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Round Six; Letters

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck


This will have to be different in most ways than anything I have ever written before. I suppose first I need here ask the question, Does any man, woman or child citizen of The Unites States of America realize how close we came to losing our whole country, its wealth, it protection, its very existence? And even in a short period of time our homes, jobs, essentials and yes our lives too in just a few short years?

I’m talking about the Trump – Clinton election of last fall.

If you will allow me the time here and it will take some of that, I believe I can explain enough to at least give you a very brief view of such a catastrophic even that it is truly hardly imaginable yet none the less real. By the end of next November it could possibly be too late for any remedy by anyone human.

There must be here, much, I suppose that could offend some readers should there be any here, in that I need address my religion, some specifics about it, as it is in part because of it that I reach the conclusion that I hope to achieve here. I write legally though, under the authority of the Constitution and Bill of Rights offered to citizens of The United States of America. Of which I have inherited, earned by the muscle, blood and bones of countless American citizen heroes, some yet living and serving this very day, veterans long forgotten, law makers too like Jefferson, who never had to raise arms yet still gave all he had to the creation of this government. Pressmen too, writers, poets, song writers, abolition supporters of whom I know of one who was murdered in “Bloody Kansas” and his press smashed and thrown into the river. Writers who write yet today like the creators and editors of this very newspaper of whom I wish some of you would support them as they allow Freedom of Speech and in fact actually encourage it.

Well to continue here goes. I believe in a creator. That creator is a trinity. Father, son and Holy Spirit. My personal savior the “only begotten son” my lord Jesus.  I have, in fact, not been a religious man, at least this deeply before. Truth is I was just baptized less than a year ago. Much of the reason I write of this is because of that new belief, I’d say. I continue on now just with this. I here offer an open letter to the Honorable President Donald J. Trump. If it ever gets there or not I have no control over, just tried to do what I could to help save our country, if such does turn out to be the will of God.

With that said by a simple nothing of a man, truly “deplorable,” and of no great education, achievements or even aspirations here goes… An open letter to the Honorable President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. First I would like to thank you here. Your good treatment of Israel come to mind because of my religious beliefs.

To add to that there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you love this country, its people and its laws of which we would not be a country without them. In such a short time we, as American people have went and been befriended by you. We see your works that are both amazing and astounding, in my opinion. Second though I fear greatly for you and your continued wonderful progress though, and with that, fear for my country.

Here I can only say it as I see it. I’m to be honest in anything I might speak or set to pen and paper. President Trump, President Abraham Lincoln had a favorite segment of a poem, that poem was called “Immorality.” I will write it here from memory so it probably or may be imperfect yet I believe complete in its intent.

“Tis the wink of an eye, ‘tis the draught of a breath,

From the blossom of health to the paleness of death,

From the gilded saloon to the bier and the shroud,

O why should the spirit of mortal be proud?”

~Mortality by William Knox 1789-1825


In other words each every one of us are only one breath away from everything being lost, including sight, sound, taste, smells, feeling, speaking, listening and all other physical things of human existence on earth. In the recent early elections you bragged about your success and predicted a total win because of your involvement and abilities. As I see it you, there, challenge God in that you see yourself able to not only predict the future but also affect and control it.

You have let pride overtake you, I think. Almighty God is able stop you instantly even strike you, say with a stroke, and then make you a prisoner of your own body. Alive but unable to move, to speak, or even to wipe a runny nose. He is able to make you see his power in any way he might choose, at any given time. If I’m correct I’d here make the suggestion that you lower your head, very low and seek forgiveness in any way you would see fit to do. God said, to the affect, as I understand it, “Repent and change your evil ways and I will heal your country.”

I believe in some ways, that countless Americans did just that, myself too, as best I could, yet much imperfect, I tried to do that as I saw us losing our country to absolute evil. Second I make this suggestion, President Trump.

