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An American-Style Putsch

Written by Bill Kendall

In the Summer of 1969, my two younger brothers, my mother and I travelled to what was then called West Germany or, more properly, the Federal Republic of Germany. Est Germany, a.k.a. the German Democratic Republic, lay behind the “Iron Curtain”. West Berlin, composed of the French, British and American sectors of the former German capital, following World War II, stood encircled by communist East Germany in those days. We travelled to Germany to visit my grandparents on my mother’s side. They lived in a small city called Marktredwitz in the state of Bavaria in the Federal Republic about twelve kilometers west of the Czech border. This was our second visit to the grandparents, two years after the first. I was sixteen and this time came equipped with three years of high school German. Studying a foreign language by the way, is an excellent way to get a sideways education in the culture, history and current events in societies other than one’s own.

On the occasion of our first visit, I rode my bike to the Czech border. Before reaching the place where the border crossed the highway, I diverted into the surrounding forest and soon found a clearing where an idled bulldozer stood. I also found concrete border markers with the indented letter B R D for Bundes-Republik-Deutschland and something else on the opposite side for Czechs – Slovakia the exact translation of which I didn’t have time to decipher. After taking a quick look around and seeing no soldiers, Border guards or cameras atop tall poles, I stuck one foot through the “Iron Curtain,” set it down in communist controlled territory and then got the hell out of there. My grandfather had warned me that the Czech authorities would create a bureaucratic nightmare for me, if they caught me without proper paperwork, so I was not going to press my luck too far. Opa, in his mid-forties had been drafted into the Wehrmacht as the war began to go very badly for the Third Reich. After capture, he served four years in a Russian P.O.W. camp before being reunited with his wife and daughter in Bavaria. My mother described him at that time as like a bag of water, the result of years on a potato soup diet. I tended to trust Opa’s advice regarding the Czech authorities.

This time my grandparents had a surprise waiting for me upon arrival – a job. On day two of vacation, I was taken to the personnel office of a porcelain factory to fill out an employment application. That out of the way, I was led to a foreman, was shown how to do my first task, and went to work wrapping individual pieces of what made up a dinner set using a paper like newsprint. The wrapped pieces were then stuffed into a corrugated cardboard box. The object was to get the pieces packed tightly, lest they move and strike one another during shipment, and the package arrive with breakage. As I recall, I would set the filled box on a conveyor and another person down the line would make a perfunctory check to see if the work had been done correctly and then seal the box for shipment. Apparently, the foreman and his superiors were pleased with my work. They soon had me packing more valuable pieces such as teapots with delicate spouts.

The job didn’t allow much time for playing tourist bot on the weekend my mother would decide that we ought to go this or that place so that my brothers and I could experience something of German culture. One time we went to Nurnberg (which I only knew of as the site of the 1948 War Crime Trials) and I got to see one of the outstanding examples of cathedral architecture, the Frauenkirche (women’s church), which featured a pair of tall side by side spires. If memory serves me correctly, it was in this city that we encountered a huge pile of bricks that extended out onto the sidewalk ar the site of another church which had been damaged by Allied bombing about a quarter century earlier. The brides were being cleaned up for reuse in the reconstruction. You couldn’t help but become aware of what had happened because you needed to dodge the pile of loose brick by walking near the curbing. This brought home the reality of World War II in a poignant way.

On another occasion, we drove to Munchen (Munich) which was to be the site of the 1972 Olympics. As we neared the big city, I noticed a sign for an exit along the Autobahn for a town on the outskirts; Dachau. I remembered Dachau as the site of a W.W.II. – era concentration camp. Walking around in downtown Munchen was made more difficult by excations for the “U – Bahn”, the underground rail system under construction for the ’72 Games. The excavations were surrounded by chain – link fencing lest people fall in accidentally and many cut into the sidewalk space so that you needed to step down to the paved street to get by.

Later that day we parked near a large public square. I remember the afternoon as being fairly sunny, rather warm and what the Germans call “schwul”, that is, humid. Tall, stately trees lined the sidewalk and their lush foliage mitigated the heat and humidity. The square was paved in cobblestone and I wanted to get over to the building on the other side. It would be cool on the inside and I had my heart set on holding in my hands a one liter stein of the finest brew in the world. Like any self-respecting Bavarian, I was going to drink that down and savor every last drop. The multi-storied building was famous, of course. It was called the Hofbrauhaus and there was even a beer- drinking song about it with a refrain which would translate something like this:

“In Munich there is a Hofbrauhaus

Where many a good man has shown

How much he is able to withstand


The restrooms featured plumbing fixtures designed to accommodate those that needed to perform operation #3, or at least that was what I thought the long troughlike fixtures were for.


Before I reached this landmark, that is, partway across the cobblestones, I noticed street signs bearing the name of the square: “Nationalsozialismus Platz”. This was the place where, in 1922, an Austrian World War I veteran and a cadre of like-minded men attempted a “Putsch”, a coup d’etat intended to put their newly formed political party in power by force. The war veteran’s name was Adolf Hitler and for his efforts he gained a prison term. During his imprisonment Hitler wrote his manifesto “Mein Kampf”.

