Global Warming; Myth or Reality

Written by Bill Kendall


Is “global warming” really going on and, if so how much warming is attributable to human activities and how much is the result of natural causes?

The answers to these questions are at best difficult to ascertain because of the myriad data inputs required to arrive at honest conclusion. We would do well to remember that both human activities and natural cause tend to be variable rather than constants.

For example, more heating oil will be consumed in a colder-than-usual Fairbanks winter. A hotter-than-usual Tucson summer will lead to more use of electricity to power air conditioners. An economic recession will reduce business related air travel and thus reduce the consumption of aero-fuels. The same recession will cut into the number of families taking a summer vacation in the family car. They will opt to remain close to home to spend less on gas.

Ever changing commodity prices will influence your local electric utility to alter its mix of generation methods, e.g., more coal, less natural gas or vice versa. In like manner, government subsidies can alter the utilitiys choice of generation method. Suppose Uncle Sugar will pay 58% of the cost to build a wind farm if a utility supplies 38% of its annual electricity output by wind power. Electric co-op members in Hog Flatulence, Iowa may really go for that especially when they figure out that they can add a battery bank to use the wind farm in reverse, like a system of mega fans to blow the stench out of town on calm days. On the other hand, blue bloods on Cape Cod may say NMBY, the wind farm spoils the view from the cockpit of a 32-foot yawl. Besides, sailboats are so wind-powered pare. Until you figure in the pollution from the auxiliary Won Mo Pop three-cylinder Chinese marine diesel that brought the yawl back to its slip once the wind died down.

That’s significant, you say. What’s important is to get the air pollution data for all the automobiles running to and from all over planet Earth; that’s one hell of a major source of greenhouse gases. That information you argue, is easy to get from the E.P.A. and the manufacturers can be forced by law to supply data for all the models they produce. Right? Remember the Volkswagen scandal? Fudged testing data. Garbage in, garbage out. You want air pollution data from China and India, about 1/3 of the world’s population? Good luck. Those two nations are exempted from the provisions of climate treaties, why should they give a rip about collecting data on greenhouse gas emissions. It’s perfectly logical, the worst polluters should be free to skate as they please. Let’s suppose that we wanted to collect, in a similar fashion, air pollution data on all the world’s aircraft in order to calculate their impact on global warming. For the sake of argument, let’s say we get complete, truthful data on every commercial airline, every big jet and every general aviation aircraft down to the last ultralight powered by a Rotax. Even those nasty Russians supply honest data on Aeroflop. Every drop of Jet A, Jet B, av-gas, bio-diesel and distillate of bunny turds is accounted for. Now we need the same straight poop on military aviation: every air force, naval air arm and home defense squadron. Let’s say we get that info. Even ting Tonga reports that they flew 13 missions in a 1939 Piper J-3 Cub armed with a second-hand Minolta SLR. The J-3 Cub armed consumed 169 liters of av-gas. (The Tongans were just making sure that the Falkland Islanders had no plans for territorial expansion from one ocean away.)

Would you trust any data coming from the U.S. military branches? How about the paramilitary ops of the C.I.A.? These are the bastards who used a fake airline called “Air America” to fly drags from the “Golden Triangle” to the U.S. during the Viet-Nam War. Similar operation were going on during the Nicaraguan civil war but using small planes and private pilots to carry cocaine to the U.S. (the Mena, Arkansas airport). Now we have an opioid crisis in the U.S. at the same time as Afghanistan has risen to become the producer of about 90% of the world supply of opium, with U.S. troops guarding the poppy fields. I wonder if the stuff comes the U.S. by way of yak back, Disneyland pedal boats or C-17 cargo planes, I couldn’t even get the Fairbanks International Airport F.A.A. air traffic control to acknowledge that they have Air Force C-17’s flying in the air space they are presumably looking at on their radar screens. Good luck trying to get any truthful info on greenhouse gases from the U.S. military. Have you ever watched the take-off of a C-130 Hercules? They appear to be fueled by setting a match to a pile of oily rags.

Natural phenomena are credited with altering the Earth’s climate for longer than Ford F-150’s have roamed the highways of North America. An enormous asteroid crashing into the ocean floor off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is said to be responsible for causing a temporary climate change so severe that dinosaurs ceased to roam the Earth. Barney Flintstone was pissed- all he got out of the deal, after his nerves calmed, was a giant crater that he couldn’t see unless he went to sea in a glass bottom boat. The boat didn’t do much for his nerves either. He didn’t have much of a mind for marine architecture. Look at his family car. Would you go to sea in this guy’s glass bottom boat? Built of solid rock?

