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Planned Parenthood: Sex Experts

Written by Pamela Samash

When it comes to school board members, I applaud them. I think this is a real sacrifice, for a person to leave their home and sit in long meetings talking about decisions and budgets. Seriously, they don’t get the appreciation they deserve.

I was hesitant to write this article because I am not trying to offend people who are trying their best to make the world a better place. But after numerous attempts to try and educate them on one specific issue and seeing that they are not budging, I felt it’s time to inform the public as to what is going on. I say this with respect about them and I’d like that to be noted.

The Fairbanks School District board has decided to allow Planned Parenthood curriculum in their sex education. They think that PP is an organization filled with expertise on sex and that they have an excellent system in place to inform children on how to make responsible decisions regarding this issue. They also feel that PP cares for the children and their parents and can answer all their questions and will even provide them with the healthcare to back it all up in one beautiful package. As a result of this decision they made, they expect wonderful results with less unexpected births and a dramatic reduction of STD’s. So in the board’s eyes, with PP in the schools, the birds are singing and the rainbow is shining with perfection and joy. All is well with the world of kids.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well, sounds and looks can be very deceiving and when it comes to deception, no one but Satan himself can beat Planned Parenthood.

Let’s break this down. FSB(Fairbanks School Board) thinks that “PP is an expert on sex and they have an excellent system in place to inform children”. Yes, they’re right, at least almost. PP is an expert on sex, but so is 90% of the world’s adult population and the reason PP has so-called sex experts is because they make big money on other people having sex. And yes, they sure can inform children, as a matter of fact, they’re so great at it that they include demonstrations and graphic images, (even with kindergarteners if you let them), and this is purposely designed to break down natural barriers of shyness so that children will have nothing else to slow them down to have sex with each other. And, if children are having sex with each other then they’ll need birth control of coarse to prevent those unwanted births, so where do they go for that? I’m sure you’ve guessed it. And as they flood to PP to get their various forms of birth control (which very few prevent STD’s), PP records their visits and sends that in to get more funding from us, the tax payers. In the meantime, kids are encouraged to continue to have sex and are therefore spreading diseases. When diseases are found in children at their clinic, they get finding for that too. When the kids get pregnant and have their secret abortions, they happily kill their babies and record that and get funding for that as well. As a matter of fact, PP loves aborting kids’ babies so much (so they can prove how “necessary” they are), that they even help sex traffickers force their victims to have multiple abortions after they’ve been raped over 40,000 times. So when the FSB believes that PP cares for the children and their parents, well, they do care for the children’s anatomy and the parents’ tax dollars.

Here’s what’s really weird, when it comes to sexual education, there are other options. FSB has alternatives and there’s other choices with “experts” that don’t do things like sell baby legs and brains and fingers and who also don’t help rapists violate and brutalize their traumatized victims and furthermore who actually believe in parental involvement and don’t fight legislation that wants to encourage family unity and baby ultrasounds.

I’d like to ask the FSB if they vote in an organization who promotes rape and murder to teach sex education, why don’t they go ahead and vote in thieves to teach math and kidnappers to teach English. Keep in mind, they are fully aware of all these issues. I have personally sent them multiple articles about PP’s latest crimes and yet, they do nothing to protect the interior kids from them.

The board is just a group of well meaning people who I believe are blinded. Sometimes you can show folks the truth, but they just can’t grasp it for whatever reason. In that case, the remedy is simply more communication. The interior residents can speak up if they disagree with the board’s decision and it’s really very easy to do. Simply email them at schoolboard@k12northstar.org. Spokane, WA, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan have all removed PP from their school curriculum because the parents and community members spoke up. It’s not hard to do, but it can completely rescue the kids from any more exploitation. Aren’t our kids worth protecting?


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