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SB-91 A Reverse Cinderella Story

Written by Heather Penn

Once upon a time, our town had order. If a criminal were caught doing a crime they were arrested, prosecuted and sent up the river. There was an order that worked, an order understood by both the business owner and the criminal.  But somehow that order has reversed. That reversal has a name and it is called SB-91. Call it corruption, call it lack of policing, call it what you want but the truth is that the shift in power is and has been happening for much too long. The power now lies with the criminals whilst the business owners fend for themselves.


We start with one small local downtown business that has had their fair share of corruption seep in. It started in 2017, though this isn’t the first case of injustice against this local  business owner. In fact this business owner has spent much of her own money trying to fight the corruption that has infiltrated our town. But for her there is hope, That hope appeared in her store back in the Spring of 2017. A retired Chief of Police from the lower 48 had arrived at her store looking to shop. Devastated after the untimely death of his wife from cancer, the man was looking for a new start with his sons. He found that new start in the form of a spry woman in her 90’s, crying in the corner, broken and distraught over the thievery laid upon her by an ex-employee. The ex-employee had been illegally selling guns to an active duty police officer and though she had followed protocol by reporting the crimes nothing ever became of the case and her calls were never returned. Her cries had gone unheard and justice remained but a unicorn.


But then there was that hope. The man and his son came to work for the woman. They tried to protect her from any further abuse or thievery.  Sadly, even with reinforcements the bad still found its way in. That bad is called Rachel, another ex-employee, her crime theft (among others), her sentence…. freedom. You see Rachel is a habitual offender. Though her record is full of convictions her time behind bars paying for those crimes is stark, one could even say non-existent. Her conviction sentences can be measured not in years but in mere hours.


Rachel had been stealing merchandise, including guns from inside the women’s store and taking what she had stolen and pawning it at stores around town. The man, well versed in this tactic and determined to not let this little old woman be victimized once again, followed the stolen merchandise and recovered most of it. When all was said and done Rachel was arrested and acquired two felonies. She was released less than a week later with a new mission. That mission included her son, harassment and several more arrests. When the man was hired to work for the older woman his son came on board as well.  The man’s son had worked with Rachel and was the one who alerted his father to the missing merchandise. It was for this reason that the man’s son became a target in Rachel’s eyes, to her he was nothing more that a snitch that needed to pay.


Rachel’s revenge began by sicking her son on the man’s son. Rachel’s son repeatedly harassed the man’s son going so far as pulling a gun on him as he drove down Goldstream Road. The man’s son said he had been driving along when he noticed a car pull up beside him. He hadn’t see the car in his rearview as the car was driving without lights. The man’s son looked over to see a gun aimed at his face. He immediately sped up and the pursing car did too. They maintained this potential death dance, with the gun always in full view, until someone coming in the opposite direction scared the pursuers off.  The man’s son called his father who immediately called police. A search ensued but to no avail. After repeated attempts at putting fear in the man’s son, Rachel’s son was ultimately arrested and somehow magically has remained in jail. But his arrest brought no relief, as Rachel continued where her boy left off.


Rachel’s harassment led to repeat arrests. One lasting less than 12 hours and another less than 24 hours. With each charge she was given a new “conditions of release,” which she immediately violated upon release. Today Rachel is free but with a catch. She now has a taxpayer paid babysitter to watch her every move. Who is this babysitter paid by us the taxpayer, why its the police department of course. That’s right not only do the cops have to handle the rampant crime running amok in our communities but they also get the duty task of babysitting for those who can’t follow the rules. Wait isn’t that what jail is for? This babysitter is required anytime Rachel or some other offender who doesn’t play by the rules, calls and says I am going out. The cop then ensures, as long as she is out, that his charge is not off breaking the law.


Rachel like many criminals  has spent much time on the police radar yet when it come to locking her up their hands are tired. Once the police drop them at the station it is the judicial system that ensures these repeat offenders do the time they earned but instead the judicial system says, these criminals are fine let them go, why should they have a consequence for doing something wrong, instead let’s have the homeowners, business owners and the rest of the community continue to be victimized. The longer we let this SB-91 rule supreme and the judicial system go without accountability the more brazen and out of control these criminals become. Leaving us all like the man’s son, scared, without recourse, a casualty in this corrupt system. The cinderella story of the American Dream now belongs to the criminals.






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