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NEW Continuing Column: Illegality in our Borough FTP Staff, Community Members like You

Written by Christopher Ripple

       Illegality and crime are two things I think EVERY ONE of our community members detest, just as fervently as we hold the flame of strength and peace.  But the other side of that is evil exists in our community and almost all other communities. It is the same battle and we must maintain vigilant and ALWAYS shine the light of Truth. Why, because cockroaches hate that.  We are calling for help from our community. By taking articles and writings from those voices in our community we can expose the SEVERE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and CORRUPTION that has come to roost here in the name of Slavery, Human Capital Farming, and just truly, Evil.  We believe in honest open dialog across the spectrum as the truth shall be set free. We ALL must use discernment and be willing to hear things that conflict our ‘taught’ narratives as you will find these to be mostly false. If you need a lesson in extracting the truth, then learn on the subject and ask yourself in your heart of hearts, in your inner spirit what you know to be Moral and correct… and the truth will come.

            We do not seek to control anyone, only want to prove that not only do we NOT have the right to control you, nor you us, but expose those that think that we have somehow given that right away. We haven’t because we can’t, and we would not. Especially to some paper corporate construct that now thinks and says it has authority over us, it is a LIE.  It holds no power. It has operated for many generations by using false teachings but the copy doesn’t look like the original that came before it….. loses it clarity now does it not?  Luckily, we have community members who know this as well, probably most of you know it but have felt helpless to fight it or speak up about it, just like in 1984, just like in New Brave World, or yes, even like in Soylent Green.  This systematic destruction of the Republic we founded, where dumping TEA into Boston Harbor was a cry to say NO MORE ILLEGAL TAXATION. We stand here to make the same proclamation, the same call to our community members, neighbors and families to look at the problem seriously and talk about it in the open. Stand up to the ridicule placed on you by unenlightened persons who don’t even realize they have been manipulated by language. Right in front of them. Against them.

            We give a PUBLIC voice to our community unlike the other bought media in our town, because money does and is buying silence. Fact.  And you know it. We no longer accept doing wrong against our fellow community members by using the old justification of I gotta feed my family. Because, don’t we all, and do your actions, possibly illegal, determine your right to eat by taking from me, or your neighbors, or anyone in your community? That is using illegality and deception to bleed our community and to socially engineer it to those evil ends.  Just ask Luke Hopkins about the UN Agenda 21/2030 NGO (ICLEI) International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (which is illegal at a Federal & State level) that he helped usher into our community and how many of his family members live on the community’s dime.  Yes, we are not afraid and will name names.  How about the total breakdown agenda of Karl Kassel trying to illegally take away tax caps as he draws how much off the taxpayers for his not only Mayor-ship but his retirement also?  Or the Borough making another decision based on local enslavement to tear down OUR Mary Saih center because they don’t have the money (2-3 MILLION) to repair, BUT, want to rebuild it as aquatics center for 35 MILLION….. are you truly INSANE?  This is the EXACT ‘SMART GROWTH’ ushered into our communities to financially enslave us so they can try to ‘Legally’ steal our Land And our wealth.  Evidence…. our community with all the total monies made by all persons averages out to $27,620 per member.  Our Borough and most of the ‘Public’ employees make 3-5 times that…. how sustainable does that sound to you?  Do you think many community members wouldn’t jump at the chance of making a decent living at $27,620 a year truly serving our community… bet your buttocks they would.  Did you know the State pays for the services of the borough, and the borough double dips by local taxation…. bet you didn’t.

            We have songbirds everywhere, little mockingbirds that sing of what they know, how they have been forced or coerced into participation through fear or intimidation, but strong enough to leave us threads that will help unwind the multi-headed vampire living on our lifeblood, our time, our wealth, and that of our children. Secret Societies BEWARE. A slave to someone or something, that thinks you gave them a right that you could not have. The right to take from you by force, the right to tax you without recourse, the right to ‘educate’ our children to where they can no longer function for themselves at any age, and a broken system of control right into our community interface, with ‘color’ of authority.  I can tell you right now and I bet this is the same for you, I HAVE NEVER signed ANY contracts, never attended a multi-party agreement where we were openly informed of what the terms they wanted us to ‘agree’ to.  I never agreed to a unsigned ‘Social’ contract….. the only social contract we need WE already have in place as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Which brings up another point, it is PAST time for us to convene and elect a Constitutional Sheriff who has the force of the State Guard at his beckon call and the power to arrest corrupt officials and judicial members all the way up to the governor each of which have sworn an oath to a foreign corporation/government (American Bar Association which is a private company owned by Northern Trust, which is owned by the Crown Temple in London), and deputize community members as they see fit in the time of many crimes that need addressing.