Perhaps lower your eyes just a little, lower your tone, toss your pride and appeal to the American people too, millions of whom have come to love you in just a year or two. Many who would stand beside you, behind you or in front of you to the very point of death, if need be, for their country and its good and it continued existence.  Here’s part of what I’d suggest too. I’ll say it here as if I was picked as an advisor and told by your to send a message.

This present election and elections, to include governor races and primaries is all important this time around. Don’t only just promise to vote in all that comes your way, there is much more needs done. If need be quit your job to vote. Skip your $10,000 vacation, or your only son’s wedding, as examples, and then stand in line all day if need be, crawl to the poles if you have to this time. Our founding fathers and veterans have given far more than that. So many times over that no record of each one is ever even possible.

Then add this one to your duty. This election is about numbers because the democrats will say Trump lost, look at the popular vote, “like they tried with Mrs. Clinton. So it is on each of you to expend the effort and cost and work to find a relative or friend to invalid or street bum or hospital bound centenarian or any and all who would have almost voted or had though on it in any way. Make them vote too. It is on you to find one, two, twenty one thousand if possible, and if need be carry all you can on your back to the polls in all future elevation of this 2018 year, primaries and all others.

To conclude Round 6 here I’d like to add this. Should this paper be used to start a morning fire or to line the bird cage or soak up raw vomit, doesn’t matter, I’ll explain later. Should it be online and disappear along with oblivious mix of already countless words, thoughts, ideas and desires that too is not so important in any way.

The fact that I was drafted and took an oath to defend the Constitution doesn’t really affect all or any of this in some big way either. As far as my decision to seek its publication. In fact I probably would feel the same about it all even without that. This is what counts to me here. I want my children and grandchildren to have a chance to inherit our national freedoms and all the good that they insure, as I see it. It is, in my feeble and lacking way. My attempt to do whatever I am able to physically do to work toward that ultimate goal. I could easily list family history that goes all the way back to the Civil War here shoeing where members of my own family gave far far more, including life itself for one in Korea about 1951, I think. So with that the only conclusion here is that I offer just a little taste of what might be called patriotism here and have very little left to offer, unfortunately.

Does anyone really realize how close we come to losing our country forever had Mrs. Clinton been elected? How real it is? Our borders would have immediately, been opened wide to the whole world. To everyone. Our Second Amendment would have been made meaningless instantly along with our millions of men and women willing to defend this nation under present laws. Mrs. Clinton would immediately have put Barak Obama in a high position of power such as Secretary of State or Defense, I believe. With that Obama could have armies from anywhere in the world, armed with all the complexities of modern warfare to include drones, robots, bugs, secret new devices that few of Americas general public, myself included, have ever thought of , probably.

Our own military would be immediately overpowered in that it is only designed to operate under current existing laws. The powers that this country now hold and possess would be instantly and irreparably destroyed, very quickly. A whole world waits and wants to overthrow us, has sworn oaths of our destruction, feels justified to murder, rape, destroy, overwhelm by hordes, take away all that is American and within just a few short years there would be no place left to hide, in this country because they would come by the millions, countless numbers. Both Mrs. Clinton and Obama are in agreement with such, basically devils in disguise as I see it yet I say it here and ask anyone to logically disprove what I now speculate on here, please.

The end of America overnight. That close we came and but by the grace of God such easily could have happened and history proves the death of kingdoms and countries has happened before in such short periods of time, I’d say. Look at the destruction of Tome, just one poor example of what I say here yet, in part, still the end of a world power that came quickly at least at that ending, yet of course slower than ours were it to happen. This next vote, right now until late November may very well allow one more chance for the democrat socialists to take control by being able to impeach President Trump should they outvote those of the House of Representatives, that dangerous, that simple, that possible, that final and that deadly for any and all Americans. Reality in its most raw and harmful form, that is my opinion here. Help me if you will to prevent such by prayer, by participation, by work, by suffering if need be, but it must be done, I’d say, it must be done now.

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