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Second Round

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

When all else fails you go to the people with your arguments so that’s what I attempt, in the most simplistic of ways, to do here.

The following letter I had tried to get published in “Letters to the Editor” here in Interior Alaska.

I also hand delivered that same letter to the office of the Governor of Alaska, the honorable Bill Walker, in the Fairbanks location off of Cushman Street, requesting that it be allowed as public opinion.

Both to no affect apparently, so far, as no answer received. This really isn’t all about the nobody me though.

It’s about the First Amendment of The Constitution of America, as I see it. If we, any of us, are to be censored out of existence in our various opinions then the very existence of our American Government is endangered, I would think.

Noe of us know it all, our Founding Fathers came close though, I believe, at least in the creation of a government. Look at these United States, few want to escape America and many want to escape too America. In the last few hundred years our prosperity is unmatched as was our physical wealth too for many generations.

With that First Amendment we have the right to believe in “religion” as we so choose, don’t we?

Some countries deny the very existence of a creator and some don’t I guess. Some, you choose their version or you die, that simple.

Meanwhile our country’s laws said, it’s yours to choose and government has no legal right to interfere with that choice. By way of our First Amendment. So, I choose here first to thank my creator as I have the right to do. We are called a “democracy” by many. We are not a democracy but a Representive (we elect our representatives to represent us) Republic, aren’t we? True democracy is only mob rule, I think. Such gives whomever controls the mob total power in that it’s up to them to choose the issues, their definitions, their reasons for existence and so on, in my opinion.

The various news entities seem to take it a step farther and call it’s “our democracy” and I’d say there is a reason for such. On the national level, they did own it all, I’d say, or damn close to it. They chose our candidates and, in part, our representatives for many years, I believe. To me that would explain the Clintons power and almost unstoppable advance men and women were destroyed at will it seemed, those in opposition to the given narrative.

Chose the wrong side and expect opinion to run against you, guided and enabled by “news.” The Russians have a word for it, “Propaganda” and such has no right to imagine itself anything even close to real “news,” or real “opinion.”

Present both sides of an issue fairly and then let the people decide how to judge or vote on it including choosing their “representatives.” So now, almost suddenly, I see I have already lost much of those First Amendment Rights, both locally and nationally as I weigh and see it.

As they hear, in the locality, our own military fly over our heads in practice and preparation for that which all should hope will never come along, meaning war and mayhem and suffering and death for some. Do they really listen?

I have to wonder, as they hear such, those who choose so lightly who gets to have a voice, are they really that ready to give it all up after two hundred years of it’s proven value, those freedoms. I mean, disown them all?  Please, show me the great thinkers and writers, of our age, to justify such. Men like Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Jay and so on. Where is the winning argument for socialist governments? Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, are they all there is to offer that we, as a nation, should give it all up? Where are their proofs of its inherent good, I would ask? Look at its history, a history of blood, suffering, loss, darkness, fear, suppression and brutality. Yet we have those, like Mrs. Bill Clinton who openly admit to being Marxist Socialist Democrats, as I understand it.

Not so many years ago big names from Hollywood told us to look to Venezuela and see the great good of Socialism there. And so, it did look good for a while. Now though they eat gods and try to find a way to escape their own country even though their potential wealth remains the same. What really changed it all I’d wonder? I’d say it’s simple and can be defined with just one word…Incentive.

You take away a man’s incentive to work and he’ll quit working hard then. Only enough to survive, I’d guess. If his labor or produce or products gives him nothing more than his neighbor gets who refused to work, then why try to achieve anything. You can offer “work incentives” but everyone knows how that eventually pans out. Just look close at our own “civil service” and you’ll see how it really is.

But moving on to using Freedom of Speech in protest, here’s some of my own. I used to like watching a good football fame, especially on a winter weekend day, relaxed, probably a beer or two at hand along with a sack of my favorite version of chips and so on. Not anymore. I’m done with it all including a certain brand of chips. And another of a certain beer which choses to support footballs time as a form of protest against this great country. Some, overpaid and spoiled men shoes to disrespect not only the United States of America but also generations of soldiers and members of my own family.

They decided themselves that their protest was more important than the fact that most of us stood, bowed our heads and put our hands over our hearts in memory of those denied such pleasures as Freedom offers. Those countless million and countable few of our own families, who suffered and died creating and giving and sustaining our many many blessing s of rights and governance and law.

These players are not important beyond playing a game. It is the service given by our fellow countrymen, probably even including some members of their own families, that matters. The football players didn’t create those freedoms nor do I see any point where any of them have guarded or contributed to such. They have and deserve no ownership of those few moments of quiet and respectful honor, memory and dedication. I won’t forget it, it’s too important. I won’t watch football again unless something radically changes.

Like making men millionaires while they drink freedom down out of golden bowls sloping it over and dribbling their greedy, selfish and disrespectful chins while spitting on the graves that start at Arlington and end at the far reaches of this whole world. Graves of Americans who earned and preserved the rights such as Freedom of Speech.

Football decided that their rights, the players, stood above our national recognition of our lost members of our won families too. Count me out forever and don’t try to sell me anymore beer and chips or anything else which supports the players by putting them above America, it’s value, it’s contributions to mankind in many proven good acts, over the years and its very existence. Owners you should have stopped the anthem right then, booted them out of the stadium forever and then returned to that time-honored tradition, no matter the consequences, including another civil war, if need be that we too stand up and remember and honor this country or else choose to give it all away or trade if for some new Marxist Socialist Democracy. I stand too with President Trump on his decision about the last Super Bowl winners. They slap our Presidents face with their 80-man protest, just more good reason for me to watch hockey or car races or golf, anything else but “news” of course.

Please support Free Speech as best as you can, especially those in the military or who have served because you work to preserve our law and its values. I sincerely thank you for that service.

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