a). The enormous size of the leviathan was illustrated by R. Johanan, from whom proceeded nearly all the haggodot concerning this monster: “Once we went in a ship and saw a fish which put his head out of the water. He had
horns upon which was written: “I am one of the meanest creatures that inhabit the sea. I am three hundred miles in length, and enter this day into the jaws of the leviathan” When the leviathan is hungry, reports R. Dimi in the name of R. Johanon, he sends forth from his mouth a heat so great as to make all the waters of the deep boil, and if he would put his head into paradise no living creature could endure the odor of him. His abode is in the Mediterranean Sea; and the waters of the Jordan fall into his mouth (Bek. 55B; B.B.I.c.).
The book of Enoch, originally part of the complete Ethiopian Bible, also speaks of scrolls
that were found with the Nag Hammadi texts which are now available for deeper understanding.
Enoch said; “On that day (the day of judgement) two monsters will be produced: a female monster named ‘Leviathan,’ to dwell in the depths of the ocean over the fountains of the water; but the male is called ‘Behemoth,’ who occupies with his breast a waste wilderness named ‘Dendain’ on the East of the garden, where the elect and righteous dwell. And I besought that other angel that he should show me the might of these monsters; how they were produced on one day, the one being placed in the depths of the sea and the other in the main land of the wilderness. And he spake to me: “Thou son of man, dost seek here to know what is hidden?” Enoch also speaks of Flat Earth, the 4 great rivers of the Earth, the mountain ranges and the Solar Lunar calendar precisely. Free the People AK Pg 7 Sept 4. 2018 Wonders are sometimes just that, until we shed our light of observation and intent on them, gleaning through experience. Something artificial intelligence can never copy is the ability to bring abstract thought and ideas together to weave a story that reverberates in truth or understanding. Although people have been misled into understanding the powers we have been given, the light will prevail and the Truth SHALL set us free. Free from caged narrative and logic, free from the perverse
– ness of the ‘educational’ system where you will never hear about this or anything as amazing. Ever! We have been deposed to live on a postage stamp with a cage around us called ignorance and fear. Fear of coercion, fear of criticism, fear of failure. All of the things I personally first handedly, find to be the MOST important to stoke our fires of intention and wisdom all while refining our BS detectors (known as discernment) and seeing the Enochian magic and that they have cast a spell upon us… for once the spell or magic is seen, you cannot be fooled again.
I suggest to all who are captivated or even having a bit of curiosity peaked by this bit of light, to continue this dialog, continue what Plato started ‘The Academy’, real investigation and learning, real experience, real people speaking their truths. Real learning, not the narrative of the Kakistocracy. Speak a lie and speak a truth to a person and they should know which feels right. It is in our soul, that knowing, that Gnosis. I must give a special thanks to Roger at Mudfossil University on Youtube, you my brother, have a beautiful mind, I have more gratitude than I can say for you and your teachings. From my very essence I offer this bit of me and my understanding, out of

Love & Gratitude.

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