You weren’t as lucky as Barney. Recently a giant hemorrhoid narrowly missed Auke Bay, crashed into the Governor’s Mansion in downtown Juneau and proceeded to eat half of everyone’s Permanent Fund dividend check. The people of Alaska who aren’t on the State payroll got so hot that a 6.173 degrees Celsius temperature increase occurred statewide. This temporary climate change is over and done with now except for a handful of Alaska who read Sky and Telescope. Night after night they freeze their butts off, standing on their decks staring into the ocular of their 8-inch reflector telescopes keeping watch for the Coming of the Second Hemorrhoid who want to take the other half of their PFD check. So far all they’ve seen is a sky shrouded in fake overcast which mysteriously appears after an Air Force C-17 flies by to geo-engineer the atmosphere. (In case you haven’t noticed, God didn’t engineer the Universe all that well so the heroes of the Air Force NOAA and the National Weather Service are busy fixing it for him).

Not only can an unexpected asteroid or hemorrhoid ruin your day, best imagine how you’d feel if a belching volcano popped up in the ocean barely off shore of your island. This happened to the people of Iceland in 1962/1963. Wouldn’t’ you just know it, the Icelanders made the mistake of parking their main island in a flow away zone called the Rekjannes {Ra kyan es} Ridge on the Atlantic Ocean floor. At this location, two tectonic plates are pushing up and away from each other at the bottom of the ocean. The volcano popped up in between these two tectonic plates. The Icelanders quit arguing about who caught which cod and watched in amazement as their volcano rose out of the ocean, growing larger by the minute, spewing, ash steam and rock fragments. As I recall, this went on for several days. After a few days, it became obvious that the thing was done growing. The Icelanders went back to fishing cod.

In 1980, I witnessed two of the four eruptions of Mount St. Helens from a distance of 50 miles, I missed the first one which blew out one side of that volcano and reduced the height to about three quarters of the original. The ash from the first eruption travelled mostly into eastern Washington state and the Idaho panhandle, lesser amounts carried further east. In the last two or three hundred years I can think of at least one volcano with an eruption that put out enough ash to deprive the planet of so much sunlight that it caused massive worldwide agricultural failure, that is to say a temporary global cooling. The volcano to truly fear in North America is the Yellowstone Caldera which according to geologists is overdue for an eruption. Seismic activity there reminds us that it has the potential to devastate North America.

The North American continent has been both colder and warmer in fairly recent geologic history. Around the year 1000 A.D., the Vikings had a successful agricultural experiment going on in Greenland. Then it got colder so that agriculture became futile. We know that there were once huge inch sheets in the Great Lakes region which first receded and then melted away altogether leaving us the lakes. Terminal moraines show us the greatest extent of this glaciation, far south of the southern shores of the present-day Great Lakes.

In Alaska, we see evidence that we are experiencing an ongoing warming trend of the natural sort, i.e., coming out of the last ice age. Glaciers are, for the most part, receding; moose populations are expanding north, the latitudinal Tree Line is moving north, as well, permafrost is thawing. To the extent that this is natural activity and of a scope that is, largely beyond our ability to control anyway, we might as well turn our attention and efforts to human-caused problems such as air pollution including that which might distort global climate. Sensible people can agree that we should take care not to fowl our own nest.

As I have already suggested, we need good scientific information to guide policy on dealing with “global warming” if it is the danger it has been made out to be. Unfortunately, we find that not only is the task of getting truthful scientific information formidable, but those entrusted with gathering that information have shown that they are not trustworthy. A case in point would be climate researchers at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. Hackers broke in- to the research and discovered that temperature records for cities around the world were being fudged. More recently I heard a feature called Just the Facts, one KIAM radio out of Nenana, by a David Rothford. Two Australian scientists had been caught fudging data to show rising sea levels in the Indian Ocean. When I was still in high school The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich had us believing that the planets’ population was doomed to famine if we added another billion to the four point something on Earth already. He didn’t foresee the “Green Revolution”. Inventing “facts” is not real science.

Also troubling is the way that “Global Warming,” as an agenda, is driven by individual who are enriching themselves at the expense of those whom they regard as lesser beings who need to make do with less. Put on this list Al Gorbachovwho likes 21 room mansions and Mikail Gore who moved to San Francisco trading his paltry dictator income in the Soviet Union for the more lucrative living that he could make as a San Francisco based environmentalist “leader.” I could put more trust in what they have to say if they arrived at the next climate conference in Brussels in worn-out hiking boots instead of arriving on their personal Learjet or Gulfstream II.

Do you suppose some of us are getting a little weary of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf And Lined His Pockets While He Was At It”?


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