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The Most Dangerous Mental Disease

Written by Bill Kendall

If you’ve been on this planet for a while and happen to be the sort of person who contemplates what is going on around you, you probably have figured out that not all is well here. That goes for your local community, your state, the nation and especially for the international arena. It seems as if there is some kind of a sinister plot underway to make life on earth a hellish nightmare for most of humankind.

Consider, for example, the United States has been at war almost continuously since the end of World War II, seventy –plus years ago. How can that be if we have the world’s most formidable and most costly military forces and are also the leading financial contributor to the United Nations which is supposedly working tirelessly to bring peace to the world. What’s wrong that prevents us from enjoying a great deal of peace over the years – you’d think anybody would want to be in a war with us. Instead we’ve ended up in conflicts longer in duration that WWI (1914-1918) and WWII (1939-1945) combined. Case in point; the Vietnam War where our involvement (with “advisors”) began in the 1950’s and really only came to an end in 1975 when the U.S. Navy was tasked with evacuating fleeing South Vietnamese as Saigon fell to the Communists. Another case in point; the “War on Terror” which has gone on from 2001 until the present. Who even comes up with a nitwit notion of waging a literal war against an emotion? Oh, I know. That was George W. Bush a.k.a. the Con-man-der in Chief, who, with his accomplices, arranged to blow up three buildings of the World Trade Center from the inside. The same guy who grounded civil aviation in the U.S. while allowing Saudi officials present in the U.S. to fly home lest they become subject to questioning. The liar who told Americans that Islam is a religion of peace.

Ask yourself how the average American benefitted from the War on Terror. Was it the opportunity to be body-scanned at the airport or the privilege of being pawed by a T.S.A. agent? Your chance to get in on the supply of opium pouring in from Afghanistan? Of course, if you happen to be a U.S. Senator or a Congressman you can be among the first to know who is going to build what for the military. If Raytheon is about to get a contract to produce another couple hundred cruise missiles at a million something per copy, you need to buy your shares before the price goes up.

If your memory goes back that far, you might recall that one of the first objects of the second war in Iraq was to remove Saddam Hussein from power. As a puppet of the U.S. installed by the C.I.A., this dictator ruled Iraq in a heavy-handed way, using his secret police to take out his enemies. He also prevented Sunnis and Shiites from slaughtering each other, Kurds or members of the then, still sizeable, Christian minority. One of the pretexts for going after Hussein was his possession of “weapons of mass destruction” (acquired from the U.S. during his war with Iran, of course). This war was conducted under the auspices of the United Nations. At the onset of the fighting several nations joined the U.S. forces but most bailed out of the insane venture in relatively short order. How do we entangle ourselves in this sort of venture and, furthermore, why was the U.N. backing a war?

With the 2008 Presidential election out the way and with the faux opposition candidate St. John the Vain returning to his Senate career, the War on Terror became Barak Obama’s tar baby. Anyone who thought the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan or Iraq would soon end with a pull out of U.S. forces soon became sorely disappointed. At first the Obama Administration’s objective appeared to be making certain that territory which had come under the control of U.S. forces by hard fighting should be allowed to slip back into the hands of fundamentalist Islamic forces.

Not only was the Obama Administration unable or unwilling to bring the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a conclusion, but by and by Obama and his Secretary of Hate, Hillary Clinton launched an additional campaign of bloodletting. The new warmongering effort became known as the Arab Spring and carried turmoil into Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain and had as its object the toppling of stable regimes so that they could fall under the rule of Islamic fundamentalists. This may seem crazy to you if your own mind is not twisted. You may recall the heroic droning (to kill by means of a drone aircraft) of a funeral procession in Yemen. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who had kept the peace with Israel for three decades and Muammar Gaddafi who had behaved himself nearly as long after President Reagan sent in a couple of carrier based F-111’s to drop a bomb in his tent in the 80’s, were both lynched by the Arab Spring mobs. The U.S. ambassador to Libya was also murdered by the mob with Obama denying the protection which the U.S. 6thFleet was ready to send. This was a cover-up of the Obama/Clinton gun-running scheme to transfer arms from Turkey to ISIS forces in Syria where the intended goal was the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad. Assad, of course, had a good record of keeping a lid on fundamentalists who would have been happy to slaughter the Christian minority just as Copts were savaged in Egypt after the toppling of Mubarak. The nut job plan for Syria may very well have succeeded except for the evil Vladimir Putin coming to the aid of Assad and telling the Obama/Clinton Wrecking Crew “NYET!” About one year after the lynching of Mubarak, the Egyptian military decided they had seen enough and did the patriotic thing. They threw the Muslim Brotherhood out on their asses and what do you know – there’s a semblance of peace in the country.

The Arab Spring came with a price. The death toll since 2011 is variously estimated at 180,000 to 210,000. About six million people were displaced by the war and turmoil. This has precipitated a further crisis, namely what to do with all these refugees. Now if you are sane, it might occur to you that these people would most logically be resettled in countries of similar culture where Arabic is the chief language or at least a lingua franca and the majority religion is Islam of the variety they adhere to already. Instead Europe has been chosen as the place to resettle (or dump) these refugees or “migrants” as they are now called. Curiously, a lot of European “leader’s”, particularly in the E.U., endorse the idea of taking in the “migrants”. Some of the first of these arrivals took the short boat ride north, flooding into Greece which is already reeling from its own financial crisis.

European proponents of policy welcoming the “migrants” are of the democratic-socialist persuasion, as you might expect. Most notable of these is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a physicist, presumably fairly bright. No such luck. She appears to be oblivious to the reality that the migrants will not assimilate into mainstream German society. The pattern is already well established. Large numbers of Turks have already come to Germany as guest workers. They tend to live in enclaves with their countrymen, attend mosque services in converted church buildings and speak enough German to get by on the job and function out in public. Their children attend German schools. You don’t need to be an Einstein to figure out how well Arabic speaking Muslims in search of social services are going to assimilate. Apparently, Frau Merkel bypassed first-semester chemistry when she attended “Oberschule” because she has no idea of what happens when you pour a liter of vinegar into a kilo of baking soda.

Merkel is in good company. Macron, the French President is also anxious to receive more of the “migrants”. Evidently he can’t image the “no-go” zones of Paris as incubators of Islam’s hatred that inspires nutcases who want to drive a truck through a crowd on a city sidewalk.

Curiously, the ranks of the migrants include a high percentage of single males of the correct age to enter military service. Perhaps all of these young bucks just can’t wait to join the German Bundeswehr so that they can help Merkel battle with the Big Bad Wolf d.b.a. Donald Trump. Surely, they are not coming with the innocent idea of establishing a caliphate that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Ocean. It’s just coincidental that swimming pools in Sweden are requiring separate men’s and women’s hours so that Islamic sensibilities will not be offended by seeing men and women in water simultaneously. Would you like another helping of Sharia Law with your breakfast?

To be continued.

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