Where Is The Line?


Today is much different then the way I grew up. In the 80’s there was totally cool music and America was thriving and people were light hearted and happy. We didn’t worry about getting shots and there was no hand sanitizers and we rode in the back of pickup trucks (kids and all) and drank out of the garden hose. In the 80’s indoors served 2 purposes, eating and sleeping, other then that, everyone was outside all the time and when it came to sexuality, there was a lot going around, but it was not like nowadays in the way that people “relate” with this or that or him or her, it was just 2 people coming together, simple and natural.

As an 80’s girl, I have to ask people to forgive me because this generation to me has made a nightmare out of sexuality. Now a simple parade has LGBT marchers which I feel is completely inappropriate because I don’t go to parades caring about who’s having sex with who or what, I go to look at old cars and watch Shriners and see balloons and candidates etc. And then there’s this “relating” business. He relates with her and she relates with him and he relates with cats and she relates with turtles, and then to add to the confusion even more, there’s a list of sexual terms like lesbians, bi-sexuals, transsexuals, homosexuals, now pans-sexuals and probably more. I don’t look them up because frankly, I don’t care. I see us as people and I’m trying to figure out when life became so complicated and where is the line? I mean how many different doggon names and titles and terms can people possibly come up with? Where and when does it end or stop?

I can do this too you know. If I could relate with anyone, it would be the Alaskan governor because boy, anyone could do a better job. If I relate with him, can I have his job? Well, I don’t want all his job, just the parts of it that I relate with.

Ok, so I’m sorta being sarcastic, but sorta not, because what’s really the difference? And regarding all these sex titles, it seems so unfair to people who have to deal with this daily so nobody gets offended. That’s another things about the 80’s, people never got offended at anything, we just didn’t. Now people are constantly offended at all sorts of stuff. Here’s just a little advice from a middle aged woman, Lighten Up People! Stop expecting all of society to figure out sex preferences and titles and stop parading it too; can’t people just do their sex things in private and leave it at that for heavens sake?!

Ok, some people think I’m what, “homophobic” or is that even an updated term anymore, because I cannot keep up with it all. But believe it or not, my life doesn’t revolve around other people’s relations, I’m not focused on that. The only reason I’m mentioning it is because all of a sudden this new relating concept is being thrusts into our lives, the people who could frankly, care less. I think a line needs to be drawn and the offended thing should stop because we are making life into a complicated mess. Can we all just do our thing and when it comes to making love, keep it between the lovers and that’s it and stop dragging society into it. Please keep life simple.

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