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Smoke and Mirrors

Written by Bill Kendall

Many years ago, I sat at a table in the UAF Wood Center reading the Associated Press account of the FED’s raid on The Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. The Branch Davidian, a religious cult led by David Koresh, stood accused of child molestation and methamphetamine production. The U.S. Justice Department, under the direction of Attorney General Janet Reno, conducted the raid “to save the children.”

The would be rescue attempt resulted in the compound being burned to the ground and all 88 inhabitants, men, women and children dead. The Justice Department blamed the inferno and the resultant deaths on the Davidians- they had burned down the compound themselves. As evident of this act of mass self-immolation, the A.P. story cited the discovery of container which had held the accelerants used to set the fire. These were found the ashes.

This got me a-thinking. At this time, I lived in a dry cabin about thirty miles from the UAF campus. If I should come home and find my cabin burned to the ground, by the logic of the A.P. I would know the identity of the arsonist immediately it would be me! How would I know? By the containers found in the ashes. I kept on hand gasoline to run a generator, gas mixed with 2-cycle oil to run a chainsaw, kerosene for my oil lamp, diesel as a parts cleaner, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, acetone and boiled linseed oil.

Also, curious about the Davidians, for me at least, was the rush to bulldoze the compound site. If you and I do that to a crime scene, it’s called evidence tampering. Maybe the Feds wanted to be thrifty, trying to save the taxpayers the cost of that yellow crime scene tape and the labor required for picking up all those machine gun bullets and casings or reduce the wear and tear on cameras that could have been used to photograph brunt babies or the bodies of cultists run over by armored personal carriers.

We ought to be grateful to the mainstream news media for being so quick to tell us the official version of current events. Their record over the years from the “Kennedy Assassination” to the recent violence at Charlottesville, Virginia demonstrates that they would not feed us misleading or partial information on which to base our own opinions. Consider the Kennedy assassination. The press dutifully reported to us the “lone gunman” theory – that Lee Harvey Oswald [who had traveled to Russia, wouldn’t ya know] shot J.F.K. from the Texas School Repository as the President rode by in an open limousine waving to the crowds lining the motorcade route. The Warren Commission Report repeated the “the lone gunman” theory.

How convenient that Oswald couldn’t be thoroughly interrogated-he was killed by Jack Rudy, a night club owner who would in turn soon die of cancer himself. By now it has become common knowledge to those who care about the truth that the Mafia, the C.I.A, the military-industrial complex and Lynden B. Johnson (the Vice President) all had reason for wanting J.F.K offed. Bobby Kennedy the President’s brother and then Attorney General was trying to put the Mafia out of business; the C.I.A., defense establishment and L.B.J. wanted to escalate US involvement in Vietnam whereas J.F.K. wanted out.

That gets us to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. What we were told is that the North Vietnamese Navy attacked on of our Navy ships (a destroyer as I recall) and Johnson soon used this as a pretext for sending several thousand Marines to Vietnam; as authorized by Congress which bought the story reported by the defense and/or State Departments and the compliant press. Later we would learn that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a “false flag” operation. At least Lyndon Johnson was the sort of ethical guy who wouldn’t try to make a killing in defense stocks as Americans were getting killed in Vietnam Wars Ha, ha! He let his wife “Ladybird” own the stocks.

I remember listening to Barry Goldwater in a 1964 election night interview. He cursed the press for painting him as the warmonger candidate who was going to blow up the world in a mushroom cloud. By the time of the “64 Presidential Election I was reading both the front section of the L.A. Times and The Opinion section also the campaign literature which came to our house so I knew that his criticism was valid. I also remember Johnson explaining his reasons for a massive troop buildup in a 1967 speech. If my memory is correct this came after the “Tet Offensive” which the press painted as a victory for the North Vietnamese. What the truth was there, I don’t know but it marked the point in time, at least in my mind when the press turned on Johnson. Then in 1969 the Vietnam War became “Nixon’s War.” That was obviously not intellectually honest but what the mainstream news media didn’t tell us about Nixon was that he had made a Faustian deal with the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party, Henry Kissinger and the Council on Foreign Relations types, what we would call Globalists nowadays and what do ya know the war went on an on until the “Pullout” in late ’72 and ’73.

By then I was performing “alternate service “as a conscientious objector. The war had turned into a fiasco and defeat with about 50,000 U.S. servicemen killed – a high penalty to pay for having a dishonest government and a “news media” who couldn’t give the public a straight story.

