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Round Four; Independent for the Children

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

The people of Alaska had a promise given to them by their Government somewhere over thirty years ago. That promise held true and lasted through decades with the words, “we’re saving it for future generations of Alaskans”.

It was about the PFD Dividend earnings. And so, every fall many checks came to the children, their parents, their grandparents and countless other who qualified. There was money for new phones and T.V.’s of course and yet it wasn’t decided by the State, or by a Governor where that money was to be spent.

Many an electric bill, I’m sure, was paid up in the Interior while I hear some of the big guys at GVEA are paid more than the President of the United States in salary. That being said maybe some of those greedy buzzards at GVEA should consider the fact that the President has a whole nation to draw on for his paycheck and probably has far greater responsibilities and concerns infinitely above the problems of an outage or which power source pays GVEA the best returns.

It’s now come to the people here that electricity can cost more than taxes or groceries or fuel or mandatory insurance. Money was spent also, by Alaskans, on such items too, a lot of money, millions in fact. Then things got tight for the state. The people had elected an “Independent” Governor too. Unfortunately for us, in my opinion. So, he Governor Bill Walker, decided he was better able to decide how to spend PFD earnings. So, with the help of Democrats and the Alaska Supreme Court he did just that with a very large percentage of PFD earnings. Leaving Alaskans short on that October’s PFD dividend checks.

Now I hear this same Governor wants to be just another Democrat. In the next election. It makes sense, look at the millions he was able to acquire with their help. Look at the votes they might be able to buy with untold millions that once would have belonged to Alaskan men, women and children.


Think about it.


Most of the real voters probably work for, or profit from, the State of Alaska in one way or another. And the military, they vote but truth is I don’t think they really have the time to pay a whole lot of attention to State issues when Federal laws and actions rule their lives and hold the power to even demand life or limb in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea and so on. Many probably don’t even know today of the losses they and their families have seen due to State decisions made under Independent Governor Walker and hisDemocrats, apparently.

My four sons and two daughters have grown up in Alaska, at least for thirty years now. My grandchildren, many of them were born in Alaska and live here still. So, I believe I have a right to question all of it.

As potholes and expansion cracks continue to destroy our vehicles alignments and front ends such as shocks and struts, it looks like Governor Walker didn’t even manage to seize enough to fix the roads. That must mean he needs more PFD earnings or principal just to do the maintenance that previous Government somehow managed to fix or at least start before the first of July, for years before Governor Walkers term of “service”.

The big pickups and SUV’s probably don’t convey the road conditions anyway with their new designs and abilities. And so, on it goes as those who serve the Governor’s meals and make his beds on his many travels, those who fuel his aircraft or deliver food and supplies that he enjoys, or work to provide his electricity and phone services, so it goes that he would find a way to take away part of their real and expected incomes.

So anyway, I have a request for Governor Walker no matter under what Democrat Socialist banner he chooses to embrace. There are now countless millions of dollars for him to spend, isn’t there? More to come to him this October too, as I hear it.

Guttenberg, Kawasaki and Wool enabled that, is what I’ve been told, voted for it! That means stacks of hundred dollar bills probably as long as both legs and arms of the biggest thief locked up anywhere in the State of Alaska, I’d imagine.


With so much money comes the ability to buy opportunity.


The opportunity for theft and deception of every sort imaginable. History has proven judges, legislators and governors can be bought for the right price and then the people denied any sort of justice or fair and even review or relief. So, I here offer a campaign slogan to anyone wanting to run for the office of Governor of Alaska, that I believe could help to win an election. As an Alaskan, man or woman, promise to examine publicly all spending done with the seized PFD earnings, and publish it no matter what the cost. Promise to prosecute, with executive powers, any and all who would manage to get their hands on any of it. Show how, when, and who acquired those earnings. Make a public note of it. If UAF needs forty-thousand new
organic toilets, or if the Daily NewsMiner needs paid for a sudden increase of State funded publications other than proof of where PFD earnings are being spent then make a note of it, publicly. If legislators suddenly get bonuses or extra travel expense money, publicize all of it for any Alaskan to read at will, make it easily available.

Run for office with this as your number one priority and promise, I’ll vote for you though I’d probably have to cut off my voting finger, if you convince me you will, Governor Walker, and you are a democrat, so that I never might do such a stupid thing again in my left-over days of life. As the State of Alaska become rich again, and I believe it will because of the acts and actions of the honorable President Donald J. Trump. I say hopefully the government might consider remembering my grandchildren, who bailed the state out of its foolish spending practices and the losses accrued there.

Promise, when able to repay then at least in full and with interest. Make those who said, for years “for the children” while taking from the children, remember their words and deeds and honor a long held and working promise make in all Alaskans interest.

Stand up candidate, if you’ve got the courage, the integrity and the honesty to really care about every Alaskan as some before said they did but didn’t do.

In all fairness, some Alaskan parents are young and have infant children now, so it should be considered too that perhaps they somehow be on the list of reparations, at least those of childhood ages, as I see it. A tough one, of course, but then it looks to me like Alaska Supreme Court Judges can be bought. If not then why didn’t ours requite themselves from a decision that could have affected their pay and benefits? Maybe a class action lawsuit needs considered by the people of the state of Alaska.



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