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Does the CIA/FBI deserve your respect?

Written by Douglas Yates

In the wake of President Trump’s meeting with Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, the America’s mainstream media is working overtime to cast it in negative terms. Why so much strutting and fretting; why threatening hyperbole over developing friendly relations with a major power?


Critics of Trump’s overtures span a spectrum from “treasonous” to “kowtowing”.  Still feeling the pain of Hillary’s loss, every media pundit in range of a microphone or keyboard let fly.


Cloistered in a bubble of approved news and analysis, the experts and much of the public do not remember history. While the mainstream press praises the FBI, CIA, and NSA for selfless defense of home and hearth, history paints a radically different picture.


Based on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, memos and reports written by FBI, CIA, and NSA are the rope that hangs them. The paper trail can be traced to the 1975 Church Committee. Sen. Frank Church, a Democrat from Idaho, exposed the CIA’s illegalities in startling detail. An Internet search provides accounts of  ‘plausible deniability’ in reference to false-flag episodes and the likely loss of American lives.


Operation Northwoods was hatched in the final years of the Eisenhower administration and cancelled by JFK. It was a joint CIA/Pentagon proposal to usurp control of Cuba. The plan called for clandestine terrorism against civilian and military targets. The plan called for blaming the violence on Castro.  News accounts would inflame passions and justify a war against Cuba.


Operation Paperclip was a deep state undertaking in the aftermath of Germany’s surrender in 1945. Under the aegis of U.S. military intelligence, Nazi scientists and doctors were identified as high-value personnel. Thousands were secretly brought to the U.S. (President Truman opposed the project; it went around him.) Given new identities, and placed in research institutions or black-budget projects, the former Nazis became leaders in America’s weapons-of-mass-destruction programs.


The most famous of the Paperclip boys was Werhner von Braun. His expertise in designing and building V-2 rockets aimed at London was turned toward guidance systems for the U.S. space program.


The CIA is the foreign legion for the banking industry. In 1953, the popularly elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, was deposed by a US/UK led coup. Why? Mosaddegh had requested an audit of Iran’s oil field operations. Working on contract, oil production was overseen by companies located in the United Kingdom. Mosaddegh’s desire for transparency ran afoul of the status quo. Operation Ajax, led by Kermit Roosevelt (Teddy’s grandson) replaced him with the Shah. For the next 25 years, the coddled monarchy permitted Western bankers to dictate the price Iran’s major resources.


Operation Mocking Bird was a secret CIA project intended to influence American public opinion. According to records and mea culpas, it was active from the early sixties until 1976. Reporters and journalists were recruited, trained, controlled, and placed in major news markets across the country. The CIA effectively created American media accounts to push certain agendas. CIA memos of the day boast that every television network, magazine, radio station, and major newspaper were ready to pump out CIA lies as needed.


Today, the CIA swears the program was shut down. Along with tooth fairies and the Easter rabbit.


COINTELPRO was a series of FBI harass-and-surveillance operations that ran for decades. Targets included peace activists, nuns, priests, artists, greenies, and political groups. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Lenny Bruce are among many Americans whose lives were smeared by rumor, discredited by lies and infiltration. The director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, a cross-dressing authoritarian who secretly lived with a man, spiced his life by destroying others.


MKULTRA was a CIA program aimed at exploring the edges of humanity. The experiments were depraved. It ran for more than 20 years, ending in 1973, we are told. Uniformly brutal and unethical, the episodes included dosing unknowing soldiers and civilians with LSD; mass hypnosis trials; extremes of torture; and using sexual abuse to develop altered personalities. However, the full story remains unknown. The director of the CIA, feeling the weight of complicity, one might suppose, destroyed all MKULTRA records in 1973.


With the foregoing as prologue, it’s a short hop to the next connection – the Iraq War. The full force of the deep state (CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, ONI, et al.) was used to stampede Americans, and the world, into a war of aggression based on lies. The president lied; everyone in his cabinet lied; foreign minsters lied. The news media repeated the lies (rattling a stick in a swill bucket) that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


The lies cost 1,000,000 Iraqis their lives. But the bankers in London and New York City made out like bandits. Wars require cash, lots of it. Bankers loan to both sides and collect interest on each end. Politicians, weapons makers, and journalists: Everyone gets a cut, a bonus, a kickback. Sweet lies. It’s a racket.


So President Trump’s suspicions about the intelligence community are justified. As the rest of the story unfolds, we will likely learn the FBI/CIA, working with Hillary, used spy craft to subvert Trump’s campaign. When that failed, the deep state turned up the volume, claiming that Putin colluded with Trump to win the election. Evidence suggests collusion exists. However, it was organized by the deep state to promote Hillary’s election. Desperate to avoid the truth, Hillary and the deep state are smearing Russia for their crimes.



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