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He Is Risen!

Written by Pamela Samash


Growing up in my life there has been many adventures, countless animals, a busy loving family and too many relocations. With all those experiences, 2 things I could count on were struggles and Christ.

Being the first child of a 15 yr old mom had its advantages since teenage mommies have a whole lot of energy and can easily keep up with any busy child, and they have an endless supply of creativity. Unfortunately, society got in the way and didn’t see my life the way I saw it. Instead we were looked at as dirt and treated as such around every corner. Growing up poor with people who constantly judged us took a toll on us and that was rough. My mom was young and pretty and occasionally an immature, selfish man would come around and once she saw he was trouble, he was out the door. I did have a step dad who I loved and they had my brother and sister. All was perfect until he left us all, and then we were in big big trouble. This is where I found Christ. The rent was late, the cupboards were bare, the clothes were down to just a couple outfits each and then we found a Brethren Church on Whitney Ave in Sacramento, CA. Those people saved us. We would walk about 2 miles as a family every Sunday to get to church and how I loved it! We sang and prayed together and then the kids were ushered into Children’s Church where we learned bible lessons and songs and did amazing crafts that our teacher Joanne thought of. The pastor loved beagles and I had a beagle so I loved him. 17 yrs later he married my husband and I.

All through the years of growing up, we went to church. I have bounced around through various different Christian denominations and eventually found my home in the Orthodox Church. For me, it was like my whole life led up to this. Even before I ever stepped foot in the Orthodox Church, I was already walking and believing like an Orthodox and didn’t even realize it. This is where I learned about Lent. A time of fasting and prayer leading up to Pascha or “Easter”. This practice has been going on for 2000 years. It’s a very Holy time and it’s a season to sorta push the world aside, and spend more time with Jesus and family.


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