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“There is some real discussion about the Use of the Mary Siah issue as a misguided Siah-Op to keep the annual meeting from being an overturn of GVEA management for rolling out of 5g & Smart-Meter technology,
to one of Community Vs. Borough which can be dismissed later…. but at the cost of expos- ing the corruption underbelly to a gaining community movement that wants to see the Borough disbanded and essential services revert back to Fairbanks City. They are in a losing battle and have pulled out the stops to cover their ILLEGAL and community enslav- ing social engineering attempts by the NGO brought into our community (also illegally by Luke Hopkins) known as ICLEI, or by their bet- ter known name, United Nations, and is not only Federally Illegal, but State and City scale Illegal…. This was covered in the last edition of Free The People AK newspaper…. I really sug- gest reading one without reservations…….. Our Borough is a corporation that enslaves our children by debt, funnels money and steals Land.”

~Posted on Craigslist May 6, 2018 under Fairbanks Community.

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