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Leftovers; Thanks a lot Governor Walker but didn’t Governor Wally Hickel run as in independent also?

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

When you speak or write your chosen words

I’d keep em’ short and few.

Cause you never know,

How you can tell what the waiting hoarders do?

Now I’m not talking knives and guns

Or hoarding rays and lasers.

Or bombs of powered iron and fuzz

That might belong to crazies.

I’m thinking bout’ the paperworks

That sometimes win the game.

Like when the proofs of voting booths

Help choose “who’s to blame.”

When, some hid this or one hid that

It so damned hard to figure.

While, you try to squeeze the people dry

Makes your profit big and bigger.

As hoarder digs, deeper digs,

Deep into lost box.

Ask who could know, what’s hid below

Forty mixed odd socks?

As even leaders big as Gov’s

Might find themselves in trouble

When all the people against him

By hoarder’s hoard just doubled.

So now I’ll pass this on, right now

In hopes it’s printed freely

For wifey found it yesterday

Then she, so proud, she be

So smiling as she said “here you go, see,

I still love ya Dee.”


Ps governor of rich clover

Please leave the people some leftovers

while you hug your bulging budget

Don’t just pay for Supreme Judges

Maybe, just a kid, or two

Should get a little fun from you:

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