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First Round

Written by Dee R. Lunbeck

One publication wouldn’t print my letters so now, given the chance, I guess I’m going to try here.

A local issue to start with.

Transfer site closes 4 June 2018 to 3 August, 2018 for expensive, un-needed and inexcusable renovation at North Pole.

One point two million dollars, I hear, that’s what it costs us. Plus, the contractor gets all salvage and gravel, if I’m correct here. More than a few hundred thousand dollars’ worth I suppose, if torn down, reconstructed and sold as an industrial shop.

So, we’re talking more than a million dollars of our property taxes, wasted as I see it, I hear this assembly-woman who presented this action, when asked why, she just said, because it’s not like the other main sites – or to that effect.

So, we lose over transfer sits for two months and now have to haul all to Badger Road site as per installed signs. I can’t help but wonder if maybe some other reasons are hidden in all of this un-necessary delay and expense.

The Borough has tried many times to eliminate most recycling at the transfer sites by dumpster divers. I’ve been one for at least fifteen years mostly salvaging pallets for firewood and metals such as copper, brass and aluminum to sell. There were some years when steel and cast iron had a good value so I collected that as much and as fast as I could. The reason I’m telling you this, and I had tried to get the other publication to publish it, is that divers get all the blame for everything that happens out there and in many ways, probably justified.

This is true too though when they accuse us of being the reason for the high cost of waste management they always seem to forget or ignore some facts about what else we do. We recycle, of course, and many overlook some of our bad acts or habits partly because of that and I’ve went and have talked to many like that.

But here’s something else that I think few consider. I wonder, how many does it cost to process just one ton of waste from, say, North Pole?

To load it, haul it to town, spread and compact it there, then bail gravel out of the river to use to cap it at those times, needed to ready landfill for a new lift of waste, probably a fulltime job and expense. We collectively, have taken hundreds of tons out of the waste cycle over the years. I believe that true. We probably hauled and saved the North Star Borough millions of dollars in that work and effort, I would respectfully imagine.

Just a fair shake, that’s part of what I asked the first publication to publish. In a period of less that a year I tried to get three different letters to the editor published there. I hand delivered all of them to the office staff and the front desk and believe some of those people would remember that for reason not mentioned here. It makes me wonder.

How many other men, or women, are denied freedom of speech?

And so a simple local issue in ways represents a national issue too.

I have been denied on Facebook or unpublished would be a better description. Also on “comments” on Laura Ingram’s that too on Sean Hannity. And so, as countless millions believe and repeat,
“The second Amendment is the most important of all.” Not so, I’d say.

The founding fathers understood that, I believe or they would have made the Second Amendment the first. I’ll try and make it as simple as I can here. What’s the best way to win a war? Destroy or limit your enemy’s communication, think about it.

Say I learned some government agency was zooming to seize all firearms next week. Without some ability to inform friends and neighbors all would be powerless to join and meet at the first residence that such would begin at. And so, I find now, at sixty-seven years of age, my freedom of speech has already been limited even to the point of almost total loss in that it seems that anything I write that does not fit the new socialist Marxist agenda will not be published. And so, a new chance came along. I picked up a copy of a relatively new local independent newspaper at Tesoro, I believe it was. I called the publisher that weekend. She was very courteous and offered to feature my article. With that, please do all in your power to support this small spark of resistance before you too come to realize that you have almost lost what countless American citizens have given all to create, preserve and defend of that which freedom and liberty is really all about, the Freedom of Speech.

Hopefully there will be others who, unlike agenda driven publications, in my opinion, would limit or destroy what our government is really all about. There is much more to say, I believe, and I would encourage any and all of whom are concerned to speak out no matter the consequences or risk.

With that I close this first attempt at writing an “article” for a “newspaper” except of course for Letters to the Editor that go unheard, unpublished, and blatantly ignored.

Signed Dee R. Lunbeck


P.S. I came across an old copy of one of those un-published and un-acknowledged Letters to the Editor. It probably was too long, I don’t remember counting now though. The other two definitely weren’t. There have been others over the years, some published some not published but I do remember getting short notes like “to many words to qualify “when a letter wasn’t published years ago. I do want to add this here too. If only one side of given issues are all that will be published on the “opinion” page such a word as “opinion” does not apply there, propaganda page would much better describe such, in my opinion.

Also, the good lord saw how national news had been taken over by certain entities or locals, as I see it, and then gave us Matt Drudge and others too who have evened some of that out with their works. I had hoped to see some of the same locally and now believe that such has come along with this new publication, so again I’d ask any who might appreciate it that they do all in their power to help Free The People AK in their efforts at providing an open and fair publication. Later – As I come to find out I have more time before publication and I want now to add more to this.

Another thing I had proposed in my last Letter to the Editor was that FNSB has drawn a line around us here in the North Pole area. It is called the “non-attainment” area as I understand it. Smoke control area I believe. What I’m asking the people to do who vote and live within that boundary start, set up, and sign a petition to secede from the North Star Borough. I won’t be able to elaborate on all the reasons, possible problems here but will try to address some.

First, no more property taxes to be thrown at garbage. None at all in fact, to start with. The main problems, of course. Schools, waste disposal, land management or mis-management I guess, and I’m sure other real problems to deal with. Most will immediately say impossible and ridiculous to even consider seriously I’d imagine. Yet still we have that power, as Americans. Citizens to petition and to choose or chance our existing government. The military carries a lot in any of our elections because of not only their numbers here but also their sense of duty both on and off their field of service. This would stand to save thousands of dollars if secession happened to be achieved, in property taxes. Some, who rent, say I don’t worry about it because I don’t pay property tax. They do though as a landlord is not going to absorb that cost so it is applied in the rent.

If we wanted schools, and we do, there would have to be a new tax of some sort but I’m sure it could be far less than the FNSB chooses to need for its support. Waste disposal too, of course would need addressed first. Things like ambulance service not so much, I’d say. Even an emergency ride to town, sitting up without treatment costs over $1000 dollars, I hear, so no really big loss there. It is not an overnight solution and could never be that, such a radical and far-reaching chance. If the people would weigh it, discuss it and give it some very serious thought I believe a surprising number would have interest in such.

Even if only ten signatures suddenly showed up at Borough Chambers or an interested person came to an assembly meeting openly discussing it at least the message would come through. We’ve had about enough out here in the North Pole area, enough radical smoke and stove control enough interference and cost for waste management and so on. Freedom of Speech, it’s time for me, if I’m still allowed that great gift left to me as an inheritance by countless heroes both on and off the battlefields history of The United States of America.

If you feel so inclined, please speak out too. With or against me and my simple ideas or take on the days and events that now pass by. I hope to hand out a few of these papers because, most importantly, here is a publisher willing to do that, present both sides of an issue and publish things that they don’t necessarily or always agree with.

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Dee R. Lunbeck


  • on and on it goes with our governments spending, spending, spending…….maybe all your local transfer station needs is some fresh paint………all these local issues do represent a national issue. Common sense is “OUT” when it comes to spending tax payer dollars. You wouldn’t even think we’re $3 Trillion in debt. Thank you for giving us a voice and for Dee Lunbeck to speak out on behalf of FREEDOM for all of us.

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