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Written by Pamela Samash

Lately some major events have been unfolding when it comes to babies born and unborn. I felt it necessary to write this article because it’s ethical to educate my community on issues that may directly affect their lives and the lives of their children.


First, in the last issue, I wrote about Planned Parenthood influencing our interior children in the public-school sex education program. I mentioned how they are exploiting the children by promoting and encouraging them to have sex so they can make customers out of them. Well, as it turns out, PP isn’t just capitalizing on our kids and like I said in the last article, protecting and aiding sex traffickers and rapists, but they also have been caught on film in multiple circumstances purposely killing unborn children using specific methods in order to sell their body parts illegally to laboratories. There is so much evidence now that the FBI has begun an investigation:




The reason this wicked organization has managed to keep going despite all the laws they break and the trouble they cause is because the government feeds them and the reason the government feeds them is to control minority and poor people populations. It doesn’t matter that they spread diseases or murder children or even increase cancer rates from the birth control and abortions, all that matters is the living minority babies or poor babies don’t make it to birth.

This investigation will be interesting. We all know PP is guilty as sin and so if this investigation doesn’t decide they did do anything wrong, it’ll be no shocker to me since they’re tied into the government.  If they do actually have an “honest” investigation and nail these guys, what a great day that would be! I wonder if the Fairbanks School Board will still keep them in the Sex-Ed program then? Nothing that board does surprises me anymore to be quite honest.


In other news, the truth is slowly trickling out, (no thanks to any government funding); vaccines ARE tied to some autism cases in SOME individuals that are genetically prone to it. It’s shoulder to shoulder with similar genes connected with Alzheimer’s. These brains cannot wash out the aluminum fast enough, but instead accumulate it and this toxin even gets absorbed into the cellular level, ugh. Vaccines are loaded with aluminum and so it’s not rocket science to put 2 and 2 together here. The vaccine schedule has gone from just a few shots in the 80’s to up to over 40-60 by age 4 and now they’re giving them every year to people. We are being saturated in aluminum, we are swimming in it. Babies’ teeny, tiny brains are drowning in it. I think it’s a miracle that any baby ever survives this vaccine schedule without dying or having severe side effects. And the super sad truth is most parents don’t even recognize vaccine side effects in their children, and just keep giving their vaccine injured kids more and more shots. To me it’s a criminal action on the part of the vaccine companies. Here we have perfectly healthy, beautiful babies just starting out their new lives happy as can be and then at their “well baby visits” the poisoning begins. They scream and cry when getting multiple inoculations and the parents are told this abuse is normal and good. Moms turn off their instincts and allow toxins to flow through these tiny bodies causing all sorts of damage to the brain, organs, digestive system, etc., and for what? The shots’ immunities don’t even last and the majority of the diseases are those they’ll never ever come into contact with, and definitely not as an infant (like hepatitis) or diseases that are almost never dangerous (like chicken pox). This is an article about the study and I also included another article about genetics and vaccines:






View online at freethepeopleak.com


Finally, CPS is still kidnapping kids and drugging teenagers and we are never going to stop them at a state level, that’s just the sad truth. Once again, the federal government is funding them through a quota grant program and until OCS stops receiving this money in this way, they will be invincible. I believe that the best step to protecting our families is to contact Congressman Young and ask him to stop the quota funding for CPS. I asked his office by phone and by email and never ever got any response. Wow, I was totally expecting one, NOT. But, if several of us contact his office, then maybe he’ll at least look in our direction long enough for us to explain how many families they’ve shredded apart. I’m hoping that someday I can catch him face to face in Fairbanks so we can have a “chat” about this issue.


I hope this news has updated you, my neighbors, as to what’s happening to our families. Apart we can’t always do much, but together we can overcome and conquer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Pamela Samash



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