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Midwestern Witch 4

Written by T A.V


If I would I could fly on in the sky above the clouds

So that they pass by me it sets me free


The winds in my face

Twisting about in the sky straight ahead

Brown spinning

Can’t turn. Now! I’m not winning

Speeds to fast!!!

Slap, Slap, Slap!

It’s all around me sticks to my arms, legs all!

Wrapping my broom, sticks tights!

Oh, I think I’m crashing….


That hurt, what’s on me 123, 456

counting on til 99.

How can this be can you tell me?

Shove them all into one sack,

Dust off my bum, back on my broom.


Paint name on store, Same as the bags


Walk straight in on wall;

Manger sign: Knock Knock, please quit sending these out your door.

Boxes will do it has to start with you.


No more sacking this’s illegal

High above or on the ground it’s time to turn ourselves around.

Witch Which are you?

De-bags or boxes?

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