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Round Five Opportunity Again

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

Who know where opportunity really comes from or can predict its future intrusion or presentations?

Perhaps yours has come right here and now. That’s if, though, if you have an interest in writing a very short story or an article, even poetry or a song. Then published, proving your ownership by copyright was governing such.

That, of course, if the editors should choose to allow you such a chance and then choose to publish you in the next edition, or future one to come along. And so, it came to me simply by picking up a free newspaper at a local convenience store. That evening I read that paper, liked its content and then called Heather, the publisher whose number was at the top of the front page. “We’ll give you a try,” I guess she said. Somehow the conversation was very fast and simple and within a day or two I put together an article, part of which I had tried to get publishes as a Letter to the Editor in the other local newspaper.

It wasn’t all that good but did get published and all was done within a week or two. By that paper, “Free the People AK.” There are thousands of kinds of opportunities of course, like the stand in line kind or the “you have to fill out the forms” challenge. Or the fifteen or more years of school demands that allow a diploma or employment opportunities.

Or you could end up in a fender bender only to then meet a person or your same interests who knows those who know the ways of achievement in your field of interest, that’s opportunity too, I guess.

I’ve lived a few years now and find I have to believe that a higher hand exists and is really in control of all, somehow. I believe I have seen real miracles in my life or have heard of or have read about such, many times over. I love to read but have now switched mostly to internet stories, documentaries or tutorials on many many different subjects. New, wonderful, amazing opportunities in history, political that is. I liked the Kennedy but only two of them who ran for office. John and Bobby and I’ll probably never forget the dark days they were taken from us, as a nation. Reagan, “well” ya. I liked Reagan too. What a special sense of humor and relaxed way of facing almost any given challenge.

John F. Kennedy stood strong and true even with a broken back and who really couldn’t enjoy his youthful yet experienced smile that could chance in an instant to a face of courage and commitment no matter the cost or danger and then accept and admit a mistake or wrong decision. And his brother Bobby too, so young it seemed then, so quiet and friendly in his ways. And fearless even though he must have known the danger that surrounded him out there in public with the violent death of his brother still recent and hard-set into his wounded mind. Yet he marched on straight onto his own senseless demise.

And so, we all live in a world crazy with opportunities, I guess you might call them that too but not good in any real way. Each of us to, eventually or even shortly, to face the possibilities of disasters, disruption, maybe monetary enrichment or finding a lifelong love such as opportunity offered me, somewhere back about forty years ago. With that, thank you lord and thank you Teresa. And thank you Heather and Chris too for allowing me such a simple paragraph in praise of my creator and my wife.

Most papers wouldn’t allow such, I’m sure, or the P.C. police would be right there to censor or dis-allow such nonsense. And so, begins my Round Five, my fifth chance that could possibly end at any time never to be re-born or perhaps re-considered again.

And so on we go where the reapers swath, sometimes, only wounds and awakens us when, soon enough to try again a new swing. But this time successful and eternal as far as actual life, its desires exist with breath. It’s been said that everyone has at least one story in them. I believe that’s true and that, probably, some of the best stories of mankind’s existence were never recorded or even maybe never spoken either.

Imagine that Nicola Tesela, the greatest of our electrical geniuses that ever lived, imagine that he hadn’t been stopped in his pursuit of static powers almost unimaginable even yet today by many of the world’s best teachers or researchers or inventors of electrical functions. We would probably fly now. Escape gravity much in the same way a honey bee does and such has been studied. As I understand it, though not necessarily related. Electricity, not produced but gathered from static resources endless in existence for as long as the sun might shine, I think. Flying saucers possible, boats that never need touch the water nor have a wake nor an air-spray, all possible, I’d suppose, had Tesela been allowed mere opportunities. And now, where to go with any of this or why?

I’m old now in self-created bad health. Though I did get a few books published, still far far beyond the days of dreaming f selling words of ideas or rhymes written and dedicated oblivions realms of mystery. Far beyond the thought of need, of any kind of recognition for any of my life’s works. Knowing not a single footprint will be cast in stone like dinosaur tracks, to last and to impress or to mystify, in my memory.

And yet recently I see my poor country’s new division progress along. Carl Marx comes to mind, Castro, Chever, Stalin or Lenin of Russia. Millions of men, women and children to then become nothing more than fertilizer in Siberia, Leningrad, Germany, France, Italy, in graves unknown both near and far away, from the creation of government of control. That offered no Bill or Rights or promises.

Death the only real final paycheck for untold and now forgotten numbers of once living human bodies and minds. And here we are again, Mrs. Clinton an admitted Marxist Socialist as I understand it, and Bernie Sanders the same I believe, another socialist. The young being led and taught professors of Democratic socialism in colleges and universities created and funded by capitalist money earned by freedoms of enterprise, energy and work.

The countries that had taken up socialism stuck with only a few institutions of study yet our professors here choosing them as examples of education possibilities. And the values of “change”. Great thinkers, many of whom have never been out of some form of school their whole lives, leading a new charge into an old hell. And then the question has to surface somewhere along the line. The biggest question of all, why? Oh, well opportunity, who is this here who would foolishly think himself able to even define such a complex word. Impossible, at least for me. But sadly, I guess for you, the opportunity to read a lunatics view.

And with that perhaps miss a real opportunity had you not wasted time on such nonsense from an old man needing a few more hundred years of thought and study and even opportunity to ever hope to achieve anything of any real value with any or all of this. But much more importantly this need reaches an end with a thank you.

Thank you, John and Bobby Kennedy, Reagan, Lincoln, Jefferson, Burnes, Service, Boo Nicols, Mickey McKnight, Grandad, mom, my lovely wife and praiseworthy children, a real proof of Teresa’s abilities as a mom. These and some many more all the way from young GI’s at Eielson A.F.B. to old men and women of this wonderful ball of earth, rock and waters. That and, of course, a god that I believe is in control of all things and able to do anything if only I could see and hear and understand true opportunity whenever it does come my way. That and the chance to meet and to know men and women who truly do understand such possibilities of problems and solutions.

P.s. perhaps the best words of all are those that remain silent and observing in reverence to a surrounding that has no totally understood nor defined beginning or ending. Oh yeah, thank you to Simon and Garfunkel, for your first of music along with hundreds of others like you. What a wonderful thing, to hear a new song, a song of opportunity. Bottom line, I guess, letter to self, shut-up Dee and listen

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