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Thoughts on “Modern” Relationships

Written by Rusty Shackleford

A recent comment about “enforced monogamy” by the pseudo-intellectual Jordan B. Peterson got me thinking. For thousands of years societies around the world have encouraged men and young women to get married, pair bond and establish a family. The family unit grounded in the Christian tradition is the cornerstone of Western Civilization.

This is no longer the case. In 1963, the 45 Goals of Communism were read into the Congressional Record. The 40thgoal states: “Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.” Any open-minded reader who reviews these 45 goals will realize that they are not the pipedream of Bernie Sanders but rather a concise description of the reality in present day America. Even so-called conservative presidents and politicians were and are onboard with the divorce industrial complex. The first no-fault divorce law was passed in California by none other than Governor Ronald Reagan in 1969.

Many Baby Boomers understand the disastrous nature of our country’s anti-male divorce and family courts. Through personal experience or vicariously through friends and family, we can all experience what its like to have your house, kids and wealth stolen from you so that Susan can feed your child buckets of ice cream, drop them off at the baby sitter and go dancing with the guy she met at Starbucks. Men are encouraged to “man up” and make outrageous alimony payments that leave them with enough cash to live in a crack house and eat ramen noodles three times a day. On the flip side, alimony payments are tax-free and often abused by women who almost always have full custody of children who need a male presence in their lives.

The result of telling women for half a century that they can have it all (a husband who looks like Brad Pitt, a six-figure corporate salary and two well-behaved children raised by another woman) is tragic to behold. Women who spend most of their twenties casually dating and working on useless university degrees are not going to start a family at age 35. It is bewildering to behold the amount of Mainstream Media brainwashing aimed at telling women between the ages of 18-30 that they have plenty of time and that family is not important. Genetics shows us that throughout history most women, unlike many men, have almost always reproduced in their lifetimes. Men are much more likely to go through life and die without starting a family. More importantly, the biology of a man allows him to life a content life regardless of reproductive behavior. The myth of the lonely old man is simply not true. We are not seeing millions of old, childless, single men marching down Pennsylvania Avenue with disgusting hats on their heads. The childless women over 30 are the unhappy ones and they want everyone to hear their roar.

The technology revolution of smartphones and dating apps has unleashed female hypergamy, the instinctual desire of women to date (and trade up) high status males. Women can now order casual sex just as easily and discretely as ordering Domino’s pizza. Women want to date up and so online dating generally speaking follows the Pareto Principle that 20% of the people are getting 80% of the action. Men are much more egalitarian when it comes to dating and, having a more active libido, will often date down. In such a hookup culture, many women will have the chance to “date” a very attractive man but almost none will be able to solidify any commitment from someone like Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake. These encounters are like hits of LSD to a woman’s mind. Each new partner leaves a huge impression on the woman, distorts her sense of reality and dulls the experience of everyday life. When a woman is finally forced to settle with a man of perceivably lesser status than the others, things will not end well.

Jordan Peterson, despite his many flaws, is right. As monogamy is replaced with hypergamy, we will devolve into a civilization similar to the tribes of Africa. For monogamy to work it must be the socially expected and enforced norm. This is not the case in America anymore. Even older men (married or not dating) should recognize that these upset and damaged women are going to come after something they love such as freedom of speech, guns or antique cars. It does not matter that you married your high school sweetheart or that you’ve never emotionally hurt a woman. They are mad at society and men in general and they want you to suffer like they do. The disastrous consequences of “modern dating” have already begun and they are going to get much worse.

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