            Evidence of Smart growth-  5G technology causes harm and RF radiation in our community to the detriment of our health.  Ask yourselves, are people getting healthier?  Look at the 50,000% increase in our kids being devastated with Autism over the last 30 years… kind of follows the vaccination chart…. hmmmm. Smart Meters spying tech puts RF frequencies right against where we lay our heads. They are NON -UL (Underwriter Laboratories) listed, therefore they should be making our homes UN-INSURABLE as they have been known to cause fires as well as health issues. Known DARPA technology proves they have, and have had, what they call Voice to Skull technology (US Patent 84,877,027) where they can make you hear voices in your head with RF frequencies be it your LAN, WIFI, or Blue Tooth as well as other 4 & 5G technologies. Wonder why some of the school shooters said they heard voices instructing them how to act…. coincidence? Or the tracking software that can specifically create a digital version of you to predict your moves and know you probably better than you know yourself, just as Facebook is being exposed for as well as Google, Twitter, etc…. by language in your Terms of Conditions.  Look how many places want your Social Security number even though it is illegal for them to ask for it.  Look how many organizations want to see vaccine records.  Look at the outside money funding organizations like the Northern Center, Fairbanks Climate Action Committee….. and others… they sure spend a lot of time and money in DC and flying all over to different rallies.  I believe in a real discussion based on real facts about the changing world we live in.  Look at the completely insane wood burn criminality being forced upon us here where we live on the bounty of the land, not to mention forced usage of fossil fuels as real energy freedom is something we take seriously and are remedying in the present time.  The wood-ban is being forced by ‘members’ of a unelected board that have financial interest in the outcomes and has been pointed out for the criminality of drawing the lines of the burn ban areas excluding their chunks of land…. Yep.  Criminality and ‘Smart growth’.  Doesn’t sound smart to me.  Remember, they lie to our faces and through this double talk you know their real agendas. Listen not to what the snake says, look at his actions.  They have screwed us by overlaying our LAND and PRIVATE PROPERTY and calling it a legalese term, ‘Real Estate’ and giving it THEIR legal description of Lot and Block, therefore they deceive the fact they have NO RIGHT to take your land or tax you, but since they own the ‘description’ they charge you usage thereof. Illegal.  Immoral.  Criminal. And it fits the true claim of WAR CRIMES.

            It is time we hold people responsible for their actions whether intentional or not when acting on behalf of a foreign power.  We will call it out, our community members are standing up, and we will not allow it on our watch, against our families. Expose it and ask for forgiveness if you are part of the swamp here locally, or have it exposed and you deserve the wrath of those you have harmed, all of us, including your families.  Grow a pair and do the right thing.

I prefer dangerous liberty to peaceful slavery    -Thomas Jefferson

Liberty is dangerous, but it is the SAFEST thing we have   -Harry Emerson Fosdick

Liberty means responsibility, that’s why most men dread it    -George Bernard Shaw

Those who won our independence…. valued liberty as an end to a means.  They believed Liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.  -Louis D Brandeis

Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism   – Barry Goldwater

Definitions to understand implicitly:

Despotism-Despotism is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. Normally, that entity is an individual, the despot, as in an autocracy, but societies which limit respect and power to specific groups have also been called despotic.

Liberty- Liberty in philosophy, involves free will as contrasted with determinism, in politics, liberty consists of the social and political freedoms to which ALL community members are entitled. In theology, liberty is freedom from the effects of “sin, spiritual servitude, or worldly ties.”

Public Surety Bond-Is a promise by a surety or guarantor to pay one party (the obligee or Taxpayer) a certain amount if a second party (the principal or Borough) fails to meet some obligation, such as fulfilling the terms of a contract.  The surety bond protects the Taxpayer against losses resulting from the Boroughs failure of obligations, by any means. Every public employee must have one of these or they cannot even leave the building much less drive all those new cars we maintain and keep buying.

SES (Senior Executive Service)–  The secretly controlled interface between Government corruption and the corporate world currently being exposed.  Founded by Jimmy Carter and Kristine Marcie in late 70’s.  Their paid servants are followers of the global Marxist agenda/ UN Agenda 21/2030 and will surprise you to see who’s on the list.

SERCO- previously known as RCA GB1929, British intelligence owned corporation that has been acting as the receivership of our intellectual property via the US Patent office.

Tacit agreement- Adj.  Implied, inferred without being explicitly stated.  A wink and nod agreement.  A shameful way of enslaving a wanted response.

Example of Tacit agreement: Although GVEA tried to lull the asleep citizenry into a tacit agreement through NOT publicizing know facts about ‘Smart meters’ they can be personally held accountable by filing a Notice of Liability against any and all involved.

About the author

Christopher Ripple


  • That was a good article. Here is my 2 cents. City of Fairbanks is Incorporated, here is their Dunn & Bradstreet #079261830. Look at the wood burn ban. The city is in cahoots with the US Environmental Protection Agency, Dunn & Bradstreet #057944910. So you have 2 Corporate entities telling you to obey them or else. What authority does a private corporation have over the people, without CONSENT none. It would be like walmart they have that much authority. When an agent of the City of Fairbanks comes to your house he is acting under color of law, and is a PRIVATE agent. They have no public bond. You can fight these Corporations with the Clearfield Doctrine, Clearfield Trust Co. V. United States 1942.

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