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Heard Around Town

Written by Guest Contributor

Mary and Mike are citizens of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. These are their questions and they are the dedicated citizens searching for answers.


Dear Governor Walker,

We were promised $15.00 gas. Where is it? Please find it, and contact the Interior Gas Utility quickly. We heard they are looking for gas hard to meet the goal you promised.


Dear AIDEA Board Members,

Why is the community paying so much for Fairbanks Natural Gas and Pentex? Mike and I want to know how you can justify the price, given what the community gets for that much money.

Why are so many things secret? We wanted to know more about the parts of the sale we are buying, like how much is each truck worth, and how many are we buying? We wanted to know all about the plant that makes the gas and what kind of shape its in. We were told a report was done and paid for with public money, but that we weren’t allowed to see it. Why is that?


Dear Mayors and other Community leaders,
How do you know this project is good for lower cost energy and for our community at large? Have you seen the project reports that are “top secret”?


Dear Governor Walker, AIDEA Board members, IGU Board Members and GVEA,

Why do we have the dirtiest air in the nation? I have asthma, and Mike has had irregular heart beat since the air pollution got worse. Our daughter is pregnant and we are worried about the health of our grandbaby. Are you working together to clean up our air quickly? We have gas, solar, wind, and geoheat. We need all the ways to help us afford to live and live better. Is everyone doing everything they can to help us?

Yours truly, until next time, Mary and Mike


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