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Hidden Histories: Black Pyramid of Alaska What a RICH World we are in

Written by Christopher Ripple

            We walk through life with wonder, some of us more and some of us much less.  With the ‘designed’ insanity of life it is no wonder we do not have the ‘time’ to explore and learn our deeper roots of history, uncover the structures that lead us through time and social experiences and our real stories and paths that we should be learning from, alas, this is not so in todays controlled societies. Those who know not their histories are forced to relive it, good or bad, controlled or free.  One such discovery was exposed here in Alaska.


Nome far upper left; then Unalakleet on eastern edge of Norton Sound; then purple circle with white pyramid at the latitude

and longitude west of Mt. McKinley (red circle) where retired Navy Captain reported finding a “square” anomaly in the

landscape that could be the site of a large underground pyramid.


On May 22, 1992, China tested the largest nuke of the time, underground at Lop Nor. This gave Seismologists in Alaska, and the world, the forewarning to ready and perform a common practice called crustal studies which measure the reverberations through the mantle. This reverberation led to the discovery of the Black Pyramid of Alaska. The following are three separate occurrences involving the cover-up of the Alaska Pyramid.

Bruce L. Pearson,

CEO, Broadcastvenue.com, Clinton, New Jersey

His family had lived in Unalakleetfor generations:” My father relayed to me where he had been talking to these (U. S. Air Force) guys, who came in to fuel up on their way out of Unalakleet on a parts delivery mission. I guess they hit it off and the pilot said to my father, ‘Look, you aren’t scheduled, but I’ve got a slot if you want to take a ride out with us and then come on back.

My dad assumed that he was going on this flight with them to an (early warning) DEW line installation. But when they got in the chopper, the pilot said, ‘No, this is not a DEW line, this is some weird installation. My dad asked, ‘What do you mean weird? And the pilot said, ‘Well, it’s underground.’Then the co-pilot spoke up and said, ‘This is some power-generating facility that is underground.’

My dad asked, ‘What? Is it a nuclear power plant?’

The pilot said, ‘No, it’s not nuclear. It’s nothing we built. It’s thousands of years old. It’s cut stone like a pyramid and it’s 150 feet below ground and they can’t figure out what the hell it is!’

Then the pilot said, ‘This is all off the record. I’m not even supposed to know this, but I was told that this thing can put out enough power to power the whole North Slope, the whole state of Alaska, and this thing could power the entire country of Canada! That’s how much juice it puts out and they don’t have a clue where it came from and it’s underground!’

They had three aluminum or stainless steel-looking cases similar to Pelican cases [for TV and film production]. My dad said they were beautiful cases – they were all machined!



 A retired Navy Captain who chose to remain unnamed, that was stationed in Alaska had heard the interview and had contacted the interviewer Linda Moulton Howe, here is his letter:

Retired U. S. Navy Captain: ”This location is near the western boundary of the Denali National Park; @ 150mi west of Talkeetna, the nearest large settlement; and some 230 mi from both Anchorage and Fairbanks. Therefore, it is not logical to assume that there would be any type of agriculture or timber operations in this area that would create any type of straight lines or rectangular shapes of fields or forests.

What is even a little more interesting is that I measured the dimensions of the square that is visible. The length each of the 4 side equals @ 1510 Ft. The interesting thing about this dimension is that it is exactly twice the length of the sides of the Great Pyramid at Gisa, which are 755 Ft on a side. The coincidence is interesting to say the least. This would make this square anomaly on the surface 4x the area of the base of the Great Pyramid which at least is consistent with your witness who said the underground pyramid that was supposedly identified during the May 22, 1992, Chinese underground test was much larger than the Great Pyramid at Giza.

I have tried to measure the orientation of the anomaly and it appears as if the NE side is oriented to 330°/150° to true North. I don’t know if there is any relevance to this number. However, in checking out the Magnetic Declination for the area 63°N 152W° the current declination is some 18°East which means the magnetic compass direction today of this line would be close to 312°. Looking at the historic records that go back to 1900, magnetic declination was closer to 29°E which is significantly higher. This range in declination is due to the relatively close proximity of this location to the magnetic north pole whose position relative to true north varies greatly. It is not inconceivable that in the distant past the magnetic declination was a very high westerly reading which means that the magnetic compass heading could have approached 360°N, indicating that whatever might be causing the square anomaly could have been built pointing to the magnetic north pole at the time it was created. More likely however is that if there is a structure below the surface it was probably oriented to some astronomical feature such as a specific star.

One additional feature that I found interesting was looking at the elevation of the anomaly moving along the various sides. If you go to Google and place lines outlining the four sides of the anomaly, and right click the line and select the elevation feature, you will see an elevation plot of the line. When you move the line in the elevation drawing an arrow will detail your transit down the selected line. If you do this with the NE-NW boundary, the SE-NE boundary and the NE to SW diagonal, you will see a very distinct vertical sheer that exists in the NE corner of the square. The vertical sheer is from 6ft to 9ft located some 300ft from the NE corner down both sides and 400 feet down the NE-SW diagonal. The sheer face appears to create a vertical wall perpendicular to both the SE-NE side and the NE-NW side of the anomaly. I don’t know if there is any significance to these sheer walls, but they don’t exist at any other point on the anomaly which is relatively flat across its full dimension.

I hope this information is of interest to you. I would be curious to see if anyone else has identified this anomaly or if you believe it bears further investigation.

Best regards,

MW, Professional Engineer



Douglas Alan Mutschler CW2

Commissioned Warrant Officer, Counterintelligence

U.S. Armystationed in Alaska 1992

            I’m out-processing in 1992 – it was in late November to early December – and I’m sitting there in the Orderly Room with about 40 other people and we were waiting for the last formation of the day. We’re watching the TV (Channel 13), a news program, when they started talking about this Chinese detonation of an underground nuclear bomb that was set off earlier that year (May 22, 1992, at 1 AM EDT)., and then something about a pyramid being discovered in Alaska as a result.

            I went home and got a recorder and set it up – but I couldn’t find the story! I called home to my dad, a TV news hound, in the lower 48. He religiously watched the morning, noon, evening and 11 o’clock news, yet he had heard nothing about it. I mean this was a big story, (A pyramid) bigger than the one in Egypt! And it’s not being covered in the lower 48. It seemed as if there was some block on the story getting into the lower 48 or perhaps the story had only been picked up only by the local channel 13 station in Anchorage. That’s the only thing I could come up at the time. The next day I went to the TV station and asked the general manager if I could get a copy of that story. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: asking the general manager for the pyramid story
General Manager – What story? We didn’t run no story about no pyramid.
Me: Sure you did. (laughs) There were 40 of us watching it

General Manager- denied the story ever ran

I was just perplexed. Knowing what I know, I thought to myself, someone got to this guy (General Manager) he’s covering it up.

As I left a technician was standing there staring at me so I asked if he could help me. The technician said, ‘Man, we ran that, but I can’t get it for you. It’s gone. I can’t help you, but it ran.’



            Many of us have firsthand knowledge that the “corporations” we refer to as “government” keep secrets and not for our benefit.  We must continue to shed light on these mysteries that ARE our history. This history tells where we came from to where we are going and truly what our power is…. but alas, we have been fooled and enslaved.  But, the time of Revelations is here!

Revelations definition- The act of revealing or disclosing.  We are awakening and we shall overcome the darkness by shining a light on it, putting our focus and attention on it and willing it to light.

            To find out What Happened and read the full interviews, hear the interviews and view the images please visit the featuring website www.earthfiles.com, with Love & Gratitude.


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