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What the flock? The sheep are asleep. 

Written by Chris Hunter


The other day, my Volvo engine suddenly gave up without any warning. Oil, antifreeze, everything. Poof. While driving. It was unexpected, and certainly inconvenient.


Ever more inconvenient is that I don’t have the $2,000 to $3,000 for a new engine. I certainly don’t have the money to go buy another $35,000 car.


So what does this have to do with the FNSB?


Apparently, since they don’t have the 2 Million to 3 Million dollars to spend repairing the Mary Siah Recreational Center, they are going to spend 35 Million dollars on a new one?


Back to my car, since such numbers are so strikingly similar, should I go buy a $35,000 car and make all my neighbors pay for it?


That’s what is going to happen with the Mary Siah Recreational Center if nobody asks what the folks in the head office of the FNSB is smoking.


Seriously, whatever they are drinking, snorting, smoking, toking… I’ll take two truck loads please!


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