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Midwestern Which Witch 3

Written by T A.V

If I could, I would fly high above the trees on a broom

strong the wood carriage under me


Lighting strike down went that Ole’ Diamond wood

now it flies high with me above the trees


Higher Higher Midnight Sun be my light

for this Ole’ gals got to cool down

It’s way too hot let’s blow this town




Up so high

Look below land and tree, lake, rivers and slough…

Wait there that’s for me

Gravel pit full of water and people




ain’t it grand coldest deep No need to plan

clothes all dry, time to fly

Turn this broom around homeward bound


Roads are quiet

Look at me by your house

Lower than the trees Darker now

Clouds come in every window are lights on

TV screens…their shows are on!


House to house most families be sitting around

wall size TV’s some in hands


Slow down broom


By light Ole’ dad sitting in his chair

Book in hand children planted everywhere

Laughter, talking too

Mom standing at the sink doing dishes

I think

She’s smiling a grin

Family that’s a win win!


Which Witch are you

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