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Earthquakes in Nation’s Capital?   Ask Q

Written by Douglas Yates

There’s an unsettling tremor rattling the status quo in Washington, D.C. An insider in President Trump’s team is dropping breadcrumbs on the Internet. The insider signs his messages with a “Q”. According to federal security designations, Q is reserved for upper level, highly compartmentalized information.


Q’s messages began to appear in late October last year on an anonymous message board called 4Chan. Much of Q’s early traffic was devoted to verifying his proximity to the president. Photographs, reportedly from the Oval Office, Air Force One, and other locations, were offered as evidence of a close connection to Trump.


Further verification of Q’s insider claims connects to messages being later repeated by President Trump’s twitter feed.  During speeches and rallies, the president’s phrases and references match earlier Q posts. Q’s true identity remains a mystery.


To those schooled in recognizing a psychological operation, the Q meme fits the definition. While at pains to present data in a lawful manner – national security issues are at stake – Q dances a fine line by posing riddles and asking questions. It’s a sort of Socratic method, a way of exposing a structure hidden in plain sight.


Psychological operations (psych-ops) have been the CIA’s primary tactic, including violence, to covertly influence the population of a foreign nation. The history of the Central Intelligence Agency provides readers with dozens of operations intended to shift public opinion toward favored outcomes.


The beneficiaries usually involve multi-national banks, heavy machinery companies, and security operations. Local citizens are usually saddled with decades of foreign debt and expropriation of natural resources.


Many people do not believe the CIA supports the best interests of America. It’s vast black budget, private armies, and data collection is renown. The agency’s excesses were investigated by the 1975 Church Committee hearings and more recently by reporters Seymor Hersh and Jeremy Scahill.


Q’s narrative implicates mainstream media platforms: the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and others as mouthpieces for the CIA. Q’s exposures appear to be a counter attack against the mainstream media’s prevailing message: Trump is a scourge and must be removed. Trump disputes the negative charges and has personally challenged the New York Times to stop printing lies.


Q’s narrative points an accusing finger at deep state operators, people with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. They include Republicans and Democrats but most of Q’s animus is reserved for Bill and Hillary and their close advisors.


The assertion is that, over decades, the Clintons built a network of graft and extortion (play for play) that netted them billions of dollars while abusing the public trust. Using color-of-law to shield abuse of power, the Clintons conspired with both Bushes and Obama to expand a criminal enterprise that spans the globe.


The illegal and treasonous activities include: Money laundering; guns for drugs; charity fraud; assassination; election interference; and national security breaches.


When confronted with a horrible truth, most people initially deny it as they work to assimilate the new reality. Denial is a natural shielding response. Q’s messages acknowledge that the period of adjustment and acceptance will challenge many people.  However, Q asserts that freedom and liberty is constrained in climate of lies and deception. Transparency is required if freedom and liberty are valued.


Here is direct access to Q’s posts:



In response to Q, YouTube hosts a handful of Q decoders. Q often uses military jargon and acronyms that require parsing. The decoders analyze the posts for common consumption.


Here’s several that deserve mention:

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Seymour Hersh:



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