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Farmer’s Life

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By Lilly Penn

Once there lived a farmer named Josephine. She was 18 and her parents had died, so she lived with her 4 younger siblings, her older sister Linn, Linn’s husband George, and Josephine’s boyfriend Arthur.

One day, she was outside waiting for the third and fourth oldest to leave with Linn to the market to get some more seeds to plant. She was waiting because she wanted to ride her horse in secret. She liked to ride her horse to the nearby stream where she collected rocks that were smooth. She collected them to put them on her mother’s and father’s grave that were also near the stream where we buried them together so that they would never be too far apart. Well she was riding through the woods she saw a beautiful blue bird with a little small beak singing the most beautiful song. So, soft in sound, she sang while being perched on a small branch a few feet away from her. She stopped abruptly making sure that she didn’t startle the small blue bird.

Once she got to the stream she wet her feet then started to look for a rock. When she found a really smooth one she rode to the graves and kneeled on them and her blue eyes filled up with tears as she started to cry. She had missed her mother and father dreadfully. She missed it when her mother helped her cook and do her chores, but her parents were old and started to become sick it was just a matter of time before they died. She started to ride home, her eyes still filled with sorrow as she sobbed on the horses back. On her way back, she took a mere glimpse at the tree the bird was on and the bird wasn’t there but she just rode on. While she was riding she hoped that her boyfriend and younger siblings were still fast asleep so that they didn’t see her on her horse. When she got home she saw that they were asleep so she put her horse in the barn, fed it a few apples and carrots then went to check on the chicken coop.

Once she got to the coop she saw a small red fox with white tips on his tail and paws and dark black eyes holding a chicken in his sharp, white jaws. She ran and banged on the fence to scare the fox away. The fox ran in fear with his tail between his legs. Josephine looked around a saw a hole in the gate. She quickly repaired it with a few pieces of string and sticks. When it was done it was as good as new. Josephine picked up the dead chicken and plucked it to make a good lunch for her two youngest siblings, her boyfriend Arthur, and her.

While she was waiting she went back to the coop with a basket to collect the eggs and finish her chores for the afternoon. Then she made sure there were no more foxes in any of the coops.

After all her chores were done she went inside to wake up the two little kids and found her boyfriend sitting on the couch with a small dog in his hand. He then stood up and gave it to her. After she named the dog Pix, she woke up the kids and fed them the chicken after she cut it up in very small pieces so that they didn’t choke on it when they ate it. When all that was done everyone came home and ate the rest of the chicken with a few eggs, Josephine told my sister and her husband George about the fox and the gate needing to be replaced, she told Josephine that she will have the boys fix the gate with the right tool instead of rope. She thanked her then went to check on the babies again to make sure they didn’t make a mess. They were fine so she sat down to knit a little pot holder for her sister when she cooks dinner, breakfast and lunch for their family.

When she was done with the pot holder she saw the sun not too far away from setting. She could see this because the sky was turning purple and orange with a little pinch of pink. Some days she got so bored that she wished she was still in school so that she didn’t have to sit around all day doing nothing fun at all. The only thing that is fun to her is to ride her horse in the morning but even that had to stop when her older siblings came home. Josephine had to ride her horse in secret because she was a girl and it was unnatural to everyone else. Josephine always woke up as early as her sister so that she could watch the little kids. Josephine had a few chores too. She had to feed the animals in the morning and at night she also had to make breakfast and lunch for everyone her sister made dinner and collected eggs and made sure all the animals were accounted for, those were all her chores.

Since the sun was setting Josephine decided to quickly do her chores. She brought her dog outside then sat on the fence post and watched the sun set and the sky turned black and become full of stars, she sat herself on the ground then laid down and looked for shapes in the stars like she did every single night since her parents had died.

As soon as she got inside her sister there made some beef with corn for dinner that night. Everyone ate all their supper and talked a little. She put the little ones to bed then not too long after she went to bed in her small room made with wood, she made her bed then she hopped in and Pix hopped in with her and they closed her eyes and slowly dozed off into a deep slumber in her small bed in her small room, in her small house, on their big farm, waiting to do the same thing the next day.


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