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They Don’t Need Guns, They’ll Just Fight Us With Our Kids

Take a walk into your son’s or daughter’s room and look at them while they sleep, they’re angels who we live for and who we’d die for.

Remember when they were born or adopted and that moment that took your breath away, you knew, your life would never be the same again. Our children are why we lose sleep and work so hard to make sure they have that roof over their head, the food on the table, the braces in their mouth, and the care when they’re sick. Parenthood is the greatest gift on earth! This is our perspective of our family.


What’s their perspective? How do our kids see us? Well, prepare for pain, maybe. Presently, (especially if the parents are deeply involved in the life of their kids and they have trained them their beliefs and have established a deep relationship with them), the kids may still love and trust their mommies and daddies. They may want to follow in their ideas and even pass them along. BUT, if the parents aren’t training their children their beliefs or if they don’t have fabulous communication with them and that unbreakable relationship, WATCH OUT, because they’re being trained to destroy everything that has been fought for. Today’s children are being exploited by the public schools to go against all that we take for granted in America and that is freedom, AND brace yourself, they’re also being trained to be killers, even of their own parents. The system has figured out that they don’t need to get guns and bombs to fight us, all they need to do is quietly brainwash the kids while they’re parents are busy doing other things other than paying attention to what’s going on.


Did you know that the Fairbanks School District is pouring the joys of murdering children and adults down the interior kids’ throats in some schools? How you ask? Because they are teaching them that Planned Parenthood is their best friend and now I’ve learned that some teachers are promoting human euthanasia. We all know that PP bathes in the blood of children, but the dirty truth of human euthanasia is still concealed. Here’s a crash course on human euthanasia: human euthanasia always starts out as “mercy death for supposedly “terminally ill” people”, but it never ever ever ever stays there. It goes right into people murdering their relatives like KIDS murdering their parents for inheritances, and then before long it’s murder factories for children and finally just mass suicide that anyone can kill themselves for any reason. And one more very important bit of information, if you get sick, the cure is too expensive, euthanasia is happening in the community, you will be given the “option” to exterminate yourself. Your family, “perhaps your kids” will be given the option to terminate you instead of prolonging treatment. In Oregon, they have instituted murder via starvation or what they call “Pallaitive Care,” which must be the most horrible death of all. So, if training children to have no value in human life is what you want, Fairbanks School District is the place for your kids. I will do a more extensive article on Pallaitive Care in the near future and why if you ever hear those words, why you will want to run “literally” for your life.


Then there’s the latest gun march. I asked a teenager who was forced to march in this why she did it, her reply was for the Florida kids who were shot. I (not anyone else), educated her that the march was to take our guns away. All of a sudden, she became somewhat defensive. I, ME, I was the bad guy here? Wait! What just happened? This kid has just been taught that I’M evil because I have a gun! It was obvious that the gun lies are being poured into the minds of our school kids. I’m 46 and have been raised around and with guns all my life. I once saved my daughter’s and my life from an intruder in 1994, with a gun that I had bought when I was 18 yrs. Old. But now, BAM, just like that, I’M evil in her eyes.


Do you see what’s happening?! They’re turning the kids against us; they’re raising a liberal army! Your kids are their soldiers! Wake up Fairbanks and North Pole, those angels of yours are being completely exploited by Superintendent Karen and her board member minions and we’re doing nothing! I have a recommendation. TAKE YOUR KIDS IMMEDIATELY OUT OF THEIR SCHOOLS! The Fairbanks school district is a bunch of liberal communist criminals and your kids are being used.


If you cherish the life of children, if you cherish your own life, if you believe in gun rights, you are now your kid’s enemy according to the Fairbanks School District, period! Hate me or like me, that’s the cold hard truth. The only way to stop this is to remove the kids.

I have no fluffy ending for this article. You’ve been warned, now it’s up to you.


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