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How COINTELPRO Infiltrated Patriot Radio

Written by Rusty Shackleford

Beginning in late 2016 and coinciding with the election of Donald Trump, a name familiar to many of our readers but unknown to most consumers of Mainstream Media hit the nightly news. Alex Jones is the most famous name in “truther” AKA conspiracy radio and he played an important part in the election of President Trump in 2016. Jones’ media operation, InfoWars (short for Information Warfare), began in 1995 with the help of his cousin Buckley Hamman. For most of its history, Infowars had a small but dedicated following of listeners from both sides of the political spectrum that questioned conventional wisdom regarding wide-ranging topics such as vaccinations, water fluoridation, and the JFK assassination.

Much of the ongoing hostilities towards conservative, pro-Trump speech on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter began as a backlash to Jones’ success in helping to launch Trump into the presidency. Given the anti-establishment, anti-government nature of conspiracy radio and its listening audience, it was almost unprecedented for such a prominent host to endorse any Republican or Democratic candidate for office. If so many things are “an inside job”, why would the candidacy of Trump be any different one could ask. Interviewing Trump on the Alex Jones Show put the future president in front of millions (2.5 million YouTube subscribers, 10-20 million radio listeners worldwide) of suspicious yet sympathetic Americans, many of whom were not even registered to vote. Bringing in so many people who had already given up on “the system” or who didn’t even believe in voting or democracy played a key role in swing states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Additionally, Jones orchestrated devastating pieces of propaganda against the Clintons and their leftist allies. Showing up at Bill Clinton speeches with “rape whistles,” interviewing Bill Clinton’s alleged illegitimate mulatto child Danny Williams, producing a “Hillary For Prison T-Shirt” as well as encouraging listeners to photobomb the press with Trump slogans. Hillary Clinton even called out Alex Jones by name in a speech against the so-called “alt-right.” Social media giants reacted by “shadowbanning” and altering search algorithms to scale back the reach of alternative media such as InfoWars.

“The Tip of the Spear”


Scripture speaks of discernment and any patriot needs to consider the following when judging the message of Alex Jones. What do we know about Jones, his family and how his allegedly self-funded operation? Jones’ parents, David Jones and Carol Hamman, were employed as C.I.A. contractors in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Jones often references how his father, a dentist, worked for and with much of the U.S. intelligence community and became interested in the message of the John Birch Society. Jones’ uncle, William Hamman, was also an intelligence agency contractor in the 1970’s. Jones’ cousin Verna Grayce Chao, an adopted Korean, currently works in the intelligence community. She and her brother Buckley Hamman grew up at a military compound in Guatemala while their parents worked throughout Latin America. This is one reason Buckley can speak native-level Spanish and has talked about “growing up in Guatemala” on the Alex Jones Show.

Who works for the Alex Jones Show? We all know that Alex loves to rant and rave but there are consistent contributors to the show and longtime staff members that make the four hour daily broadcast possible. They include: Joe Biggs (former reporter), Quentin Carter (Jones’ ex-Blackwater bodyguard), Mike Cernovich (former Pick-Up-Artist turned journalist), Mark Dice (YouTube personality), Tim Kennedy (MMA fighter), Jack Posobiec (Twitter personality/journalist) and Craig “Sawman” Sawyer (Former Navy SEAL) among other. One interesting commonality among this diverse cast of character is their military intelligence backgrounds. Jones claims on air to be “the tip of the spear.” The seal of the United States Special Operations Command is literally a tip of a spear. Coincidence?


“Deep Behind Enemy Lines”


It is well known that Jones has married twice. His new wife, (((Erika Wulff))), has a checkered past. She is listed on multiple websites such as “Sugar Nights” and “The Erotic Review” as Austin-based escort “Anja.” This is alleged one of the reasons why his ex-wife (((Kelly Nichols))) filed for divorce. Wulff was mentioned in this 2002 Voice of America about her experience in a study abroad program:


Voice of America is a COINTELPRO media outlet funded by the United States government to spread pro-US propaganda worldwide. Although many Americans are traditional, hard-working Christians, it cannot be denied that the “thug life” hedonistic culture spread by our tax dollars to other cultures on our behalf should be questioned and opposed. Although its influence diminished after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Voice of America still plays a vital roll in disseminating this type of information warfare.

Jones’ new mother-in-law, Michele Wulff, works for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. We all know the Federal Reserve System acts as an unconstitutional Money Trust and the key to our enslavement. Jones used to talk about the Federal Reserve on his show all the time but the topic is broached less frequently now.

Another classic Jones catchphrase is “Deep Behind Enemy Lines.” “Transmitting from FEMA Region VI, Deep Behind Enemy Lines in Occupied Austin, Texas…this is the Alex Jones Show” Coincidentally, United States Special Operations Forces work in foreign nations often intercepting and transmitting signals (SIGINT) from deep behind enemy lines!

“By the Numbers”


For those readers who understand the important role numerology plays in the action of the “Dark Hearts” or “Powers Who Should Not Be” who are running the show, take a look at the name Alex Jones. Alex Jones adds up to 33in full reduction Gematria.



Tangentially, we also note that both candidates in the 2016 election have surnames that add up to 33— but only after two important name changes! The surname “Clinton” adds up to 33 in full reduction numerology. However, Bill Clinton was born as William Jefferson Blythe, III. Blythe adds up to 27 in full reduction numerology and is thus not a name of esoteric importance. Had Hillary Clinton married William Blythe instead of William Clinton, her name would not add up to 33.

On the opposite side of the grand chessboard we see Trump. That name adds up to 25. This is not numerically significant. However, let us not forget that the Democratic Party and Stephen Colbert, an alleged late night comedian who moonlights as the conscience of America, informed the American people that Trump’s true Germanic last name was DRUMPF. It appears that Trump’s ancestor changed their surname to Trump upon or shortly after arriving in the United States. It just so happens that Drumpf adds up to 33.

The so-called elite do things by the numbers and they love to mock us by placing clues “in plain sight.”

“You Are the Resistance”


What does all of this mean? Simply put: the whole world is deceived. Patriots must be eternally vigilant for deception and sabotage. Much of what Alex Jones and InfoWars stand for is important and truthful. However, disinformation is always spread by telling 80% of the truth as breadcrumbs followed by 20% of nonsense that gets us off of the short and narrow path. Many truthers begin their journey down the rabbit hole with InfoWars and likewise many would-be truthers end their journey toward understanding which forces move this world with InfoWars. This is the nature of a PSYOP. Patriots are led to believe that their concerns are being addressed and that they have obtained representation in the governmental process while they are quietly reabsorbed into The Matrix.

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