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Sent: Tue, Aug 14, 2018 10:51 am
Subject: Declaration of Alloidal Patent: know the law or be held accountable by/ to it…

Good morning,

This is forwarded from Legal Instruments Examiner from the BLM about Alloidal Patent… something i bet many of you are not familiar with unless you are a crooked BAR attorney/judge/clerk/bailiff, or possibly paid 4-5 times what the average pay for a person in your community makes…. perhaps you should familiarize yourself with this and the legal ramifications, it is about to smack the FNSB in the face. And freely exposed in the upcoming pages of Free The People AK newspaper, a newspaper of record. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice to principal. You can ALL be held PERSONALLY responsible as you cannot hide behind the non-existent shield of the borough, a Private Corporation (The FNSB was incorporated on January 1, 1964 by an act of the Alaska Legislature “Section 3(a)(8) of Chapter 52 Session Laws of Alaska 1963.”- per Adena Bean), without Surety Bonding on employees, which leaves you all exposed to claim via a Court of Record, under Common Law , Trial by Jury. And if you happen to be in the borough building, perhaps stop by the Public Notice board to the left side of the elevators and see the Notice of Declaration of Alloidal title. Or also legally posted in the DNR Public Notice board. Or filed with the Land Recorders office. The game is up for those that have kept us in slavery for serving their Babylonian master, money and greed. Perhaps the “tax foreclosure sale” should be canceled until you know the law and your roles, and culpability thus opening you up to claim personally that can impact your families, just like you are affecting others.. Amen.

Definition of Alloidal via Webster’s 1828 Dictionary-
Pertaining to allodium; freehold; free of rent or service; held independence of a lord paramount; opposed to feudal.

Definition of Incorporation via Webster’s 1828 Dictionary-
Formation of a legal or political body by the union of individuals, constituting an artificial person.

Definition of Artificial via Webster’s 1828 Dictionary-
1. Made or contrived by art, or by human skill and labor, in opposition to natural;
2. Feigned, fictitious; not genuine or natural; as artificial tears.
3. Contrived with skill or art.
4. Cultivated; not indigenous; not being of spontaneous growth

Definition of government via Webster’s 1828 Dictionary-
An empire, kingdom or state; any territory over which the right of sovereignty is extended.

Love & Gratitude
christopher-michael: family ripple, living man, in the first Judicial District of Tens, on the Fairbanks North Star County, Alaska Republic.
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This is not sent for intimidation but for the knowledge of the men and (wo)men that claim to have the best intentions for the Republic/Community we love, i serve, and i call home, and yea the truth shall set you free! Please come back to your Republic.

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