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Meet Sam Tuck

Written by Heather Penn

Hello. My name is

Sam Tuck. I was born and raised in a small rural area of Virginia (Bufalo Junction). As I look back now I can see what an idyllic place it was to grow up,

with the values that we as a nation cherish (God, country, family, respect). My parents instilled this and much more in me during those formative

years. After retiring from police work, and being an avid outdoorsman, I had this burning desire to visit the Great Land. Through a twist of fate and luck I was

ofered the position of Assistant to the Superintendent of Maintenance with Princess Tours in 2001.

What a great experience that was. I traveled the state of Alaska performing those duties. I was truly fortunate to work with a wonderful group of people!

I currently work with Presbyterian Hospitality House. A great organization that helps troubled youth find their way in life. What a joy it is to see

youth succeed! Experiences in life have instilled in me the following beliefs. My unwavering support for our military. My unwavering support for all our

emergency services personnel. My admiration for the teachers of our children who are in the trenches every day. My expectations for honesty.

 What a wonderful life I’ve had. I’ve been truly blessed from all my experiences and friends made

along the way!

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