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Written by Rusty Shackleford

On Churchianity vs. Christianity

The last three years began a trend of renewed interest in traditional western values. As famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel stated, “’the tide is going out’ on globalization.” However, any revival of traditional Western values cannot succeed without a simultaneous spiritual revival. President Trump’s yet unfulfilled promise to repeal the Johnson Amendment, a 1954 tax code provision stifling the free speech rights of tax-exempt religious institutions, is a key component to freeing Americans from five decades of Churchianity.

What is Churchianity?

Churchianity is converged, social justice Christianity. Churchianity is when a pastor reduces the parable of the Good Samaritan — a story in which one stranger helps another who has been robbed and beaten by putting him up in an inn — into an excuse to import millions of Muslims into Europe each year. The faith that built the West and rallied to defend its heritage from the Ottomans now raises money to airlift the same people into its once peaceful neighborhoods.

The lynchpin of Churchianity is the rapid rate at which legitimate Christian churches become converged or otherwise kowtow to the Churchian agenda. If all churches appear equally converged and pathetic, many people will falsely assume that this is as good as it gets or that Christianity has always been this way.

The Johnson Amendment is the stick the government uses to keep thought criminals (or anyone who still bothers to read Scripture) from pulling back the wizard’s curtain. Any priest or pastor who deviates from the official narrative would lose tax-exempt status at a time when most congregants are already crushed under the burden of a debt-money system. This ensures that any free thought is economically unviable.

Social Justice Subversion

Given these circumstances, does it really surprise any of us in the older generation that young men are not interested in attending

church services? We can play Christian Police but what’s the point of having a full audience when the music is off-key? Scripture tells us to first take the plank out of our eye before removing the speck from our brother’s. Churches, just like modern society, have become increasingly feminized. Churches defined by the Female Imperative cannot reach men because they no longer understand what being a man (nonetheless a Christian man) means.

Given that we are now well into the third generation of men raised in feminized churches, it will be a formidable task to retake the pulpit. When I first read the headline, “George Washington’s church to tear down memorial honoring first president” I knew that the “church’s leadership” were women. I also knew that attendance was and is in steep decline and that despite its historical significance, the church will probably disband in the near future.

How do I know all of this? It’s simple: this pattern of liberal women starting out in Sunday School lessons, transitioning into a deaconship and finally taking the helm to preside over a fast-motion train wreck has played out hundreds of times across America in recent years. These social justice warriors in sheep’s clothing start preaching about racial and social justice. Like a modern day Pocahontas, they throw themselves in front of their fathers and brothers to save the illegal immigrants and foreigners based on emotion, not logic. Rational, alert men in these congregations will quickly leave as they discover what is occurring. Many times respectable males in leadership positions are forced out with accusation of sexual impropriety or discrimination. When the dust settles, the building resembles a coven more than a church. Bible believers should review Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. There is a material price to structural and spiritual violations.

Moving Forward

The opposite of a globalized world is a decentralized world. A revitalized church can and should be a decentralized church. The previous paragraphs detail how astute congregants can recognize a nascent takeover. For those already in a converged church or who have left the scene altogether, it is important to reach out and rebuilt

with like-minded individuals. Scripture tells us God is with us even when only two or three are gathered. Smaller groups and tribes are more difficult to infiltrate, coopt and subvert. Although the repeal of the Johnson Amendment failed via the Tax Reform Bill, let us hope that the President redoubles his efforts to keep this promise. Wise men have stated that total honesty can only be accomplished anonymously or posthumously. Let us hope some semblance of truth and honesty can return to the pulpit.


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