In addition to the Gulf of Tonkin and Waco, “false flag” operations examples of government and the mainstream media deception continue to the present. The Murrow Building Bombing (Oklahoma City) serves as another example. We were told that 160 people were killed by a guy with a fertilizer bomb. The opposing point of view presented by demolition experts claims that explosives planted inside the building and set off in conjunction with the fertilizer bomb are the real cause of the building coming down. What I remember is that the FBI was aware of the plan to set off the fertilizer bomb but didn’t intervene.

The Twin Towers/9-11 attack has a similar stink attached to it. The guys flying the hijacked airliners on 9-11 were known to be taking flying lessons in Florida with a peculiar interest centering on landing the aircraft. The FBI knew about this. The F-16 pilots who scrambled to intercept the Saudi hijackers were told to stand down. All civil aviation flights came to a standstill and yet Saudi government officials were given a pass to fly out of the country when common sense tells us that they should have been held for questioning. Again, demolition experts tell us that they believe explosives planted on the inside contributed taking down the buildings.

What came in the aftermath of 9-11? All kinds of restrictions on the civil liberties of average American citizens. Until the Trump Administration, the U.S. borders have been wide open complete with the catch and release approach to criminal aliens. We citizens are subjected to all kinds of spying and sometimes rather degrading T.S.A. searches. If the Trump Administration can get anything right in terms of protecting the borders we can safely bet that the criminals in black robes (judges) will overthrow their efforts.

Now lest you surmise the I am all in for Donald Trump, a racist and a right winger, you may as well know that I didn’t vote for anyone. The primary candidate I liked best was Ben Carson. The major news media threw an invisibility cloak over him that functions better than stealth bomber technology. Too bad in a way. Here you could have a had a President with a high intellect (a brain surgeon) refreshing humility and so far, as I can tell a conscience guided by good moral values. The only obvious drawback with Carson is that he lacks the mean son of a bitch genes. Mainstream Washington, D.C. would devour him like a school of piranhas going after a frog who missed his lily pad landing strip.

Fast Forward now to the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Some members of the Ku Klux Klan got a parade permit so that they could legally demonstrate. They have a First Amendment right to do that no matter how much we might detest them. They were joined in their demonstration by some new-Nazi and white supremacists. Whether the latter two types were included on the permit I haven’t heard one way or the other. The so-called Anti-fascists (opposition) didn’t get a parade permit and prudent public officials should have required that and scheduled them for a different day-they too have a First Amendment right to freedom of speech. If they showed up to fight with the KKK types they should have been turned away and been penalized for not getting their parade permit. But they came to counter demonstrate and fight anyway. Again, prudent public officials ought to have made sure that a police presence sufficient to run off the uninvited and protect the KKK was on hand. This would be the mayor’s responsibility with the understanding that the Governor of Virginia would have a back-up force of Nations Guard troops on hand if the city cops found themselves overwhelmed. If the KKK et all showed up at an Anti-fascist demonstration the same approach would also apply.

So, what happened at Charlottesville that led to the violence. The Anti-fascist were allowed to tangle with the KKK after bother sides showed up with weapons. The police were held back and I believe this was intentional. You decide. Likewise, there were no Virginia National Guard troops to stop the violence. I don’t know the politics of the mayor but I know the reputation of the Virginia Governor. During the Clinton Administration, he was known as “The Pink.” I’m sure that he wanted to violence to flair so that he could make hay out of the situation. He wanted the violence so he could tar Trump and Republicans as lying KKK supporters Nazis and Fascists.

Let’s be honest. The KKK originated after the Civil War as an organization to repress the newly freed slaves, Catholic and Jews. They were members sympathetic to the Democratic Party. The last governor of any to hand out axe handles – for threatening “Blacks” was Lester Maddox of Georgia. He was a Democrat. The last U.S. Senate Majority leader with a KKK background was Robert Byrd, a Kleegel and Democrat. The “Anti-Fascists” came to the Charlottesville with placards placing their affiliation with the World Workers Party. That would be a Communist Part Front group. As for Nazis, their own name derives from the German for National Socialist Workers Party. Chances are that your high school text book called the Nazi a right wing political party. They are left wing. The Nazis used a red flag with a black swastika in a white circle. The communists still use a red flag with a gold colored hammer and sickle. Mussolini was a corporate fascist who believed that the state should combine with major corporations to direct the national economy. Reminds me of a guy who used to be President and liked to reward his corporate cronies with contracts and seats on government hoards. The same guy was a skilled race hustler. Our mainstream media likes to cozy up with left wing politicians and race hustling demagogue such as Jesse Jackson. See if this works for you. I have no use for Fascists, Nazis, Communists the K.K.K., LaRaza, the Black Panthers, White supremacists, Anti-Semites et al. A pox on all of them. Love your neighbor as yourself. It’s a tough assignment because the world supply of bigots is not in short supply.hi

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