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Fairbanks Four Fight for PFD

Written by Heather Penn

People who are incarcerated have their PFDs seized by the state, but what happens if a conviction is vacated, overturned, or reversed like in the case of the Fairbanks Four? Currently, nothing—the State of Alaska does not return the PFD to those Alaskans. HB 127 would change that.

HB 127 would pay back the permanent fund dividends for the years that a person was incarcerated before their conviction was overturned. The bill has passed the House but has been stuck in the Senate State Affairs Committee, chaired by Sena- tor Kevin Meyer, for over a year without a single hearing.

Some joined the ACLU of Alaska and Native Movement on Saturday April 21, in Golden Heart Park to call on Senators to ensure justice is achieved and wrongfully-convicted Alas- kans (like the Fairbanks Four) receive the payments they are entitled to. It’s time to pass HB 127. It’s time to #ReturnPFDs-toExonerees


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