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Public Notice

Written by Christopher Ripple

Full and Final Notice of Claim
TO: Karl Kassel Mayor of the Company acting as the FNSB, a second-class borough within Alaska State

FROM: Christopher Ripple, living on the Land of Alaska, not CHRISTOPHER M RIPPLE the misidentified Situs Trust.

Under UCC law as enacted/snuck in by the Eerie Railroad suit of 1938, the operations of corporations/companies fall under the UCC codification of law, therefore MAXXIM of Law which states “those that do not dispute, admits” which is the sameasaTacitagreement,andisonlyafalseagreementthroughnefariousness. But,ingoodfaithasapartofmycommunityI answered your charge of tax thievery before the ‘date’ (April 20,2018) you were trying to steal my Land under devious plot known as ‘Lot and Block’ Legalese overlay deception, which means trying to move/steal chain of title, which is ILLEGAL and notice is hereby made of the illegality. And as the UCC law also states, not knowing the law is not an excuse, I will therefore give notice to ALL involved in FNSB to be operating without knowledge of law in a fashion that EXACTLY fits why the Title 18: USCS- 1961: RICO law was enacted and IS enforceable. NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRICIPAL, NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT.

On April 20th, 2018, in the Alaska State, city of Fairbanks, I, Chris Ripple, did hereby state in the most Public and ‘legal’ recording source available to us, the Land Recorders office, did hereby give OFFICIAL NOTICE as of the filed documentation which you are free to make a copy of and read, but nonetheless, is LEGAL NOTICE of response. I OWE you nothing. I made no contract with you, knowingly or willingly, which is base requirement you CANNOT prove in an open contract forum, and that is the LAW. I am not arguing amount as it is illegal period. This is my CLAIM. This is in line with UCC and Common law.

Documents on File with Public Land Recorder:

  • 2017-019219-0 Replacement Deed of Private Property
  • Apostilled Birth Certificate showing Live Birth and American Nationality
  • Certificate of Assumed Name
  • Act of Expatriation
  • Acknowledgment, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance

    Also on file with the State is the guaranteed letter of Homestead Patent No 13311, issued on MY Land which was bought for the sum of $7,500.00 on January 27th, 1994, and is conveyed with chain of Title of Ownership, meaning I am the rightful title holder of this Land.

    President Trump on November 20th, 2017, has signed the EXECUTIVE ORDER to seriously take on “Severe Human Rights Abuse and Corruption” which represents the same criminality being abused by the FNSB; and, I specify, are liable for these charges at minimum under USCS Law;

  • Title 18: USCS- 1001 & 1002: Fictional Communications
  • Title 18: USCS- 1692 Fraud & Misleading Statements
  • Title 15: USCS- 78-ff: Penalty $25,000,000
  • Title 42: USCS- 1985-1: Conspiracy Civil
  • Title 18: USCS- 1961: RICO
  • Title 18: USCS- 241: Criminal- Conspiracy= Tort
  • Title 18: USCS- 3: Criminal-Participation-Knowledge

    Notice has ALREADY once been served to FNSB as a Cease and Desist order on or around November 2017 and it has not been taken seriously, therefore I make it plainly stated, that any further forced attacks upon me, my character, or my private property will be met with Legal Claims made against the Men and Women directly acting as FNSB employees, as well as the Borough itself. People acting against the law are accountable and not protected from remediation of Claims brought against them directly, and NOT an expense that can be passed to the community through FNSB supplied representation. Whether the Mayor or the lowest paid Secretary, ALL are Accountable. FNSB does not hold Surety Bonds on employees. FNSB is bankrupt. Morally and literally. And we are aware of the shell game. Stealing from your community in no way Serves it.

    Case Law: “Taxpayers are not (De Jure) State Citizens.” Belmont V. Town of Gulfport, 122 So.10.

    signed April 2018 Chris Ripple Autograph Without Prejudice UCC 1-308Public No

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