In 1933 Adolf Hitler, won election as the savior who would 1.) restore Germany’s economy in the wake of the Weimar Republic’s hyper-inflation, 2.) restore Germany’s honor after the humiliation of having to cede territory, pay retributions and let the size of it its military be dictated by foreign powers 3.) restore order in the streets where communists were rioting.

I used to wonder how the Germans could have been so stupid as to elect Hitler a demagogue, a charlatan, a warmonger. If they could have known how he would turn Germany into a starving people in a land reduced to rubble and ashes, wouldn’t they have rejected this candidate? Hell, for conducting the “Putsch”, wouldn’t they have executed the son of a bitch straightaway instead of sending him to prison for a few years? Think of the millions of lives that would have been saved whether of Jews, other minorities and dissidents murdered in concentration camps or of military men of all the countries fighting in the Second World War, including Germany.

Thankfully, we Americans wouldn’t allow that to happen in our country. Right?

WRONG! Look at what we’ve tolerated for most of the last three decades. Our MISleaders have kept us embroiled in an unending series of wars which we were sucking into under false pretenses. We’ve put up with ever-increasing spying on the general public by the surveillance state”, the gathering of the industrial sector of our economy, a doubling of the cost our health care in the name of getting everyone provided for in a national health insurance scheme. We’ve put up with an army of demagogues, from Presidents on down through Congress who divide us by race-hustling and inciting class-envy while their economic policies lower our individual standard of living and bankrupt the nation as a whole. That’s right Maude, the national debt now works out to just under $70,000 per man, woman and Child. Do the math, that would buy a family of four an average house even at the current ridiculous-sounding inflated prices.

Don’t become too smug in imaging that our American society is so different from German society in the 1920’s and 30’s or that our political system is so different in its operation. No, we don’t have an official propaganda minister like Josef Gobbels, we get our propaganda by way of mainstream newspaper and broadcasting.

The unification of both Germany and Italy into modern nation states dates to about 1870. Otto von Bismarck, who became the first Chancellor of the German Empire in 1871, saw public education as a means for shaping the minds of children to meet the needs of the state. The idea didn’t originate with him, of course having already been promoted by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto (1848) The idea was fully appreciated and utilized by Hitler. American public schools (K through 12 grades) are used the same way. Back in the late 1980’s I picked up a quarterly edition of “N.E.A. Today”, the magazine of the National Education Association. After thumbing through, I discovered, toward the last pages, a detailed list with the unions stand on all sorts of issues. The N.E.A. was pro-abortion, pro-gay, anti-gun, anti-Contra, as to the civil war in Nicaragua (favoring the Communist Daniel Ortega) and so forth. You don’t think our children are getting brainwashed at school?

At least we haven’t had a beer-hall “Putsch,” a coup d’état here in the United States. Right? No disgruntled General has arrived in front of the White House with obsolete tanks and dilapidated armored personnel carriers to ready to throw a track on the way to overthrowing a duly-elected President. That’s just for “banana republics” in Central America. You’re so right. We do it with the highest ranked shyster attorneys in the new Amerika, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his fellow travelers in the upper echelons of the F.B.I. This “Putsch” by lawyers has been going on for a year and a half, an attempt to trap Donald Trump in a super-colossal cobweb of endless “legal” maneuvers aimed at showing that he committed a fantasy crime, i.e. colluding with the Russians to prevent Hillary Clinton’s election as President.

This is the same F.B.I. that can’t find a crime in Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Debbie Wassermann-Schultz to screw Bernie Sanders out of a win in the Demonic Party’s primary race. Me thinks the Clintard has been projecting her own criminal mentality on Trump. Bernie Sanders has been careful not to pursue the matter because he doesn’t want to be found face down in Fort Marcy Park with a pistol in one hand and a gaping hole in the back of his head.

Again, the same F.B.I turning over every leaf and stone to find Trump’s “Russian collusion” is also the F.B.I that can’t intervene in time to prevent a mass school shooting by a suspect that they’ve been surveilling for months on end. Likewise with Operation Fast and Furious, the scheme to legally purchased firearms (i.e. from licensed gun shops) into the hands of drug cartels. They can’t find a suspect, can’t even find a crime. To understand Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the F.B.I., remember back a ways. In her husband’s Administration, by some mysterious miracle, she ended up with some 500 F.B.I files in her hands and couldn’t remember how they got there. Let’s see. There are 435 Congressman plus three reps from Washington, D.C. and 100 Senators. If you wanted to control votes… or find campaign funding, wouldn’t it be a neat trick to know the dirt the F.B.I. has collected on them? Just thinking, that’s all.

How will the Putsch against Trump end? When? Sometimes it seems as though Mueller et al must be running low on scum. It’s summertime in D.C. and it gets hot there. Who knows what’s blooming on the sewage lagoon. Perhaps Monsanto has come up with a bio-engineered slimemold which double in size every 24 hours if it is nourished by an environment devoid of truth.

One thing you can bet on. Win, lose or draw with Trump, when the Deep State regains power, it won’t risk losing it to an outsider again. Both the Demonic Party and the Redundant Party (which is largely indistinguishable from its one-time opposition) are both anti Trump. This is not hard to figure out. Trump is not a Globalist (yet, at least) and not on board with the New World Order agenda. That’s why he’s hated, he’s interrupted their plan to put the United States under the thumb of world government which will not recognize the sovereignty of our nation on the traditional God-given rights of its people.

We are living in evil times, people.

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