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Witch Which is it?

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If I could I would, “Fly on a broom.”

And what would I see looking down on Alaska?

Which I can tell ya would be a lot. Take for instance the BOOM was coming

Once was a Gold rush Now is a green rush.

Flying high out into the cash winds.

The little green nuggets, seeds that grow tall in midnight sun.

Buds that bloom in to the cash that flows.

Sooooo Let’s see how this pan’s out.

Maybe it’s the New fool’s gold




If I could I fly again, on Broom High in the sky.

No engine sounds to be heard only the whoosh of the wind, fly by.

Looking down from above seeing gravel, gravel everywhere!

Some have trucks that haul the load. Some trailers abode.

Whoosh fly across the town the big machines can’t be found, “yards all empty” Look to the office you are told stand outside in a line.

Which you seem to do most of your time!?

No trucks now, sorry pal maybe some other time.

Need the job. Time to think?

Pail and bucket it will do now the time to hire a shovel crew.

$ cash in hand, pay them well that’s the plan.

CASH NOT CARDS Got the job done.




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