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Letter to the Editor

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck



Years ago, the Governor of Alaska worked to create a “permanent fund.” Now a Governor takes it away in part from the people of Alaska who were promised a yearly part of its earnings. These Democrats, as I read it, have now been able to take much more of it.

Gutenberg, Kawasaki and Wool, I believe, wasn’t it?

It was said over and over, “we are saving it for future generations of Alaskans.” We brought our six kids to Alaska almost 30 years ago. The youngest was about six weeks old at the time. Those kids have grown up and now have lives outside of Alaska. We now have grandchildren some who were born in Alaska and still live here.  So much for agreements made by the State of Alaska, and for the upholding of any agreement made to and for the residents of Alaska, by the present government, I’d say.

Apparently, this present government believes itself better suited a deciding how P.F.D. earning should be spent, like on their paychecks and health insurance and retirement so they take back a long-held promise proven reasonable fair over the years. The Governor even involved judges. Of course, they would agree not to cut their own benefits and pay should the state become unable to pay them. “For the children.” Such nice words to use as you take money from the children. The Democrats have become professional thieves, as I see it. Just looks at the Clintons and at the net worth of almost any Democrat, who served in office, net worth before and after. I look for Gutenberg, Kawasaki and Wool to become very wealthy sometime in either the near or the far future. So I ask anyone and everyone to long remember their names along with the name Bill Walker. I sigh in disgust and hope to live long enough to see Mr. and Mrs. Clinton locked in the same jails where other thieves must go when convicted.


Dee Robert Lunbeck

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